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Apostles Update Week 13

Dear Friends  

This week we all prepare to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Everyone is encouraged to attend their Resurrection or Easter Conventions. Expect big miracles. He is risen and He lives forevermore.
The work of prayers around the world:
St Kitts & Nevis
Glory be to God for another great week in St Kitts. The renovations continued and we thank God as we are in the final stages, the church is now looking beautiful. We are seeing the growth of the church in numbers and spiritually. On Monday prayer was powerful with 3 locals who came. Wednesday we started on a new topic about the Holy Spirit with 6 locals in attendance. The church is excited about learning things that they never knew about the Holy Spirit and are ready to receive Him. The Friday service was powerful with 13 locals in attendance. On Saturday morning the pastoral team baptized 3 people. There was great joy on Sunday as believers came together to worship with 23 locals in attendance (21adults 2 children).  The word on forgiveness was powerful, after the preaching people were crying. One lady came to the altar crying before God and was prayed for as deliverance took place. After that believers hugged one another praying together. There was a lot of  joy after the service as we did our fellowship. The believers are testifying that they have found joy and true love in Forward In Faith Ministries . The church was also excited about their local elder who left for the Deeper Life Conference in Zimbabwe, history has been made.

In Nevis with the momentum still on a high from of our most exciting and active weeks, our Resurrection Weekend media blitz and activities saw some of our largest attendances to date. The revival has led some people to invite the Pastors to their homes for counseling and deliverance. We give glory to the God of our Father E. H. Guti who continues to set the captives free.  Monday Prayer had 9 Locals, Tuesdays Ladies Fellowship saw 6 Locals getting together, Friday’s Prayer Service had 11 Locals attending.  Sunday Worship had 23 Adults and 11 Children in attendance. Testimonies of God’s favor and deliverance were given by Deaconess Tessa as she testified of how God saved her life from what could have been a serious car accident.  One Member testified on the favor of God as she plied her trade in sales travelling between the islands.  The church prayed for safe journeys for Deacon Desmond Edwards and Deaconess Tessa Howell who will be travelling to Zimbabwe later this week to attend The Deeper Life Elders and Deacons Conference.   
Other Testimonies during the week came from one Lady who was delivered in her house after the Pastor asked her to repeat Isaiah 54:17 twice and she started vomiting as deliverance was taking place.  Another Lady was delivered from migraine headaches and she started praising the Lord during Ladies Prayer on Tuesday evening.  The Pastors visited the hospital on Thursday and prayed and talked with every patient in the male ward about Jesus.  Many of them got discharged the following day. Glory to God. Forward In Faith is unstoppable here in Nevis.  Praise God.

We want to thank the God of our Father for a wonderful week where we witnessed God’s mighty works. Our weekly services and attendance were as follows; Monday Prayer 17 adults one child, Wednesday Bible Study  9 adults, Friday Night prayer 23 adults one child and Sunday Morning Service  28 adults, 4 children. The Wednesday Deliverance session is going on well and being received. This has become a way of announcing our existence in Bridgetown.  On Saturday we attended a funeral where one of our believers lost her father. As Overseer Jonathan shared the word the Holy Spirit filled the funeral parlor chapel and pricked the hearts of many who were present and they were asking about this ministry. God of our father is indeed opening doors for us. After this week's witnessing one person came to Christ and one rededicated her life to God during the Sunday service.
During devotion in the evening service on Sunday the Holy Spirit took over as we basked in His glory and he gave a word for the church. The Holy Spirit literally took over the entire time of bible study. One believer was healed and she began running all over the church which something she could not do before. After the preaching of the word there was a thick presence of the Lord as many people were delivered these are the testimonies they gave as they were prayed for during altar call:
  • A lady who could not kneel was healed and she can now kneel without pain
  • A man was healed of a painful forearm. 
  • A visitor was hit by the power of God and she felt her legs aligning and the back which had been problematic for three years healed.
  • A woman whom who had pain all over the body for many nights was healed.
  • There was great deliverance that started during praise and worship till the end of service.

Church registration still pending we appreciate your support in Prayer.

We want to thank the God of our father Apostle Ezekiel H Guti for the miracles that took place in Antananarivo with Pastor Maugara and Mejulian Mildred. We also thank the Lord for the safe travel of the Pastors to Fort Dauphin on Saturday morning. A new believer who came this previous Sunday was looking for a job and we told them by faith to come the next Wednesday. On Wednesday God connected us to someone who was looking to employ someone. Praise the Lord the new believer got a good job. 
Furthermore, we went to this employer and ministered the Gospel to him. When Pastor Maugara Terence prayed for the person, he was delivered and was very much thankful. He asked the Pastor to pray for him to be anointed by God. As he went home, his sister had fallen sick. She fainted and after being awaken she saw spirits coming to take her. Thinking to die his sister told them to prepare her funeral. But when this man layed his hands on his sister, instant miracles happened and the sister came to her senses and was healed. This man came to church and has decided to make FIFMI his home church. Elder Tantely went to visit a new couple who came this previous Sunday and they gave confirmation of their moving to FIFMI. The attendance this Sunday was 13 local adults and 7 children. 

Pasor Martinez is settling well in our second assembly in Punta Gorda. The church received him with gladness. Home visits were done since our people have been without a pastor for very long. It really shows signs of becoming a big church. In our first Sunday 11 adults and 9 children attended service and healing took place. Pray for us that all the members that were there when the assembly was started will find their way back to our church. In Belize city the service was great attended by 57 people. 
It is so amazing how God has opened people’s hearts in working home talents. We also want to thank God that he opened an opportunity for us to minister to school children on two occasions. God is good.  



This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God continues to give them supernatural strength especially as they prepare for the back to back deeper life conferences and other needs of the work that have to be taken care of. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you what to pray for.
    B. Pray for favor for the visas for the long-term missionaries being processed. Let's believe for a miracle this April.
    C. Pray for supernatural intervention in the offices processing the registration of the FIFMI churches in Barbados, Bahrain and the Dominican Republic
  2. Pray for Deeper Life Conferences to be held in Zimbabwe, Elders April 17-22, 2017 and Deacons April 24-29, 2017. Pray that God anoints the speakers and enables people to attend. Pray for journey mercies.
  3. Pray for the Resurrection / Easter conventions taking place around the world in all our FIFMI churches. Pray for miracles, salvation, and for people to attend these meetings.
  4. Pray for the growth of the new FIFMI churches - Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis. Pray for God to continue to provide the finances needed to complete the renovations in our St. Kitts meeting place.
  5. Pray for the ongoing construction at ZEGU.
  6. Pray that people experience miracles as they work Home Talents and no one is left behind.
  7. Pray for your nation.
The spirit of fearing man must go. If you fear man the gift will not operate in you. You must respect everyone. Love everyone - the good and the bad and you will see the miracles. You hate people but Jesus loves them, what are you going to do? The best way is to forgive them all. The children of Israel’s shoes didn't wear out in the 40 years they were in the wilderness. 
Matthew 14:17 And they said to Him, “We have here only five loaves and two fish. They only had 5 loaves and 2 fish. When you want miracles to happen there must be order in the church. Jesus didn't perform the miracle when everyone was still walking around. He said everyone sit down, give me the 5 loaves and 2 fish and He prayed to God then said now give to the people. I've been wondering if loaf was multiplied in the hands of Peter or Jesus. It was in the hands of the people who received the bread. They received it and ate it until they were full. The little bread was sufficient. 5000 men only no women and children counted. They all ate. That's where we get sufficiency. The little bread they received was sufficient. The little money you get will be enough.  God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 |


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