Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 21

Dear Friends  

We are already half way through the year. What a great way to start to second half of the year with a month of prayer conventions. ZAOGA FIFMI is indeed a wonderful church. Don't miss your prayer convention weekend when it's your turn. Faith Clinic is coming to your prayer convention.
The Nation of Cyprus is in awe after experiencing a powerful laying of the Apostolic Foundation. The Apostles of Jesus Christ did not leave any stone unturned. More deacons have been selected for the 3 assemblies and baba also ordained 3 elders. On Monday baba also visited the historical sites in Salamis of Apostle Paul and Barnabas. On Wednesday the church held a concert of celebration according to Ezra 3:11. Baba and mama danced and there was joy unspeakable. There were testimonies and many people experiencing miracles. 2 people received Christ in Lefke and more than 25 people have committed to make FIF their spiritual home. We thank God for our father and mother. We are now building on that foundation and our nation will never be the same.
United Kingdom 
We thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti, 55 Pastors from 9 Provinces camped in Leicester East Midlands Province for the Pastors’ Prayer Convention. We were pleasantly surprised and graced by the presence of our mother Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti.
She emphasized the importance of camping and faith clinic which starts with the Leader. She brought us the Word from the Apostle and servant of God, that the Word of God does not taste good when a person is not  prayerful. It's like eating sadza and vegetables without salt. It is not effective. Praying and reading the Word of God is very important. Prayer draws us near to God. Blessings, money, spiritual gifts come through earnestly seeking the Kingdom of God. Matthew 6:33
Furthermore, she taught about the need of a clean heart, even giving her own experiences. The presence of God was manifested and pouring out of hearts and forgiveness were deeply experienced.
In the evening there was a sweet move of the Holy Spirit. Evident joy, love and peace showing on the outside. One after another the Pastors testified of joy unspeakable.
Two Pastors testified how they felt the power of God as they drove to the Convention while Apostle Eunor was sharing.
There is a spirit of joy, the genuine love of God and unity among the Pastorate. It is a new page in our nation. The God of Ezekiel has restored and revived the Pastorate Leadership. We cherish the Apostolic visit which was a great blessing.
FIFCAHSM (Forward In Faith College And High School Ministry)
As FIFCAHSM God has given us grace to hold 3 successful functions from June 1-4, 2017 which is Gutu outreach, Goromonzi camp meeting and Chitungwiza Ezekiel Guti Christian College.
  In Gutu we did one on one preaching and also managed to preach in 3 schools and 401 students and 458 adults gave their lives to Jesus, glory to the God of our father. So many miracles took place and to mention a few:  a 49  old and 68yr  old woman were delivered from back pain. A lot of women and girls were also delivered from the spirit of witchcraft and brought their charms and ancestral garment's to be burnt 
  In Goromonzi 15 students gave their lives to Jesus and 40 were delivered from many  different types of spirits like fornication ,masturbation and satanism .
  At the Ezekiel Guti community college one person gave her life to Jesus and 8 were delivered  from different spirits. A young girl with the problem of eye sight felt like she has received a new pair of eyes after being prayed for by the evangelist and another who was suffering from her right leg was totally healed. 43 people were baptized in water. We give glory to the God of our father Ezekiel.

Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:

St Kitts 
Glory to the God of our father for this past week. The work that our father did in the lives of the couple who attended deeper life conferences in Zimbabwe is bearing fruit. They are committed to and love their father and the church so passionately.  As they give feedbacks from the conference they are explaining to their own people how and why Forward in Faith is the greatest chance for the lives of people to change.  We thank God that even the five members that are attending leadership training here are so engaged and ready to spread this seed to their own. Individuals are also picking up responsibilities in the church as they minister to God. Things like church deco, water for the saints, cleaning the church and many more are being done by individuals who love their church.  Attendance this Sunday was 21 locals. The ladies have agreed to start Tuesday prayer this Tuesday. Also from 16 to 18 June we will have our prayer convention.  On the 25th of June we will begin our morning services. We asked for prayers to find committed members and we are glad to report that the Lord is answering that prayer. Now we are believing God for even more. The other prayer request this week is to ask God to help us touch the lives of young people on this Island. We are meeting this Tuesday to set a plan to reach out to them and we need God to direct us. The devil is really destroying these lives at young ages on this Island. But the God of Ezekiel must show us the way.
Lunchtime Ministry in Nevis has been steady with the Faithfulness of Members daily from 12noon to 2pm. A launch is planned for the upcoming weeks. Pastor Chris and Sesie’s teachings are keeping its members grounded in Kingdom building and Church Growth.  As our Children attendance numbers grow we are going to start children’s ministry classes this coming Sunday. There’s excitement on that. The Week ended with our Sunday Worship having 22 people in attendance. Deacon Desmond delivered a short inspiring message and Pastor Chris then preached. 


We thank God for your steadfast prayers. God is continuing to show us abundant grace.  We had an eventful week.  2 souls were won for Christ during hospital visitations.   A couple got a marriage blessing by Overseer Chikwawawa.  One child was dedicated to the Lord. Some testimonies: 

  • The pastoral team went to pray for a wheelchair ridden young man in the hospital. He was totally unable to move his lower limbs.  He was able to move them after prayer.  Glory to God! 
  • A lady whose daughter fell sick, testified how the Lord intervened financially at a time she barely had money. Her daughter was able to receive the treatment needed.

Sunday service was greatly affected by rain and the long weekend, as some members were spending time with family.  Attendance was 13 adults, 4 children, including 3 pastors. Nevertheless, the service was punctuated by a fervent prayer session, followed by powerful preaching.  The church was truly blessed.  We had a wonderful fellowship after service. Please continue to pray for us.  Especially during this Month of Prayer, for the saints to have fervency in the area of prayer.  

We thank the God of our father for a powerpacked big Sunday service. Despite commitments among some members, the attendance was 10 adults and 4 children. Deliverance and healing took place during the altar call and there was great joy as we fellowshipped after the service. One new member testified after service that she normally wouldn't respond to an altar call but if she did nothing would happen. Today when she came up front for prayer God touched her and she was set free as she fell under the power of God. Our pastors are leading us in soulwinning during the week and a lot of people have promised to come. We kindly request for prayers that the Holy Spirit continues to draw them. Praise God we also managed to buy a keyboard.
We thank the God of Ezekiel for His Grace, during this season of prayer and fasting. We thank our father and mother for keeping us in their prayers. Our weekly services went well. Our Sunday service at the Mission house had 15 adults and 4 children in attendance. Please may you continue to stand with us as we pray for spiritual and numerical growth and also a place of worship. Thank you all for the prayers.
We want to thank the God of Ezekiel for His goodness in our lives here in Antananarivo together with our student Pastor Jedidj. The Lord is good and His mercy endureth forever. We also joined others to celebrate the church 57th anniversary. God is good.
During the course of this month we prayed and we were granted a free advertisement on a TV channel for a month. We also got a discount on advertising on the big screen in the town. The director of the company assured our pastor of support as long as it concerned the work of God.
We visited a lady who had been diagnosed with cancer and after we prayed for her she got tested again and no trace of cancer was found in her body, glory to God, she’s healed. Our services have been averaging 10-13 adults and 4-6 children. Please continue to pray for the church to have a soul winning spirit and be able to nurture our new believers.
It was a blessing to join other FIFMI pastors world wide in prayer convention over the weekend we experienced the hand of God.
Belize city: Sunday was great though most of our members had gone for school graduations and our praise team was asked to lead at a national prayer day service. We had a great service with 46 people in attendance. The word was powerful and great testimonies were given.
Punta Gorda assembly: Good attendance for our midweek meeting and ladies meeting. Sunday service  had 20 people in attendance. A man was delivered from insomnia and slept well throughout the night.
The believers are so excited about FIFMI and have confirmed that the word is effective. We are believing God for great things there. 



This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God will give them supernatural strength for the work.  May He give them grace to carry out the mission God has for them at this time.
    B. Pray for the long-term missionaries visas processing. God still does miracles.
    C. Pray for Baba and Amai as they prepare for Deeper Life conferences to be held in June and July. Pray for journey mercies as they travel to those conferences in the different places.
  2. Praise God for very successful Pastors' Prayer Conventions that went well all over the FIFMI churches.
  3. Pray for the USA Deeper Life Leaders Conference to be held in Dallas, TX from June 22-25, 2017. Pray for the finances to be available for all leaders to attend.
  4. Pray for all the short term and long term missionaries to keep focussed on the work and following the vision. Pray for their protection and providence.
  5. Pray for the Elders' Prayer Conventions to be held this weekend all over the FIFMI churches.
  6. Pray for the continued growth of Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis churches. Pray for the provision of mini vans and mission vehicles for St Kitts & Nevis, Oman and Malaysia.
  7. Pray for the Today's Woman Conference to be held in July
  8. Pray for the Trip to Israel taking place in August
  9. Pray that people experience miracles as they work Home Talents and no one misses what God is doing this year. 
  10. Pray for your nation.



Faith Clinic and cleansing starts with us as leaders. A mop can mop and mop but when it is dirty, it can add dirt if it isn't washed. We have to clean the mop so that it's clean. Your bath towel can get very hard with dirt if you don’t care for it. We have to clean it and wash it and put fabric softener if it is to continue doing a good job. We often use a soap stone to scrub our feet because dirt would have gathered over time.
The Prayer Convention letter says cleanse yourself. It's not just,  'Father forgive me for this and that, Amen.' It is saying it out publicly, denouncing it as we forgive. There are some things that collect in us in life and they have caused a wound in us. If I brave it up and cover up, I won't do my work as I am supposed to do. This is a time to air out and be completely helped so we can be clean vessels.
 God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 |


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