Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 48

Dear Friends  
Child Evangelism Zone 1 Archbishops Big Sunday
A total of 2750 children attended the Big Sunday. 125 Young Generation children repented to make it 225 children including the intermediates. There was ecstatic joy as our father and mother entered the auditorium as well as evangelist EJ. The CE ministry was happy to finally have Baba and Amai after 10years of holding Archbishop Big Sundays every year in December without the visionaries.
Part of the teachings from our father directed to the Young Generation/ Teenagers was that boys should protect girls and not allow anyone to touch them. He encouraged the children to read the word of God. He also told the children to go to school and make sure they get good degrees and courses that will help them take care of themselves, amongst many other things he taught them
Forward in Faith College and High School Ministry. (FIFCAHSM)
FIFCAHSM had a 2 day conference for form 1-6 students from the 8th-9th of December 2017 at Glenview District. 312 students and 15 adults from more than 10 different schools attended. Some came as far as Chitungwiza and Gokwe. A total number  of 314 students and 21 adults attended the conference. Our speakers Overseer Angela Kapandura and Pastor Gift Ranga taught powerfully while Pheobe Mashavave entertained the students. 52 students repented and 21 were delivered from the spirit of dullness and fornication. Some children broke in tears as they received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. There was a great change in these students and we believe that their lives will never be the same again. We give glory to God.
Glory be to the God of our father Prof E. H. Guti. ZAOGA On Campus (MSU) Students managed to conduct an outreach crusade in Buhera (Murambinda and Mukondomi) from the 11th to the 19th of November 2017. A total of 103 students and District Pastor W. Kwesha attended the Outreach. The gospel was preached through door to door evangelism and open air crusades. Total Converts were 1074 while 40 were Water Baptised and 54 received the Holy Spirit Baptism. The following are notable miracles among others:
  • A lady was healed from a paralyzed hand,
  • A boy who was partially dumb began to speak clearly
  • 2 men were delivered from the spirit of anger 
  • A lady at Mukondomi miraculously got a Commercial stand at a local business centre after being prayed for by the evangelists,
  • A girl at Murambinda was delivered from the spirit of Satanism. She gave her life to Christ and was water baptised.
Here are some of the results of prayers around the world:
St. Kitts
This week our services were filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit both in our Monday prayer and Tuesday Ladies prayer. The God of Ezekiel has been at work in the lives of the Believers. Hallelujah! At one of our Bible Study Groups one person gave their life to Christ.
Our Sunday service was powerful, the praise and worship team took believers and visitors to a new level in worship. The word was delivered by Elder Owen with a very touching and soul stirring message on 'Forgiveness'. One lady came crying to the altar and gave her life to the Lord. Deliverance took place as others came forward for prayers. We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Immediately after our service one believer was baptized in water, with others scheduled to be baptized on Monday. Sunday service had 27 persons in attendance (21 adults, 3 visitors and 3 children). We thank all of our Forward In Faith believers who are constantly praying for our Nation
We thank the God of Ezekiel for taking us through yet another week of remarkable exploits. Forward in Faith Ministry winds down the year on high note with Lunch Hour Ministry growing in strides, in consistency and in numbers. Our sincere appreciation to all FIF family members around the globe for your consistent prayers for us. In Home Cell Groups people met and the attendance is promising. The word is spreading and there has been heightened interest from the Youth in some locations. Leaders are encouraging members not only in word but being members of Forward In Faith. Testimonies:
  • One member who attends Lunchtime Ministry regularly saw a vision of a new well polished door opening before her. The pastor confirmed it was her breakthrough for business. Saturday morning God did a miracle, she got the staff to sell in a way no man can understand. She got another call before she came to church for another lot from a different person.
  • Another member, has seen God answering her prayer. She had vowed to God that if He would give her another job she would take part of the earnings to support the work apart from tithes. God granted her prayer on Saturday. Glory to God!
  • Another member also had been praying believing God for an air ticket for her son who is studying abroad to come back home for holiday. God miraculously provided the money through someone else who has no ties to the family or even knew what was going on. God is awesome.
Sunday service was unique. We had a total of 13 adults and 7 children. We felt refreshed. The church service closed up with some refreshments.
FIFMI Barbados appreciates the prayers from all the saints of FIFMI worldwide which are the foundation upon which we are built and the fuel that sustains us on a day to day basis. Besides some festive season activities, the church of God is still marching on with great passion and resilience. We were able to conduct mid week prayers, leadership training and teachings. The leaders are excited and raring to go. The Sunday service was powerful with an attendance of 27 people including 4 children.
Miami for Jesus! We thank God for His grace. Weekly meetings went well. This week had everyone excited as they looked for a Christmas gift to give to someone after church on Sunday. Many testified that they received what they needed. It was all smiles and one could feel the love and gratitude of the saints to one another. This made the fellowship sweeter. Testimonies:
  • One Elder testified of the goodness of God at her job.
  • One testified of God given ideas at work
  • We thank God for one believer's father who has been supporting the work of God at the retirement home. Glory be to God!
Thank you all for the fervent prayers. God is building His house one brick at a time. Glory to God.!
United Arab Emirates
We want to thank the God of our father for an amazing and uplifting time as women in the UAE. We saw over 140 women from Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain attending, the first ever UAE Women’s Big Friday, which was hosted in Dubai. Women’s hearts were stirred as Overseer Remina Gocha taught about the history of the Go quickly & tell Ministry helping us understand the role of a woman in the Kingdom of God. She then encouraged women to partner with our father in building the Lighthouse of Mercy.  Our guest speaker, Pastor Florence Simango, was used mightily by God, teaching on prayer.  Powerful deliverance took place as women were prayed for, crying and pouring out their hearts to the Lord.  We were greatly stirred up and encouraged.
Zambian Youths hosted zonal conferences in this year of Having. We thank the God of our father we witnessed a great move of God. Overseer Dr. A. Gudyanga was the guest speaker for zone 1 conference and 27 Youth are gave their lives to Christ while 21 people were Water Baptised. Many youths were delivered from various demons that held them captive. This is indeed the year of Having and not losing what we have.
As the nation of Swaziland we want to thank the God of our father Baba E.H Guti for the working of the light house of mercy talents. It is in full swing and started with great joy after a week of prayer and fasting as written in the talents book that "talents are worked with prayer for God to perform signs and wonders"
Go Quickly Women’s Ministry: Go Quickly held its first National Women's Conference at the end of October. It was well advertised through the radio and flyers. Women came in their numbers and speakers Overseer A Sibanda and elder Sawunyama from South Africa were mightily used by God. The word of God was so powerful to heal the sick and cast away demons. One on one counselling was done and 8 women gave their lives to Jesus Christ. The conference ended with a practical giving of important office equipment in the bishop's office and national office. We are so grateful to the Lord.
Girls fellowship: The girls of the nation also held their first National Girls Conference with a speaker from South Africa. Teachings were so powerful and life changing. 
The nation is stretching in additional assemblies and soul winning. We thank the God of Our father for the miracle of our church stand in (Matsapa region) which was double sold and taken for three years the God of our father redeemed it. It was given back bigger than the first
We had our last National Council Big Sunday on the 10th of December. We experienced great joy, unity, love and peace amongst the believers. The God of our father is so big. Together with our bishop, new pastors and the Nation at large we thank our father for this type of a seed. 
Come to FIF Swaziland and experience the difference
We are very thankful to the God of our father, Professor Ezekiel H. Guti for the good things He is doing for the church in Jamaica in this year of having through the Kingdom of God. There is great joy in the church. There was more happiness in the church on Sunday as we received Student Pastors Joshua Paul and Lisa Dillon together with their two children after almost two full years, since they left for AMFCC Bible School. We want to thank Baba and Mama for deploying them to Jamaica this holiday. God used them mightily to deliver powerful sermons of Salvation and the Power of Praise and Worship. Great deliverance was witnessed during their preaching. The Holy Spirit took control of the services in a mighty way so much that we struggled to end the two services. We give praise to the God of Ezekiel. 36 people attended Sunday morning service and 17 people attended the evening service. We served Holy Communion since it was our Big Sunday. We thank God for praying for FIFMI Jamaica .
On Friday, 8th of December, we celebrated our first anniversary of the planting of Forward in Faith in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We had a powerful service with Overseers Jonathan and Remina Gocha as guest speakers. Testimonies from some believers of how the church started and how the God of Ezekiel had impacted their lives in this one year were shared. 26 adults and 5 children attended the service. We also experienced the first leadership being set up for the first time in Bahrain. 2 couples were appointed Elders, as well as 2 couples and 3 Youth being appointed as Deacons in addition of another Deacon from South Africa. We thank the God of our father for bringing us this far and we look forward to many many more years of being the light in this nation of Bahrain.
We introduced Tuesday Prayer Meetings 2 weeks ago in addition to Monday Prayers. The meetings started off with 2 ladies attending and grew to 5 ladies last week. Glory to God!
Our cell groups in Juffair and Riffa continue to take place on a weekly basis. We are experiencing the grace of God as people are becoming more faithful in attendance, in giving and in the paying of tithes. Please pray for the registration of the church and for more souls to be added to the FIFMI family.
This week:
  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God gives them supernatural strength on a daily basis for the workload and many things happening for the end of the year. May God continue to give them revelation and wisdom.
  2. Pray for the transfers of pastors taking place to go well. Pray for problem free journeys as the trucks move the pastors to and from different places.
  3. Pray for the growth of the believers in Norway and Finland. Pray for the registration of the church in Norway.
  4. Pray for the National Council to be held at AMFCC, Harare Zimbabwe on Tuesday December 12, 2017
  5. Pray for God to direct the Light House of Mercy Project. Pray for God to provide the money through Talents and Partnership. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you."
  6. Pray for the Kingdom Music and Dance (KMD) Annual conference to be held at AMFCC, Harare Zimbabwe on December 14-17, 2017
  7. Let's continue to press in for God to intervene in the processing of the other visas for the longterm missionaries for the different nations. Believe God for a miracle.
  8. Pray that God protects all the missionaries and their families. Pray for our FIFMI churches worldwide for growth, venues and mission houses.
  9. Pray for your nation.
Having needs us to have clean hearts. We have to forgive. The spirit of unforgiveness brings anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, grudges, ulcers, arthritis and distorts words because of the pot they are coming from. The spirit of unforgiveness invites demons into one’s life. It separates relatives and it divides friends. Some things you expose and fight. Jealousy makes you want attention.
There are 2 types of forgiveness; forgiveness from the heart and from the mouth. From the heart there's no ball that rises up but you remember the story. From the mouth you even cry while relating the story. We need to forgive from the heart. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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