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Apostles Update Week 34

Dear Friends  
United Arab Emirates Annual Believers Convention 2017
We would like to thank God for a historic event and the miracle that we witnessed in UAE over the past weekend. We thank God for allowing His servants, the Apostles of Jesus Christ, our Father and Mother to come to UAE after 7 years, for the UAE Annual believers’ convention that was held in Dubai from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. It was indeed a miracle because they had just come from an 8 day trip in Israel, and immediately proceeded to the UAE. Glory to God in the highest.
The last time our father came the church was mainly comprised of a few men who were struggling to bring their families over to the UAE. He was amazed to see 482 adults and 75 children at the conference. Glory to God.
It was a highly anointed, life changing conference where our Father taught us on the need to educate ourselves spiritually, nature is blind it needs self-control, Mark 4v23-25 the year of having is by hearing the word of God, business without God causes problems and that in FIF our doctrine is that members must be completely born again. People were delivered by our mother’s teaching through her own testimony on how she fought and conquered unforgiveness, procrastination and thorough teaching on the kingdom of God and the year of having from Mark 4. 
Great healing and deliverance took place on the last day of the conference as Dr Eunor moved in the prophetic and we witnessed many miracles. A lot of people where healed from various diseases. Some of the miracles include:
  • A lady couldn't hear with her left ear as it was painful and she was healed instantly.
  • A man couldn't hear with his left ear for 15 years but God healed him.
  • A man who had constant heart palpitations caused by a lot of debts he had, after Mama prayed for him he felt so much peace.
  • Another lady who had sharp pains on her left side confirmed they had disappeared.
  • Some people who had lumps in their breasts also received their healing
There were 33 new converts. The head count of those who received the Holy Spirit was 30, with chances that many were missed as the Spirit took control and powerfully moved during the whole session. 
The convention was well attended with delegates from outside UAE being the Pastors from Oman and delegates from Bahrain. UAE delegates flocked the venue from all the 7 Emirates 
Our father laid the apostolic foundation in the Middle East. We will never be the same again. Glory to God.
Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:
St Kitts
We thank God for His grace as we continue our soul winning outreach ministry. We are slowly seeing the fruits of our labor as new persons are fellowshipping with us during our Sunday service. Thanks to the God of our Father Ezekiel and for all the believers who are praying. 
Our weekly meetings are going very well with much prayers and teachings, the believers are being taught how to live in the Kingdom of God, this is a new teaching for most of them. 
On Sunday our service was great. One of our Elders brought the word with teaching on "Fear", it was well received by all. We had 23 persons in attendance, including 5 visitors. Praise the Lord. Please pray for our Nation as we face an upcoming hurricane. Also please continue to pray for our outreach soul winning ministry
Following our (first ever) Big Sunday celebrations Nevis has been focused on forward movement including growing in God, Home Bible Study Groups, Lunchtime Ministry, Children Ministry and growth and expansion of our Praise and Worship Team. 
During this past week our weekly meetings were well attended. 3 persons gave their heart to the lord during Pastor's in-home visits.
Sunday Worship had 16 Adults and 10 Children in attendance. 
Testimonies were given by several members who highlighted God's work in their lives. One member highlighted how challenges were great as choices made helped them strengthen their stand in God considering how far they have come from a life once lived. Glory be to God!
It was a wonderful and eventful week for us here in Barbados the kingdom of God is expanding day by day. We continued home visits as Pastors. This week we had one lady who gave her life to Christ and is already coming to church 3 people confirmed that they have made Forward in Faith their home. 
Sunday Service we had wonderful Bible study taught by Overseer continuing with Prayer. Pastor Victory preached on an Excellent spirit. Attendance was 66 locals; 52 adults and 14 children. The church bade farewell to Pastors Victory and Helen Makonese as they will be leaving for Zimbabwe this coming Tuesday. Fellowship was awesome that we had to send people away at 3pm. Testimonies:
  • An Elderly lady aged 70 who visits regularly testified that FIFMI is a light which has come to break the religious spirit in Barbados. I am amazed at the number of people that I see here for a new church .
  • The guitarist who came last week, Archer said I am not easily moved but the love that I see is tremendous, it has moved me and I see that I am at the right place. 
  • A lady who we ministered deliverance to, brought her husband who said he would love to come back again
  • A lady was healed of her medical condition.
We had an awesome weekend with the Evangelist Dr. E.J and Pastor Carol and the team. Some members of the Miami F.I.F were able to travel to Orlando. Friday, we had a powerful prayer time in the evening. Evangelist E.J shared a word and the spirit of the Lord was present in the auditorium. Some got delivered from spirit of depression and spirit of infirmity. Saturday the men enjoyed a BBQ and teaching from the Evangelist while women had a teaching and fellowship with Pastor Carol. Women were delivered from different kinds of spirits and loosed from different bondages. Sunday service Evangelist preached on seeking the Kingdom of God. Deliverance continued to take place. 2 souls were added to the Kingdom of God, Glory to God. Leaders also were enriched through a seminar held by Evangelist Ezekiel Junior. The God of our Father is a faithful God. Please pray for numerical and spiritual growth.
A great testimony from the Evangelist Dr. EJ's Atlanta visit. A girl who turns 8 in October had an eating problem from birth and was still drinking from a baby bottle. She has been surviving on protein shakes and completely nothing solid. It was becoming a challenge at school and she stayed hungry all day at school. However when evangelist EJ prayed for her she was healed and now she is eating solid foods. Glory to God. God is amazing. We are praising Him with joy.
It was a powerful, life changing weekend here in Malaysia as we held our Family Convention Conference in Port Dickson, where we were camping and experienced the God of Ezekiel. We want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for the seed of FIF which is changing many people's lives. 32 adults and 2 Children were at the conference from Friday until Sunday. Early 5am devotions on Saturday, many people testified how they felt the move of God in prayer, which everyone managed to attend. In the afternoon, there was a teaching on how to survive as youth in the Kingdom of God using the books by our Father. After a teaching on water baptism 6 people realized that they needed to be baptised the correct way according to the word of God, and were water baptised. In the evening there was a deliverance session and many people were delivered from depression, tormented by evil spirits at night and would not sleep, memory failure, sicknesses, spiritual husbands, addiction to alcohol, familiar spirits that follow the blood line, pornography, fornication and sexual. They testified that they were free indeed. 
Sunday, the last day of the conference, there was a teaching about being baptised in the Holy Spirit and evidence of speaking in tongues, 2 people were baptised for the first time and spoke in tongues and 6 people were refilled by the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues. There was great joy. Some testimonies:
  • one person testified that he felt an empty space in him before the conference and he is now filled with the joy of the Lord. 
  • Another testified how coming to Forward in Faith has made him see things happening in his life as he quit drinking and worldly life and now lives his life for Jesus Christ. 
  • One sister testified how God enabled her to have school fees miraculously sent to her after struggling to pay her fees, and cried with joy at how wonderful the God of Ezekiel is. 
Glory be to God. After the service when people wanted to take a group photo, it started to rain, and the Elder recalled how baba Guti spoke to the rain and it stopped raining, he exercised his faith and the rain stopped and people enjoyed taking photos. People left the conference revived and uplifted in their spirits. We thank the God of Ezekiel, for speaking to our lives at this powerful conference. Praise be to God!
We give thanks to God our Father for another wonderful week. We also thank our father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for sending us overseer Patrick Cavanagh to be with the Church for the period of 3 months. The church was blessed and revived by his visit. By the grace of God on Wednesday he left to Australia.
On Saturday Women gathered from different parts of the Nation to attend a Gracious Women High Tea Fellowship. We also had special guests from Ghana, Kenya, New York, UK and Zimbabwe. Apart from these international guests, we had women of different nationalities - 11 nations were represented in the gathering of 41 women, among them were Diplomats from various Embassies including the Wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Scandinavia. We thank the God of Ezekiel for a successful Gracious women High Tea Fellowship. Sunday service had 26 people in attendance. Keep on praying for us as we pray for you.
United Kingdom National Girls Conference
This weekend over 90 girls gathered in Leicester for the annual National Girls Conference in the United Kingdom. The conference, which was hosted by the National Girls Ministry Director, Pastor Spiwe Mateta, was attended by girls from across the nation. The guest speaker, Overseer Ann Mushango started by playing an audio message specifically recorded for the United Kingdom girls by our Mother, Apostle Eunor Guti. She encouraged the girls to have a teachable spirit and to seek God first. She emphasized that, by doing so faithfully, all the Mr. Rights would then be added unto us!
Lives were transformed through rich teachings, relevant and personal life testimonies given by the speakers. Teachings were derived from our father’s book for girls, ‘Daughters of the Vision’. 19 girls re-dedicated their lives to Christ. There was a tangible presence of the Lord on Saturday evening and deliverance took place, setting free many from the past, from spirits of this age and those that follow the blood lines. After the great deliverance, the Holy Spirit took over. God spoke through the girls and prophesies were given. It was difficult to close the session because of such a strong sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. There were many testimonies given and among these were the following:
  • Girls testified that through the personal testimonies given by the speakers, they could feel that there was hope even though they had made mistakes in the past or had not always been part of the ministry.
  • Many girls were delivered from the spirit of masturbation.
  • A young girl testified that for the first time this weekend, she was able to hear the voice of God and to communicate with Him.
  • Girls also testified about restoration, forgiveness, healing and deliverance through this conference and the Word shared
  • A testimony was given about receiving the spirit of prayer and the continuous yearning to be an extraordinary Christian
  • One testified of the importance of the Girls Ministry, in that, although a big sister in the ministry, it was refreshing to hear and learn from the younger girls.
We are grateful to God for the miraculous success of a conference that almost seemed impossible. Our God is a faithful God! We are very thankful for such a platform for us as girls to become better in every aspect; to be the Young Eunors of today and forever!
We give glory to God for his grace that we continue to see. This past week we managed to have prayer meetings on Monday and Friday. On Sunday we had 17 people who attended 8 children and 9 adults. Among them was one new visitor. Thank you for your prayers as all our members are safe. God is confirming through prophetic messages that many people are going to come and the church will grow. Thank you for continuing to pray that gives us favor for people to be added as do follow ups and various soul winning activities. 
India update
We thank God for the continued growth and revival of the Church in New Dehli, India.
During the past month we have witnessed more people coming to the church and smooth flow of the diplomatic and Hindi services. Last Sunday 3 September was our first Big Sunday were all the believers from the 3 assemblies were in one service and a total of 103 people were in attendance filling the room that we use for services. 3 people gave their lives unto the Lord and many were prayed for with deliverance taking place. Many people from all 3 assemblies testified of the goodness of the Lord in their life and the joy they have in living in the Kingdom of God.
In our Punta Gorda assembly We had a 3 days revival this weekend, called Kingdom Gospel explosion. We had 2 local Gospel music bands who were used by God to present very powerful praise and worship throughout the weekend. Friday night we saw an attendance of 43 people, Saturday 72, and big Sunday 67! A total of 15 people gave their lives to the Lord and 3 people were water baptised. Evangelist Truth Phiri, was used in a mighty way together with his team; elder Mishek Mushariwa of Belize City and elder Watson Chipako of Omaha, Nebraska, USA! 
Some of the miracles:
  • A lady suffering from ankle pain was healed as she was located by the Holy Spirit through the pastor. 
  • A man who had a sharp pain in his chest was healed 
  • A lady and her son who couldn't breathe through their nose were both instantly healed and were able to breathe normal again
  • A lady who had a bad sore throat was also located by the Spirit of God and was healed
  • Many were delivered from evil Spirits. Among many others.
The people are so thrilled to have FIFMI as some testified that before they came to FIFMI they were outcast and down trodden but now they are empowered and strong and a part of a great family. Amen. Please pray for us that the fruits remain. 
Western Australia
We give glory to the God of Ezekiel for a power packed and life transforming 2017 FIFMI Western Australia Family Convention that was held in Perth, Western Australia. The whole province converged at the provincial centre in Belmont with many people traveling from as far as Kalgoorlie which is about 600km away, Geraldton 420km and Bunbury 180km and Perth Metro. The conference started off on a high note on Thursday with a highly anointed Throne Room musical concert led by the WA provincial praise and worship team and the attendance on the first day was 153 people. The guest speakers team of Overseers Dan and Rumbi Makuwere and elder Tinos Masaka were mightily used by God throughout the 4 days to deliver powerful and anointed messages about the kingdom of God that restored families, revived marriages, transformed lives and renewed minds. On Friday morning there was a personal finance and business breakfast that was quite enriching as some invited Christian financial experts shared their knowledge and experience on the truth about credit cards and credit ratings, tax management strategies and how to invest in the property market. 65 adults took time off from work in order to attend this unique session and during the evening there was a captivating official opening ceremony that was led by the WA youth. Friday night attendance was 203 people. On Saturday morning people came early to attend the Ministry workshops that were highly attended and enriching. The sessions continued with powerful teachings throughout the day and in the evening the power of the Holy Ghost moved mightily during the Throne Concert Part 2 which was attended by 205 people. On Sunday we had a powerful Provincial Big Sunday that was attended by 280 people. There was a sweet spirit of joy throughout the Family Convention and people went back home full of the blessings of the Lord. There has been many testimonies of people receiving miracles and breakthroughs during and after the conference.
This week:
  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength everyday as the work is growing.
  2. Let's continue to pray for God's intervention in the processing of visas for the longterm missionaries. This is one of the many burdens that Baba has.
  3. Pray for the plans that God has for Israel through Baba & Amai that God's will prevails. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you."
  4. Pray for God to give Baba people needed for the work that God has given him. Pray for God to open doors for the nations that God has set for Baba & Amai to go this year.
  5. Praise God for a very successful Trip to Israel.
  6. Praise God for a successful UAE Believers' Convention. There is a lot of joy and lives have been changed.
  7. Pray for the International Annual Mature Girls Conference to be held September 21-2017 at AMFCC. Pray for the speakers to be mightly used of God and that all delegates to travel safely and attend. 
  8. Pray for the continued growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide including those looking for affordable venues and the appropriate locations. Pray for the protection of our FIFMI churches in the islands that are facing hurricanes.
  9. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  10. Pray for your nation.
Leadership is to love people. Leadership causes people to be rich. Pray to God for God to bless you. You can't give what you don't have.
For some business people life has become hard because of what you've started. You have financial problems - you have borrowed and you are in trouble. Some of you have started a business that took your money. You had money but the business took your money. Business is like marriage. When you want to start a business pray to God.
Some people are meant to be company directors because if they start their own business they are not happy. They pretend to be happy. If God didn't give you to be a businessman help in a company so you can sleep at home or else.
Come out from that problem in the name of Jesus. Fear God, start small and you will go up step by step. Worship God as your God not to worship God for your business, that's wrong. Serve God. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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