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Apostles Update Week 43

Dear Friends  
HD9 International Youth Conference took off with an increased number of delegates gracing the event. Power packed speakers took to the task to equip the leaders with life transforming messages. A lot of delegates were delivered from demonic attacks. The church was filled with the Holy Spirit and many delegates were filled and bubbling with the Holy Spirit hours after the service. We had delegates from all over Zimbabwe and international delegates from Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Dubai, Mozambique, Australia, Namibia, Zambia. The official opening which was streamed live on Facebook was the main attraction of the conference. Baba blessed the delegates over the phone and everyone left revived and refreshed.
News from around the world
Nashville Tennessee USA
We thank God for what He is doing in Nashville. We had a wonderful Sunday with 23 people in attendance. 18 adults and 5 children and one was a visitor. This Sunday was a Holy Spirit Sunday. Dr. Cathy Marurama taught on the Holy Spirit and 4 people spoke in tongues for the first time and a lot more were refilled. It was fire fire in the house and there was a thick presence of the Holy Spirit.
The one visitor accepted Jesus at the Mission House after some counselling.   
Tuesday prayer meetings are continuing every Tuesday with an attendance of 2-3 people.
Friday Prayer services are also continuing with an attendance of 7-9 people.
We need more prayers for more souls and fruit that remain. We are grateful for the prayers because we see the church growing every day. It's the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.
It has been a wonderful week in Norway. Ladies Tuesday prayer was launched. On Saturday we had water baptism and 5 people got baptised. Sunday had two groups one was at the church for service and another group at the market where we had a display table to advertise the church with flyers and word of mouth. It was very successful as many showed interest and promised to come. Sunday attendance was 12 people, 8 adults and 4 children at church while 3 adults were at the market advertising the church. We thank the God of our father and appreciate all the prayers being made.
St Kitts
We keep thanking you all for your prayers for us here. The God of our father E. H Guti continues to do great things. The midweek Bible Study and Prayer sessions went on well. Our Sunday service was full of joy. The Praise and Worship was very uplifting. We gladly welcomed back 2 people who have not been with us for a very long time. We also had 2 visitors who promised to come back again. Attendance was 20 (17 adults and 3 children). Glory to God. We then had fellowship after the service.
Closing out one of the most active months in Nevis with a week of prayer and fasting leading to a Crusade Weekend and ending with a BIG Sunday and what a BIG Sunday it was. Nevis was fortunate to have 3 Pastors including our visiting Pastor Hillary from St. Kitts who joined us in a "Never Be The Same Again" Worship which included Holy communion and a stirring Farewell Word from Pastor Michael. Our worship included a total of 37 (29 Adults/6 children/2 Infants). Worship was touching with praises to the Almighty for all He had done. Many testimonies were delivered with praises to the Almighty for bringing us through many challenges and for always being there. Several songs were sang and thanks and appreciation shown to our Pastors who have transformed lives over the past three months through delivery of the Word. A powerful ending to a Big Week and a touching goodbye to Pastors Mollyn and Michael.  Nevis will never be the same again, in Jesus Name.
The God of our father is doing miracles here in Barbados. This week the Wednesday and Friday evening services were very uplifting. The attendance was good and it was good to see brother Denzil who gave his life at the breakfast meeting coming regularly.
Sunday service was a great day as Dr Ann Corbin shared a powerful bible study. 54 people attended the service. After church service, there was a baptismal service by the Caribbean Sea, and 18 people got baptised. May all the Glory be to God. Continue to pray for Barbados.
Miami for Jesus! Bible study and Friday Prayers are continuing at the Mission house. On Saturday the youth and their advisors went out to feed the homeless and share the word of God. The Youth enjoyed helping others. The Sunday service was full of testimonies of God 's goodness. Testimonies include:
  • A lady testified that she had been looking for a church and dreamt about a church in the house, when invited one day she had a dream letting her know that was the church she was looking for.
  • One testified of asking God for a job and had a phone call hours later for a job offer. Glory to God!  
  • Another lady was delivered from a spirit that wanted to take her life. We thank God.
25 adults and 7 children attended Sunday service.
Thank you for standing with us in prayer for a church building.
We praise the God of Ezekiel for uncommon grace upon the church here in Stockholm.
The women had their day last Sunday and it was such remarkable day. The bible study was led by Deaconess Mwenya. In addition to this life changing bible study we had a powerful time of praise and worship and the church was in one accord worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. Deaconess Kurewa shared the word and the church was encouraged by the message. Deaconess Dr. Mwenya was celebrated for the exemplary achievement in attaining her PhD in Medicine. Her achievement was heralded as a motivation and a pace setter for the youth to go up and beyond in academia and other areas of passion. Attendance was 25 including 5 guests; 3 from Italy, 1 from South Africa and 1 from Zambia. This week´s attendance was 19 adults and 2 children. We had fellowship after the service.
We want to thank you for the prayers.
We keep seeing the grace of God here in Swaziland. From the 2nd to 4th of November the ladies had a successful conference dubbed "Noble Woman International Conference". The conference was rich as the ladies had different types of lessons and received powerful teachings of the Word of God. Attendance was quiet good with an average attendance of 50 ladies who braved the chilly, misty and rain weather. Bishop Bertha Mangiza taught powerfully on the importance of being an lnfluential woman. We also had a life-changing couples fellowship in the evening on Saturday with Bishop John Mangiza who taught on creating and maintaining a conducive environment in a family. Many couples benefitted immensely and are requesting for more of such conferences. The conference was concluded by a well attended national big Sunday. 
We want to thank the Lord so much for the God of our father Ezekiel H Guti. Our believers are becoming more committed in attending services and our elders are growing in the doctrine of our church.
In the last month as the youth met every Wednesday at 3pm, 3 new young people have decided to be a part of our church. We also have plenty new believers and we are teaching them the history of ZAOGA FORWARD IN FAITH and the doctrine of our church.
A testimony - 3 girls and 2 young boys passed their ‘A’ level exams with honor. This was a miracle as they had tried 3 or 4 times before. Glory to God.
New attendees during our everyday morning and evening prayer are growing in numbers. This week 6 people received Jesus.
On Sunday the 4th of November 2018, we had a powerful service with prophesy and healing.
  • A lady testified that she had a strong toothache entering the church and after prayer she was healed.
  • A visitor who attended for the first time testified having a strong headache which is now healed after prayer.
  • 4 people spoke in tongues for the first time in their lives.
We had an attendance of 61 people composed by 33 local adults and 28 children.
We thank you for your prayers and request for more on the growth of the church in every area of our lives.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for continuing to give them supernatural strength daily. Thanking God for giving them victory everyday. Thanking God for wisdom and revelation in the many decisions they have to make.
  2. Thanking God for FIFMI Nashville, Tennessee USA. Thanking God for strengthening the new members and adding more souls.
  3. Thanking God that we can find a good private property for the Lighthouse of Mercy and that God completes the work He started.
  4. Thanking God for giving Baba & Amai the right Chartered Accountant and a Web Developer for the International HQ.
  5. Thanking God for the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Center to be built.
  6. Thanking God for favor in the processing of new visas and renewal of visas for long term missionaries. Thanking God for the growth of our FIFMI churches worldwide and for God to meet their needs.
  7. Thanking God for your nation.
A prophetic message:
The things of God are different from the things of this world. You cannot compare spiritual things with natural things, never never. You are born again. You are a child of God. Short way is for you to wipe all the people in your heart. Forgive them. Forgive everybody and begin to see your own mistakes. It’s very easy to see mistakes of others without seeing your own problem. I told you I tried to think that if I can be by myself I can be well. You can’t. In the Christian life you cannot stay alone you can backslide. You can only be a strong Christian because of others. Therefore, respect others. Many years ago while at 593, a man said he didn’t need to come to church to be with others. He backslid after 3 weeks of not coming to church. Don’t talk bad about others. Those people strengthen you. You can’t be strong Christian without other Christians. Never, never deceive yourself. You need other people. You need other Christians. So change your mind about seeing bad people. See a bad devil. TO BE CONTINUED...God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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