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Apostles Update Week 25

Dear Friends  

ZOC CUT Buwi Outreach
A team of 66 Evangelists from ZAOGA on Campus Chinhoyi University of Technology (ZOC CUT) embarked on a one week missionary work in Buwi and Tswitsi as commanded by the word of God. This was held from the 18th to the 25th of June 2017. Buwi and Tswitsi are farming areas that are surrounded by many compounds, settlers and villages located just 30 km from Chinhoyi.
There was great joy in the places upon arrival as people were eagerly waiting to receive from God and there was great joy in the city. Door to door witnessing were conducted from Monday morning some Evangelists walking more than 10 km to reach and win souls. Night crusades were held in Buwi during the first four days and in Tswitsi from Thursday to Saturday. They started at 6 pm and attendance for the crusades ranged from 40-70 people. The speakers were mightily used to deliver the word of God with boldness and followed by miracles, signs and wonders. A total of 527 souls gave their lives to Christ, 42 were water baptized and 17 were filled with the Holy Spirit.
Sunday services were conducted in both Buwi and Tswitsi and there was mighty move of the Spirit as the new believers began speaking in new tongues. This can only be the doing of the God of Ezekiel! Here are some of the miracles God did during the course of the outreach:-
  • A certain lady who couldn’t walk for years due to cancer which had developed a very big wound was instantly healed by Jesus, began to walk with great joy and gave her life to Christ the healer.
  • Gogo Sibanda received her healing from leg pains after being prayed for. Hallelujah!
  • A blind man who couldn’t see for years was prayed for and received his sight. What a mighty God we serve!
  • Anna who always dreamt flying was prayed for and delivered from mermaid spirit and spirit of witchcraft.
  • Many people were instantly healed from chest pains, headaches and stomach pains. Glory be to God!
  • Many people especially teenagers were delivered by God from marine spirits and witchcraft especially during Tswitsi crusades.
  • There was mighty move of God during one Morning Prayer around 3 am when the team was praying. God deposited spiritual gifts to each and every one equipping His beloved for work. 
  • A certain boy testified on Sunday service that he had secured the place for 'O' level. Glory be to Jesus!
Above all we want to thank the God of Ezekiel for making this mission a success, standing with us, protecting and covering us in all matters. 
  The ZAOGA College Student Fellowship(ZACOSF) had a successful national rally at Belvedere Teachers College. 200 students attended. 9 were saved and 39 received baptism in the Holy Spirit. Rich teachings were given by the director Pastor Makwasha, Rev Nyambo and Overseer Manyati. We are thankful to God for the great work ZACOSF is doing
Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:

St Kitts 
We thank God for a great week in which we saw the hand of God blessing the various meetings that were held.   Monday prayers are growing and the ladies exercise classes is beginning to produce results.  This week ladies Tuesday prayer was well attended, and the ladies are being taught how to operate as Kingdom women. Wednesday Bible studies were well attended and the elders continue to learn how to teach the word.  Friday prayer was powerful and again the numbers are growing. The God of Ezekiel again gave us grace this our second Sunday of having our church service in the morning. We were pleased to welcome 20 locals. We thank the God of our Father Ezekiel. 
Next week we will be baptizing those who have entered into the kingdom by being born again. We give Glory to God for this great week. Our God is good
Teachings continue to strengthen the bonds between members and prospective members as we concentrate on building better Christian principles. Lunchtime Ministry remains a point of inquiry where people seek to know FIFMI better and the opportunity to fulfil the obligation to pray without ceasing of the Servant of God and for souls to be saved in Nevis. This week's activities saw members engaging in the Lunchtime ministry, prayer meetings and a social outing enjoying a production “Celebrity Couples of the Bible”. Leadership meetings and training has begun intensely as we aim to identify members for church administration.   
Sunday Worship had 22 people in attendance.  The Pastor is training preachers. Brother Nigel delivered a word on “Welcome in the Church”.  Pastor Sesie taught a stirring word on “Being Empowered by the Holy Spirit” which was followed by 3 members being baptised in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Great joy filled the house as we shared plenty of food during fellowship.  Praise God the mission house is being used every weekend for sleepovers by members' children who need some form of life orientation regarding Family Relationships. Pray with us as we expect working visa for the coming long term missionary.
It was an eventful week for us here in Barbados.  The church is encouraged and strengthened after coming out of the month of prayer.  We thank God for souls who are being added to the kingdom of God. This week, a total of 10 souls came to Christ.  Glory to God! 
On Tuesday a woman gave her life to Christ.  On Wednesday, Pastor Emmanuel ministered and preached on salvation to a group of men during a morning Bible Study.  7 of them surrendered their lives to Jesus.  On the same day during our Wednesday morning Deliverance session, a woman was ministered to by the pastoral team and delivered.  She also surrendered her life to Christ. 
On Wednesday, the church leadership attended the funeral of one of our members who lost her father.   Sunday Service attendance was 40 people including children.  We ended with a wonderful time of fellowship with eats and drinks after service.  It was such a sweet time, people didn't want to leave.  
Testimony: A man who had previously applied for a visa had been waiting for about 3 months. He was granted the visa on the spot when he went with one of the pastors to the immigration office!  
Please continue to pray for us for church growth.
We thank God For allowing the Servants of God Apostles Ezekiel and Eunor Guti to come teach and minister  to  leaders at the Dallas Deeper Life Leadership conference. Our lives will never be the same again.  Midweek services went well with good attendance. 4 people rededicated their lives to the Lord on Friday. On Saturday 4 people were baptized at the beach. Glory to God. Sunday service at the retirement home was attended by 13 adults while the Mission house service had 20 in attendance. One child was dedicated to the Lord and Holy communion was served. Fellowship followed after the service. Praying for numerical and spiritual growth. Thank you all for the prayers. The God of our Father is giving us grace
U. A. E.
We give glory to God for successful Prayer Conventions in United Arab Emirates in the month of June. We thank the Servant and Apostle of God for writing a letter to us specifically for the prayer convention where he emphasized faith clinic. We also want to thank God for using our resident Pastors J&R Gocha and J&J Rusere in a mighty way, staying true to the words of the servant of God, our pastors led by example in confessing and letting out things out of them. As the letter advised we managed to meet in various categories for the prayer convention and the spirit of prayer and confessing caught up with the believers.
82 Elders met during the second week of June while the deacons met the third week with people being filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit after the cleansing. People then rerurned to their assmeblies for the believers prayer conventions. In Dubai, people came by the hundreds for prayer meetings which started on Monday, by Friday approximately 350 people were in attendance. People poured out their hearts to God, and then went for counselling. About 6 people gave their lives to the Lord, 3 people became members of FIFMI and more than 14 people got filled with the Holy Spirit. Much deliverance took place throughout. This convention has left the church feeling revived & refreshed. 
In Abu Dhabi, throughout the month the believers were being prepared for a faith clinic. During the last week people where meeting at one place from wednesday until the last day Friday. There was great deliverance during the service. 11 saints received the Holy Spirit for the first time. The attendance on the last day was 105 adults and 30 children.
Our fast growing Assembly Al Ain gathered for their believers convention for the first time with numbers of over 30 people and they was a mighty move of the power of God as people confessed, delivered and received the Holy Spirit.
We thank the God of our Father for giving Our father the vision of Faith Clinic. Our lives will never be the same. We give all the glory to God.


This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 

    A. Pray that God will give them supernatural strength everyday. Pray for wisdom with the growth of the work
    B. Pray for the long-term missionaries visas processing. He is a miracle working God.
    C. Pray for Deeper life conferences taking place in Canada and U.K. in July.
  2. Pray for the Europe Deeper Life Conference to be held this week Wednesday July 5-9, 2017 in Birmingham UK. Pray that leaders are able to attend and all the speakers have a relevant word.
  3. Pray for the Believers' Convention to be held in Edmonton Alberta Canada this week Thursday July 6-9, 2017. Pray that people are able to attend and all the speakers have a relevant word. 
  4. Pray for all the short term and long term missionaries to be able to fulfill their assignment.
  5. Pray for the registration papers of the clinic in Mutoko, Zimbabwe.
  6. Pray for the continued growth of all our new FIFMI churches. Praise God we now have a mission house in American Samoa.
  7. Pray for the Today's Woman Conference to be held in July.
  8. Pray for the Trip to Israel, the Young Female Pastors Conference and the Male Pastors Conference taking place in August.
  9. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  10. Pray for your nation.





God raised me to bless pple but if you do your own thing you don't get anything. God has blessed me abundantly. Blessing is not money. The blessing must become a part of your life. Blessing means life becomes easy. Things you used to struggle with become easy. Money comes and says spend me.
To be a disciple means to stop doing your own things and do as the leader. If you are expecting to get a blessing in FIFMI you need to do what I teach. Unless you preach the kingdom of God you will be no different from the church over there. Preach the kingdom. You don't need to understand. Preach the kingdom you will see results.  God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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