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Apostles Update Week 12

Dear Friends  

We give glory to God for giving us a mission house close to the church in Holland. God is faithful. Thank you for your prayers.
Glory to be God for a very successful Deeper Leadership Conference in South Africa attended by 1556 leaders.  Speakers were mightily used by God. Baba & Amai had time to build the leadership of that nation. Amongst other things Baba emphasized on Pastors teaching the doctrine of the church and blessing the church biblically as in Numbers 6:22-27. Mama talked about the theme of the year how we need to be careful how we hear and reminded us that “having” also means daily provision. 56 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues. 
The national big Sunday of  the 2nd of April 2017 broadcast live on Ezekiel TV was attended by more than 6 100 people. At the start of the service, Apostle Dr. E H Guti announced that this day was a day of blessing. The service included several choirs and for the first time in South Africa, child evangelism presentations under the banner of Kingdom Dancers, a group of more than 300 of all age groups.
37 people gave their lives to the Lord and many miracles were witnessed during the service. Here are some notable miracles;
  • The overriding prophetic message for South Africa was that no more toiling, if we take God as our source and tap into His storehouse, God is going to give you creative abilities and wisdom.
  • One lady whose ligaments in the right leg were no longer functional and was due to be operated on was instantly healed.
  • A lady had been diagnosed with asthma but the doctors could not help her was healed during the preaching of the Word by Bishop Elias Soko.
  • Another lady who always lost money was delivered from the demon of poverty.
  • One lady who suffered from ulcers and depression was healed instantly.
  • A man who had been denied contracts because his company was too small got a message during the service that he had been awarded one and could start on Monday, the following day.
  • A number of people with various medical conditions were healed during the service.
  • Deliverance was taking place during the preaching of the Word.

In other places of the world:
St Kitts & Nevis
We thank God for yet another great week the Lord has given us. We thank God for the renovations still in progress.  The church started it's 7 day fast for the 3 nights of instant miracles and we met every day for prayer meetings. Praise the Lord for the great response. Monday we had 2 locals, Tuesday 6 locals and Wednesday 8 locals. The prayers were powerful and the church was grounded in prayer with most of our members fasting. Thursday miracle night started with 11 locals in attendance. Friday and Saturday we could not count the people who attended as it was an open air outreach but it was a good turn out. People would stop to hear the word in the streets, they would sit on benches to listen. Evangelist prayed for the sick and one woman was instantly healed. We had a man who was delivered from a homosexual spirit which had bound him for many years. The atmosphere on Sunday was electric as there was too much joy in the church with an attendance of 30 locals of which 5 were fruit of the outreach (24 adults and 6 children). 2 people gave their lives to the Lord. After the refreshments were served, it took another hour as people were just enjoying the sweet fellowship. Many were not keen on going home. This unique seed of FlFMI has brought love, joy and peace in believers lives.
Continue praying for us for the renovations to be completed as soon as possible and many souls to be added. 

March has ended with one of the most active and exciting weeks for FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES – NEVIS growing in numbers, growing in recognition and  growing in excitement among the Members.  Our marketing efforts to educate the Nevisian population about FIFM hit the airwaves when Pastors Enock and Vee along with Deaconess Tessa were guests on VON Radio’s Tuesday night show “Lets Talk” which replayed on Wednesday morning and on Wednesday morning also Guests on “2020 Vision Radio” as well.  Both shows are online so exposure went far and wide outside of Nevis as their listenership extends into the US and UK where many Nevisians reside.  These shows were also the vehicles used to get the word out about FIFM-Nevis “Resurrection Weekend” activities.  After airing callers used the numbers given to interact with the Pastors and it also brought persons out to our weekly activities. People all around the Caribbean, the USA, Canada and the UK now are logging on to FIFMI website and enjoying Ezekiel TV.  Praise God for the Vision of FIFMI spreading the Gospel around the world.
The weekly activities flowed with Monday attendance of 9 locals, Tuesdays Ladies Fellowship had 7 locals attending, Wednesday’s Bible Study had 14 Locals attending, Friday’s start of the Resurrection Weekend activities had 29 in attendance (27 Adults and 2 Children).  The Dry Bones Living Again was resurrected in a stirring sermon as Pastor Enock assured the Congregation This is the season of Restoration!  Saturday mornings outside revival service at the Memorial Square saw 7 Members in attendance however in addition this exposed many persons passing by and others who drew closer eager to hear about FIFM-Nevis.  Saturday Evening services returned energized with the word “Lord Find A Way To Bless Me.” With 17 locals in attendance. One Woman who went up for prayer had pain all over her body and was immediately healed.  Sunday’s Worship saw numbers growing in attendance with 42 Locals (31 Adults and 11 Children) in attendance who came hungry for Resurrection, hungry for Restoration and to see those Dry Bones Live Again.  4 people approached the altar, prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and gave their hearts to the Lord.  6 people testified of the goodness of God over the past week .  Wow!!!  What a weekend in Nevis!  FORWARD IN FAITH MINISTRIES – NEVIS is setting a trend of healing the sick, souls being saved and bringing people to a level of being well versed in the word through their interactive Bible Study sessions.  
We want to thank the God of our Father Ezekiel.  The church in Nevis is filled with gratitude after receiving an additional 30 chairs from 4 Leaders of Southampton Assembly in Bumper Harvester Region UK.  May God bless them.   


Our weekly services and attendance were as follows; Monday Prayer 9 adults 1 child, Wednesday Bible Study 16 adults 3 children, Friday Night prayer 8 adults and Sunday Morning Service  21 adults, 4 children including 6 visitors. During this week's witnessing 2 people came to Christ. Bible study was on the Kingdom of God higher level of living by Overseer Jonathan Chikwawawa. This Sunday Overseer Greater Chikwawawa spoke about Home Talents for the first time using Talents book. It was an awesome experience to people being liberated from mindset of dependability.
We had 8 people who came for deliverance and prayer on Wednesday. These are the testimonies from the week:

  •  A lady testified that the bible study we had was what God told her last night and she had her diary written to prove it.
  • One believer counted money short of 20 dollars and after recounting it was increased.
  • A believer who was not tithing and decided to do so had her first miracle as a long outstanding debt she owed was paid immediately.

Please continue to pray with us for the registration to come through

Miami for Jesus, we thank God for His faithfulness for yet another week. The retirement home had 7 believers attend Wednesday studying the word of God and the power in His word. Friday prayer and sharing the word at the mission house 8 attended. We are seeing a hunger for the word of God and a deeper desire for prayer. Despite having moved a little further away, we are enjoying seeing the hand of God in the lives of the people. For our Sunday service we had 11 adults and 3 children. We are very excited seeing the hand of God working in people's lives. We are continuing to teach the people what we have learned from our father and mother. We thank God, because we are seeing that prayer works. Glory to God



This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God continues to give them supernatural strength daily as the work increases. Let's go deep in prayer like sea divers.
    B. Pray for favor for the visas for the long-term missionaries being processed. 
    C. Pray for supernatural intervention in the offices processing the registration of the FIFMI churches in Barbados, Bahrain and the Dominican Republic
  2. Praise God for the South Africa Deeper Life Conference held last weekend. People were revived and souls saved. 
  3. Pray for Deeper Life Conferences to be held in Zimbabwe in April. Pray for God to provide so internationals and locals can attend.
  4. Pray for the growth of the new FIFMI churches - Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis. Pray for God to provide the finances needed to complete the renovations in our St. Kitts meeting place.
  5. Praise God for the mission house for FIFMI Holland. He's a faithful God.
  6. Pray for the ongoing construction at ZEGU.
  7. Pray that people experience miracles as they work Home Talents and no one is left behind.
  8. Pray for your nation.
Acts 19:20 "So the Word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed."
I didn't say you have it but believe that you have it. All the things of God comes by faith. Believe that you are a blessing, believe that you have all.
If you don't work home talents you are going to lose something. You have to work. If you don't work you lose but if you work you will receive more. 
The Word grew mighty and prevailed. The Word has to grow and prevail in your area. Witchcraft, prostitution will go away on its own. Robbing will go away when the Word prevails.  God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 |


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