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Apostles Update Week 3

Dear Friends  



The week of 21 - 26 January saw an average of 2100 full-time pastors from the FIFMI churches worldwide, converging at the esteemed Ezekiel Guti Convention Centre, for the 49th annual Deeper Life Conference. The first notable miracle was that of our father the Archbishop, Professor Ezekiel H Guti, who on the first evening, which was punctuated with a weather promising rains; prayed that the rains would not disrupt the conference. Indeed, God's faithfulness to Baba was manifested in no rains in the areas surrounding AMFCC. The second miracle is that despite the fuel challenges in Zimbabwe, none of the cars lacked fuel. Several topics including Children's Church, Finances, Deliverance and Cell groups, were covered by various selected preachers. A number of International pastors gave testimonial preaching on relative topical areas, for the congregation to benefit. On the Sunday, His Excellency, President E. D Mnangagwa, graced the occasion and said as a leader he had come with an open heart and mind to listen and tap from the wisdom of God Almighty. He stressed the positive role that all churches, particularly ZAOGA, could play in building a better social fabric, which unites people. He was impressed by the enormous gathering of congregants, constituting only of pastors. In all Baba's messages, he emphasised much that pastors should also work out their own salvation while doing the work of God. The conference concluded with our father blessing us, some pastors being ordained and finally partaking of the Holy Communion.



We thank God who allowed our father & mother the Apostles of Jesus Christ, Drs Ezekiel and Eunor Guti to lay a strong foundation for the church in this country. During our mid-week services the church was encouraged to pray for the Apostles and the Deeper Life conference that was going on. This led us to our Super Sunday which was full of joy and the move of the Spirit of God. We thank God that this Sunday that some of our old believers who had stopped coming to church re-joined us. Please pray for us that all our old and new members will continue to come to church. We are still looking for a suitable venue in the city near Belmont.



We give honor to God as He keeps on doing great things in people’s lives. It has been a great week full of testimonies as the saints continue in prayer and some continue in the fasting for the 31 days of January. Some people testified about seeing our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti in their dreams. We give glory to God. Monday we had prayer in our two groups. Tuesday to Thursday was a leadership seminar and Friday we could not have our service because there was a presidential rally near our church venue. We want to thank you for your prayers because our Kingdom Love Feast was successful as we are in the year of The Love of God Through Fellowship, Breaking of Bread and in Prayers. 80 people attended the service and 15 were visitors who came for the first time. We thank God even the caretaker of the place attended the service and he promised to continue coming. There was great joy in the Church after a powerful word people were prayed for and delivered. We ended our service with fellowship every family brought food. The food was more than enough such that people had some takeaways. After eating they started to sing again full of Joy. No one could dismiss the people because of the joy of the Lord. Keep on praying for us for a place of worship and a mission house.



Nashville - We thank God for another great service. Elder Violet taught the Sunday morning Bible study, a continuation of the lesson about fasting. Testimony time has always been a great time at Nashville TN, FIFMI. One deacon shared a very touching testimony emphasizing the need of a forgiving heart. Another believer testified revealing God's intervention after she successfully followed through a fasting day. The enemy tempted her but held on and was happy after seeing God's answer to prayer. We thank God for Pastor Jill's commitment in teaching the children's Sunday school classes. We continue to pray for commitment of current members and for new souls.



Our week’s activities have helped to keep our members encouraged in the Lord through prayer and fellowship. Nevis has been tested and tried but we thank God for the teachings from our Pastors that keep us focused when they are absent. Sunday’s worship was truly encouraging as the Bible Study “Staying Connected to God” encouraged and engaged members in discussion. It was also suggested that we can reach out to students in high school by involving them in our Lunchtime Ministries activities on Tuesday and Thursday. One member testified that she has met God and thank Him for where He has brought her from as her faith continues to get stronger, she also thanked FIFMI Nevis for helping her find her way to God. We are praying for: Incoming Pastors.

This week:

Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He will give them supernatural strength after working hard at the Deeper Life One Conference (Pastors' Conference) held last week. Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to take us deeper like sea divers and lead us as we pray for Baba & Amai. Thanking God that He will make them victorious again in 2020.

Thanking God for the success of the just ended Deeper Life One Conference held at AMFCC. Thanking God for journey mercies as pastors travel back to their cities and nations. Thanking God that the pastors are able to implement the teachings they received.

Thanking God for the growth of the FIFMI churches around the globe. May God provide good venues for services in those places.

Thanking God for your nation.



Acts 2:42, "And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers."

They continued in the Apostles doctrine and breaking of bread. Love helps in the time of spiritual dryness. When you try to sing this song or that song and no blessing is coming, or things are just dead, that’s when the love of God works. People will not stay for power but for love. Jesus teaches love for each other. Lots of love will keep people in the church. Anointing comes and goes but love will stay forever. What they did in the book of Acts was showing that God is love. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,

Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai


ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.


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