Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 30

Dear Friends  
We are so thankful to God for a power-packed Europe Deeper life Leadership Conference and the official opening of the UK Ezekiel Guti Conference Centre (EGCC). Designed and intended for leaders in Europe, it turned out to be an international gathering as we had quite a number of nationalities present in our delegation. A representative from the recently born FIFMI Trinidad & Tobago and an elder from Barbados were also in our midst. Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, ranging from Archbishops to Pastors and believers from around the world, there was a great sense of excitement and anticipation amongst the delegation to witness the faithfulness of God to what has been a pivotal and historical occasion in our church, nation and lives. The start of the conference was marked firstly by a testimonial sharing by our mother Apostle Dr Eunor Guti, who relayed the success of their recent missions field trip to Trinidad & Tobago, where a church has now been birthed and established. This year’s Deeper Life Leadership Conference was rich in the Word and the presence of God was thick. Main themes that were highlighting at this conference where: The Fear God to a leader, Salvation, Discipleship, Giving/Tithing and many more. Saturday evening was seen with a powerful preaching by Apostle Dr Eunor Guti.
  • 5 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.
  • A lady who had a multi-neural disease which paralyses her speech was healed and received her voice back. 
  • 86 people were delivered from various demonic bondages. 
  • 30 people were instantly healed from various ailments and diseases. Praise God! 
Gathered together as a nation, with our father and mother, Sunday was a day of jubilation and celebrations. Our father and mother, the great Apostles & Servants Of God, officially opened and dedicated to the Lord the 3000-seater Ezekiel Guti Conference Centre. We are grateful to God who has enabled us to work together with a common goal of completing our National Centre. Praise God!
We thank the God of our father that we are continuing to enjoy the blessings of FIFMI in Trinidad & Tobago. On Monday and Friday we had a teaching on prayer and we had a wonderful bible study on on Wednesday. Saturday we had Praise & Worship practice. Sunday service started with a bible study on extending the kingdom from the Sunday Morning Lecture book. The attendance on Sunday was 18, of which 14 were locals. There was so much joy during the service as people danced for the lord. The word was powerful on What is The Kingdom of God by General Overseer Gudyanga. 2 people received Jesus Christ and one was water baptised. 
People are being transformed here in Trinidad-by this gospel of the kingdom of God that our father and mother are teaching. Some Testimonies: 
  • The brother who was baptised had epilepsy and testified that he was now free from it. 
  • The brother who was a destitute and wanted to commit suicide testified that he has got a job and was so happy that FIFMI had brought him another new way of life he has never experienced his entire life. 
  • One of our members who traveled to USA gave us the testimony be below. "Good evening Pastors Phil and Judith. We got in safe and sound today and thank you all for lifting us up in prayer. We testify that the power of prayer and worship is real! We stood in line to meet with immigration personnel for nearly two hours. Nicholas decided to pray and we agreed for the process to be dealt with speedily. After the prayer was said I decided to sing 247 and the Glory of the Lord is coming down to get us through and for me to keep well in the long line. After a couple of minutes the line moved speedily and we received favour with immigration. All glory to God! Thank you Jesus for seeing us through. God bless you!"
It was amazing that just singing baba’s favourite song gave such great impact and stirred up faith for a miracle to happen, glory to the God of our father. Most of our people do not drive so we have to pick them up. We thank God that our new chairman attended the UK Deeper Life conference and was a joy to see him lifting the Trinidad and Tobago flag.
We thank God for His grace in what He is doing in Guyana 
On Monday one person gave her life to Christ, Tuesday during a one on one session 7 souls were won to Christ. 9 Ladies met for prayer and one was saved. We also went to pray for a man who wasn’t feeling well and the visit yielded 4 souls to Christ. On Thursday our service was great and attendance was 31 (19 adults and 12 kids). Friday service was attended by 29 people (16 adults and 13 children). Saturday attendance was 27 (15 adults and 12 kids) this was more like a practice session for Sunday. 
On Sunday, God awarded us as Forward In Faith a great opportunity to market our church. The community was commemorating the emancipation day and people from different churches and top officials were present, this included the speaker of the parliament, a judge and several doctors. As FIFMI we were asked lead the praise and worship session and other activities and the Lord gave us grace. At the end of the day the coordinator commended FIF for a job well done, in her words she said she had never seen such kind of worship. This was a great opportunity for our church. Though there were many who attended the event from different churches, we were represented by 40 (23 adults 17 kids) of our members. Glory to God
What a great Sunday it was at Nashville TN FIFMI. The church was full of joy to receive new visitors, a couple and their children. They were so happy to be with us. Our children's church was vibrant, with additional five children. Bible study was phenomenal. Elder Steve taught about the Word of God in a very thought provoking way and exciting way. The presence of the Holy Spirit was thick during Worship and ended with a visitation of the Holy Spirt. People were prayed for even before the word, due to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Brother Jesse shared the word so powerfully and passionately. In attendance were 28 people, of which 14 were children. 
Tuesday ladies’ prayer meeting was on fire. After Prayer one lady, new to the church, promised to start tithing, and indeed brought on her tithe to the Sunday service. 
The Young Adults had a game night after church at the mission house. It was a great time to connect, laugh and show their competitive side. Pastor Rick encouraged them to continue to fellowship together and pray for one another. 
We continue to pray for more souls and commitment of current members.
We thank the Servant and Apostle of God for sending us pastors Ennocent and Epiphania Mapfumo. We had a powerful Friday prayer with them on 2 August and pastor Ennocent encouraged the church on prayer. 
On Sunday morning it was raining. Before the bible lesson, pastor Ennocent shared with the congregation about kingdom authority as always taught by our father Baba Guti. He asked church to agree with him as he prayed for the rains to stop during service and allow people to come to church and to continue raining after service. It happened exactly like that, rains stopped and people started coming to church. After service when people had just left the church there was a heavy downpour. 
Attendance on Sunday was 54 people (24 adults and 30 children). Pastor Epie taught powerfully on the kingdom of God and the church was blessed. 2 people gave their lives to the Lord and 3 people were delivered!
We ask you to continue praying for us and for total peace in our nation.
As Block 8 District, Gaborone, we are grateful to God of our Father, Prof. E.H Guti, for the abundant grace we are seeing since the coming of our mother, Dr. Eunor Guti during the 2019 Ten days Prayer. Lives are being transformed and elevated in the Kingdom of God, souls are coming to Christ and saints are grasping and practicing the correct way of giving to God as the Church is being taught by the Apostle and Servant of God. A great miracle was witnessed in the month of July, under the guidance and exhortation of DP T & A Zhou we were able to give towards Ezekiel TV. God’s special grace was also witnessed on the 28th of July when we held a life-transforming Talents Conference with seasoned and powerful speakers: Overseers A & R Gadzikwa. There was great joy in the District as the saints gave a lot of money for the completion of the double storey Mission house. Glory and honour be to God who remains faithful to His Word and to His Apostle and Servant.
Southern Province led by Overseers P & T Mtumbwa hosted a Worship Experience Night on Saturday the 27th of July. It was for the first time as a Province to host a Worship Night of such a magnitude. The objectives were to bring the Church together as one In Worshipping our God and to experience the power in Praising and Worshipping God. The event was graced with people from other denominations in Greater Windhoek and the platform was conducive to market our church Forward In Faith Ministries International. People were able to know that our Ministry is huge and led by a greatest Apostle and Prophet of our time Archbishop Ezekiel Guti together with the maid servant Prophetess Eunor. As worship time commenced directed by our music student Pastor Goreh the atmosphere became electric and we could feel the thick presence of God. The auditorium was packed with people and having an overflow. Healing and deliverance took place as worship was uttered to God. We thank God of our father Ezekiel Guti for the experience we had in Namibia Windhoek last Saturday.
Punta Gorda, Belize (Town Assembly)
We thank God for good attendance in our midweek services. Our Sunday service was a great one as we were 19 in attendance, 7 adults, 3 young generation and 9 children. Pastor Elizabeth Martinez preached a powerful word on the importance of prayer and led people in a time of praying for their lives and families. One person repented and one rededicated their life to the Lord. Please continue to pray for us that the work of God continues to move smoothly and that many more people will come to the Lord as we continue to share the word of God.
Punta Gorda, Belize (Village Assembly)
Our Eldridgeville assembly also had good attendance for the midweek service. On Sunday, service was held at a member's house where we had 7 in attendance, 4 adults and 3 children. Please help us to pray for a new place of worship for this assembly and for growth. God bless you.
Western Australia recently held their 6th Child Evangelism annual conference at Serpentine Baptist Camp in Perth from 16-19th July. Guest speaker and Child Evangelism Pastor Jestina Gandawa from Zimbabwe taught very powerfully for 3 successive days. 62 children and 8 full time teachers, 3 Pastors and one full time parent volunteer from all over Western Australia including Perth, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton, Karratha and Bunbury attended the powerful conference. The ministry had their own functional C.E ushering, media, hosting, praise and worship departments. There was powerful deliverance in the areas of pornography, wrong imaginations, hearing voices, nightmares, feelings of inferiority, children feeling unloved by their parents. There were Spirit-filled messages on salvation, children taking back their destiny, having dominion over their bodies and keeping their heart and mouth. The children were filled with the Holy Spirit and bubbled in tongues. They were encouraged to have the spirit of God that is in our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti and be helpers in the ministry of Forward in Faith. 25 children gave their lives to Christ and 37 children rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. The children were encouraged not to live by what is trending but to live by what is right. We thank the God of Ezekiel that our children's lives will never be the same again as there is a new season in Western Australia.
After the Conference Pastor Gandawa met with parents from all the 4 Perth metro assemblies and taught powerfully for 3 successive days on biblical parenting which is planned and intentional. She also gave feedback from the children’s conference in order to close the gap between parents and children. After that she also visited Kalgoorlie assembly (600km from Perth) and Bunbury assembly (200km from Perth) and continued with the series of teaching for both parents and children. We thank the God of Ezekiel for many parents and children who have been delivered and reconciled through the teachings and counselling sessions carried out by Pastor Gandawa.
Last weekend we had a powerful and well attended Zone 2 PC in Port Hedland where the Kimberlies and Pilbara regions met and were grounded on the doctrine of FIFMI and how to have the spirit of FIFMI that is in our father Ezekiel. During the evangelism night and Big Sunday there was great deliverance and 12 people in total gave their lives to the Lord. There was repentance according to the book of Acts as people came to the front crying and surrendering cigarettes, lighters and other regalia after powerful preaching by our Overseer Dr. Norman Musekiwa and one of our indigenous(aboriginal) preachers Deacon Jim Crocker. We are so grateful to the God of Ezekiel for the wave of great things that are happening in our state of Western Australia.
The God of our father is indeed faithful. He is worthy of all our praises. We here in St. Kitts had an awesome week in His presence. Tuesday night our women had a thought provoking Topic of forgiveness and how unforgiveness hinders us with our relationship with God. Wednesday we continued the topic of Mastering the Ministry of Love as our eyes continues to open to this delicate topic. Sunday saw the God of our father Ezekiel truly working in building our assembly here in St. Kitts. A family of 7 in total came to visit us and made the announcement that FIFMI here in St. Kitts is now their home. Glory be to the God of Ezekiel. We had a total of 24 persons including 6 children and 9 visitors. Hallelujah!  
Deacon Israel brought the word and he preached on the topic of not loosing our fire and passion for Christ.  The God of our father Ezekiel is indeed mighty and awesome in all His ways! Let's continue to serve Him and lift up His Holy Name. Continue to stand with us in your prayers.
Glory and praise be given to the God of Ezekiel. Malaysia for Jesus! Oh we are so happy and we thank the God of our father for his grace in our nation. We received short term missionaries Pastors Solomon and Sarah Ngorima in July, and this weekend we had our very first High Tea for the ladies. There was so much joy and teachings on becoming a young woman of influence, and a photobooth was among the highlights of the day. The boys also had the Kings Grill bbq with 28 adults in attendance and powerful teachings were shared to become a wise men and not to lose focus of their studies. Sunday was our Big Sunday where the two assemblies gathered with 60 in attendance and each assembly got the time to present their choirs. The church listened to the audio sent by the Servant and Apostle of God Baba Guti as he gave prophetic word for the church and he prayed blessing the believers. As the audio was played there was so much joy amongst the believers and this resulted in a powerful praise and worship session and a powerful service, people got delivered and the Kingdom of God was preached and many were prayed for and lives changed. One lady wasn’t on talking terms with her sibling but after the pastors prayer that evening she called her and they talked over the phone with Joy. Glory to Jesus. One person gave their life to Jesus. We thank God for his favour.
We give glory to the God of our Father as the Million High Province for the vision of Today's Woman which brings together woman to worship God as the body of Christ. The Harare Central ladies hosted a classic High Tea on behalf of the Today's Woman. We witnessed over 200 woman and girls from various churches and provinces elegantly dressed coming to fellowship together. Bishops, Apostles , Pastors and ministry representatives graced the occasion.The Provincial centre was well set for the event.The programme was lined up with exciting activities and a guest artist who lit the place with joy . Bishop Margaret Takaedza was mightily used by God to deliver a life transforming word, the women were refreshed and empowered by the word. To wind up the event tea was served as the ladies were fellowshipping.
Whenever God says something to his servant it will never fail. No matter the delays or challenges it will come to pass. After a long time our father carrying a burden for the men to organise themselves and come up with consistent programs, establishing themselves as heads of their families and having Dominion over their finances, health, relationships,  sexuality and spirituality. The Harare Zone held its historic, first ever MOI Leadership Council with 70 leaders of men coming from the 7 Provinces of Harare. Our Guest of honor Bishop V. Zhou reiterated the call of our father for men to think big and become the Real Men of Integrity. MOI Structures in Harare were reviewed, departments boards put in place and the vision to bring out a Wiseman was emphasised. After the Council the leaders were charged to go and implement the resolutions of the first Council in Harare. This God remains faithful to his servant.
Greendale Christian Centre International first Edition Word Festival 
As we take heed to the integrity of God's word, from 29th of July to Sunday the 4th of August it was a hive of activities as believers braved the cold weather to come and hear the word of God for two hour word sessions everyday. Attendance was about 250 Adults and 50 children during the night and rose to 850 on Sunday. On the driving seat was Pastor Nyasha Guti teaching on salvation, Dp Madimutsa on the word of God, Holy Spirit and deliverance, Dp Mlambo was majoring on the kingdom of God and Dp Tivakudze basing on faith. Here are some of the miracles that happened:
  • Many people were revived and 4 people gave their lives to Jesus. 
  • 10 people were filled with the Holy Spirit 
  • 2 ladies who could not hear properly with their left ear were instantly healed
  • 2 girls were delivered from spiritual husbands
  • A certain brother who heard the teaching on faith summoned the angels to open the door for him after he was locked outside and the door opened to the surprise of his sister who had locked the door. 
Surely Greendale has been transformed by the word of God and will never be the same. As we closed on Sunday we had Holy Communion to mark the end of our festival. We give glory to the God of our father Apostle E H Guti for such a power packed word festival which has transformed many lives
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength on a daily basis. Thanking God as they prepare for the Deeper life conference in Switzerland and Women's conference in South Africa this coming weekend.Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai victory in any warfare they may face.
  2. Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Trinidad. May many souls be added
  3. Thanking God that FIF Guyana continues to grow and is grounded. Thanking God for adding more souls. Thanking God for giving the ideal place of worship at a reasonable price.
  4. Thanking God for the success of the Deeper Life Conference and official dedication of the National Center held in Birmingham, UK this past weekend.
  5. Thanking God for the Deeper Life Conference to be held in Switzerland this week, August 8-11, 2019. May God enable people to attend.
  6. Thanking God for the National Women's conference to be held at Olifantsfontein, South Africa this week, August 8-11, 2019.
  7. Thanking God for Swaziland's 1st Deeper Life Conference to be held from 7-11 August 2019.
  8. Thanking God for the Young Generation Conferences to be held in Zimbabwe during the school holidays in August and September.
  9. Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai a “building inspector” for the church.
  10. Thanking God for the success of the Youth Zonal Seminars being held in July and August, that the youths of today may grow to fear God in all sincerity. Thanking God for great attendance and provision of all necessities.
  11. Thanking God for intervening in the processing of the visas to countries that Baba and Amai are sending missionaries to especially the USA.
  12. Thanking God for His providence and guidance in the many construction projects that Baba and Amai are doing such as the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Centre and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi.
  13. Thanking God for all the ZEGU staff and that God gives them the burden with a sense of urgency in representing the ZEGU vision.
  14. Thanking God for all our missionaries and the growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide.
  15. Thanking God for the understanding of giving the correct way as people work Talents. Thanking God for the grace to work talents and give to God.
  16. Thanking God for your nation.
When the true word of God is spoken in your spirit something will happen. When something has happened in your spirit, when you sin you can't sleep, you will find a pastor so you can confess. When nothing has happened you will do things including taking communion without any fear.
Make sure your spirit has been born again. Another sign that something has happened in your spirit is fearing God, fearing to sin, hating to sin, your hearts cry is to be holy
Wherever I go people get blessed, poor become rich and the bad become good.
When you preach and people don't change, check your life, did the seed enter in your heart. Did something happen to your spirit? God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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