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Apostles Update Week 29

Dear Friends  

Praise the Lord, the Today's Woman Conference 2017 held at the Glamis Arena this past weekend was a huge success. Attendance around 25000 to 30000 women from over 100 churches including those from the apostolic sects. A total of 352 people received Jesus and some in tears. Many people were also baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The women were hungry to learn and hear the word despite the freezing weather they loved the conference and they enjoyed the teachings. Joy was all over the Glamis Arena. People were healed from all kinds of diseases and many were also delivered from evil spirits. Marriages were restored.  Many women were delivered from the spirit of unforgiveness after a very powerful and practiteaching on forgiveness by Dr. Eunor Guti which was also broadcast live on Ezekiel TV and Facebook. The business breakfast was an astounding success with a message on how to balance business and family delivered by owner of the Gauteng train in South Africa. It was attended by a 100 people from the corporate world and business women. The First Lady Her Excellency  Amai Dr. Grace Mugabe graced the occasion and encouraged women to take care of their bodies and eat healthy as we fight obesity. A powerful message was delivered by the Junior parliament president. The vision has impacted the Girl-Child and they have joined us at Today's Woman. The women were very thankful to God and the Visionary of Todays' Woman, Archbishop Dr. Eunor Guti for this unique conference that united the many different churches. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes.

We give glory to God for a successful week in Zvishavane Province. We also want to thank God of our Father Ezekiel Guti for using our Overseers M & L Nhakura in a mighty way, staying true to the words of the servant of God. Our Overseers had a vision and advised the whole Province to embark on a Tour where the believers were to Tour our AMFCC, HEADQUARTERS, MBUYA DORCAS HOSPITAL, ZEGU and the Cathedral in Bindura. This tour was to educate believers to know the history of ZAOGA FIF from where it started, where it is today and where we are going. All Pastors from the province worked together and many men and women took part. On the 26th of July Zvishavane believers traveled 400km to Harare in 7 buses seating about 72 people for a 2-day Tour. There was great joy in the tour places upon arrival as some people were eagerly waiting to see the historic places for the first time. Believers praised the Lord Almighty as they also witnessed the POWER of working TALENTS as we toured state of the art places like ZEGU, HQ, MBUYA DORCAS HOSPITAL and AMFCC. During the tour people then ended at our Cathedral in Bindura and had a blessed All Night Prayer in the prayer mountain. On the morning of Thursday the 27th, all women on the tour in their hundreds went back to Harare to attend Today's Woman Conference. This great tour has left the Church revived, uplifted and blessed.
Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:

St. Kitts
Praise the Lord God of our father Dr. Ezekiel Guti for the wonderful works that he is doing in our Nation. Our home Bible study groups have increased and the new study had 5 persons in attendance, Hallelujah! On Friday we took to the streets of the city armed with the word and our flyers. It was amazing to learn that people did not know the difference between being saved and being born again. We had to use this as a teaching moment so that they understood the difference. We also encountered many people with personal problems and ministered to them. They were all encouraged to be born again however the response was that they were not ready because they were tired of church. We invited all to fellowship with us with the hope for growth and development in the word and we be sure to follow up with them. Several calls were made and the response was cordial, we thank God that we communicated with the people and will continue to witness to them about the Kingdom of God. A door has been opened thanks to the God of our Father Ezekiel. This our first outreach has made our team eager to do more soul winning and to tell others about the Kingdom of God. We are going to continue every Friday. Our Sunday service brought in 4 new visitors, our attendance was 17 persons. 
Please continue to pray for us as we labour in the Kingdom, witnessing to the lost about Christ.
The incoming pastors, overseers Dr. Norman & Nerisa Musekiwa arrived on Monday the 24July. Monday prayer had 6 adults and one visitor in attendance while the ladies Tuesday prayer was attended by 4 ladies. Wednesday bible study had 10 adults and 4 children. Our Sunday service 18 adults and 8 children came to church. We had powerful praise and worship and finished up by sharing about the love of God by Ov. Nerisa
Glory be to God for His faithfulness!  Thank you for your steadfast prayers for F.I.F Barbados.  Indeed we are seeing the Lord's mighty hand at work. This week, a total of 4 people gave their lives to Christ.  Mid-week services continued as usual.  2 people received Christ during the Wednesday morning Bible Study Service. Sunday Service attendance was 40 people including children.  Praise and worship was amazing.  There was so much joy and the church was jubilant.  Pastor Jaqui delivered a profound message on the Identity of Jesus Christ.  Deliverance took place.  As usual we had an awesome post-service fellowship over eats and drinks.  Some testimonies:
  • A man who had separated from his wife and children was prayed for and has been reconciled with his family after 20 years! 
  • A man lost his phone and had been searching for 3 days. He felt in his spirit to go check in a certain store. An employee there had found it and kept it safe for him.
  Please continue to pray for us in the area of spiritual and numerical growth.
We thank the God of our father for the visas have been approved. We also praise the God of our father who is giving us strength every day to go to market place houses to either make appointment or visit people for bible study or to minister salvation.  We are seeing new faces coming to church and some are declaring FIFMI to be their home through giving their lives to Jesus. After visiting a nurse we invited her for the service she came and declared FIFMI to be her home and this Sunday she brought her first tithes. Some of the miracles: 
  • A man with a painful shoulder was healed
  • A woman with a painful leg was healed.

This Sunday there was mighty presence of God and we saw a lot of people getting delivered from demons. 5 people repented and 8 new people visited our church. Our attendance was 59 adults and 33 children.

We thank God for His grace we are witnessing day after day. On Wednesday we had a one on one outreach at the Dasmarinas municipal offices and 10 people received Jesus Christ. One of them attended church on Sunday. We will continue follow up through calls and texts. 
Our Sunday service was attended by 17 people, 12 adults and 5 children.  Among them 6 were attending for the first time, glory to God. We are glad that we had 2 men in the service including a couple that attended church for the second time all the way from Manila. The man is a professional well travelled musician who is blessing the church with his guitar playing. 
People acknowledge that they were blessed by the teachings given by the pastors. We bought a small mixer and microphone as an upgrade to our PA system and our sound has greatly improved. However, we are praying that God may help us upgrade the speakers and the keyboard to professional sound equipment. Thank you for your prayers as we look forward to win more new souls who will become members. 



This week:





  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God gives them supernatural strength everyday. May God renew and strengthen them as they continue working.
    B. Pray for them as they hold the Young Female and Male Pastors Conferences in Zimbabwe this week July 31-August 6, 2017.
    C. Pray for the expediting of visas for the long-term missionaries. 
    D. Pray for God to open the door to the Scandinavian nations.
  2. Praise God for the Today's Woman Conference held past weekend. Lives were changed and souls saved.
  3. Praise God for the AMFCC 40th Celebrations held at AMFCC Harare, Zimbabwe this past Sunday. God is faithful
  4. Pray for the Young Female Pastors Conference and the Young Male Pastors Conference to be held in Zimbabwe this week, July 31-August 6, 2017.
  5. Pray for the continued growth of all our new FIFMI churches.
  6. Pray for the Trip to Israel taking place in August.
  7. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  8. Pray for your nation.





Romans 16:25 “Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began” God reveals things for a while. Many years ago and even today pple talk about Jesus coming soon but he hasn't come yet. So he's coming so what? You must be born again, Spirit-filled and water baptized then you are ready. Jesus didn't preach about coming soon.1 Cor 15:23-25
Preach Jesus not what you want. Good preaching is giving a testimony and then preach you Jesus. Jesus preached the kingdom of God. When you preach the kingdom of God people are healed and demons leave. Preach the 4 gospels and one history so miracles will happen and church will not be boring. You need to win souls door to door and through cell groups. If you don't have cell groups your church will not grow. Win souls door to door. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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