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Apostles Update Week 11

Dear Friends  

God continues to do great things through the prayers of the saints.
St Kitts & Nevis
We thank you for your prayers.  It's been a busy week here in St Kitts where we saw the attendance being affected due to national events covering this week and next week but we thank God we managed to hold our services. Monday and Wednesday was attended by 6 adults each day. On Friday we held a powerful service with 4 adults in attendance. Saturday we held our praise and worship meeting which was attended by 9 adults. Sunday morning started with a powerful bible teaching on water baptism in preparation for water baptism this week. The word was a message of hope which brought hope in the lives of people as we saw people weeping at the alter call. We had an attendance 15 adults and no children. After the service the pastorate went to the stadium to support many of the believers who had children participating at the national event. We thank you for your prayers as we prepare for the 3 nights of instant miracles starting this Thursday, we expect a bumper harvest.

The Momentum is growing at Forward in Faith Ministries - Nevis where we are continuing to see increase in Membership, increase in Souls being saved, in lives being changed and the word is out – FIFMI Nevis is a LIFECHANGING EXPERIENCE. Our Pastors have been reaching out beyond the fellowship halls and counseling members in their homes, in the highways and byways of Nevis and seeing them hungry for prayer, hungry for God and eager to get their Souls right with God.   
On Monday Prayer saw 14 Locals attending. On Tuesday Ladies Prayer had 10 Locals, Wednesday Bible Study had 12 Locals in attendance.  On Thursday at noon 4 people were rededicated in Water Baptism.  On Friday there were 17 local Adults and 5 Children attending a powerful Service.  One Lady was delivered from Asthma and testified after a day that she did not have to use the inhaler before she goes to bed like she had been doing for many years.  Glory be to God.  Sunday Worship Service had 23 Adults and 8 Children.  Testimonies were given by a Member who watched God go to work on her behalf and when she did not have enough money to pay for her husband’s medication a stranger stepped up and offered to pay.  Another Sister struggling with news about her job came to church that very night and the Pastor’s Word was just what she needed to hear for encouragement and decision.  Thank you Jesus.
FIFMI – Nevis is gearing up for a Resurrection Weekend from March 31st to April 2nd.  Our campaign of “getting to know FIFMI” ramps up this week with the Pastors appearing on a popular weekly Talk Show “Lets Talk” on VON Radio on Tuesday evening at 8pm ( and Wednesday morning on 2020 Vision Radio @ 7:30am (  Flyers are being distributed and the word is out FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES – NEVIS is on FIRE FOR GOD.  We are resurrecting Nevis!

Glory and honour be unto God Hallelujah. Our weekly services and attendance were as follows: Monday Prayer 10 adults 1 child, Wednesday Bible Study 6 adults, Friday Night prayer 11 adults, 1 child and Sunday Morning Service 34 adults, 6 children. 
We had 8 visitors who witnessed the power of God when Pastor Helen ministered at a Ladies breakfast function on Saturday Morning where 20 people were in attendance. They all promised to come back. This Sunday she spoke about being free in the Mind using Baba's books. The church welcomed Overseer Greater Chikwawawa. During street witnessing one soul gave his life to Christ. Testimon

  • A woman said to her husband they should buy a mattress for their daughter and he said they had no money as she had learnt about prayer and positive confession and declaration she declared it and God rewarded them with an answer through a lady who phoned her and gave a mattress for the young girl. Really God answers prayer.
  • One woman seeded 250 BB dollars to a certain family that was in need and from nowhere her boss said she could not thank her enough for the work she does and gave her 2860BB dollars
  • This week we launched a deliverance service on Wednesday from 10am to 3pm and we witnessed mighty deliverance; one person was delivered from anger, another from a problematic gall bladder and another person was prayed for to be healed from lupus, we await her doctor's report for confirmation.
  • We also launched a ladies meeting on Saturday evening with 4  ladies in attendance.

Please continue to pray with us for the church registration which we have been advised is in its final stage.


We thank God for the work done by Pastors Kupamhamha in Madagascar. The new long term missionaries are Pastors Maugara. Great things have been happening with Student Pastor Jedida working with them as they meet different people and visit homes

  • 3 people were delivered; a baby whose ear was releasing puss got healed the mother confirmed it.
  • one woman who seriously ill was healed after we prayed for her and she attended the service with 7 members of her family
  • A couple that had been separated has now been reconciled and the husband gave his life to the Lord.
  • One of our members who was in hospital was prayed for and upon receiving healing she was discharged from the hospital.
  • Another boy in the hospital was also prayed for and discharged after being healed. Praise the Lord

South Sudan
We had a combined service and the believers were happy. We had 44 adults and 50 children. 3 people gave  their lives to Jesus .We managed to water baptise 8 people in water. We thank the God of Ezekiel for what He is doing.
Dominican Republic
We thank the God of Ezekiel for another powerful week here in the Dominican Republic where we were a full house with 27 adults and 18 children in Pedro Brand Group 28 and 17 adults and 12 children in Mutata Alcarizo Assembly. Our theme for this week was prayer and salvation in preparation for the Easter celebrations.

We had a very informative, educative and powerful Bible Study on Wednesday in Riffa led by Dr Gocha with 12 of us. On Friday we had Pastor Remina teaching on the vision of TALENTS.  We are raring to do our best on Home Miracle Talents. This was followed by another powerful teaching on the integrity of God's Word. Attendance was 14 adults and 4 children. We want to thank God for a powerful marriage enrichment seminar braai (BBQ). Surely our marriages will never be the same again as we commit to live by the Golden rule of marriage- meet your spouses' needs as you would want them to meet yours. We can't wait for the next session!


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