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Apostles Update week 51

Dear Friends 

Ladies and gentlemen we thank God for His grace to celebrate yet another Christmas. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes. Many others wanted to see it but were not able to. Why not stand up and give glory to God! We are in the last week of the year 2016. Looking back at the year we have seen God’s faithfulness. As we gather for our prayer meetings this week, let’s take time to praise God for the many things He’s done for us this year including this Christmas season. Remember praise coming from a clean heart sends a sweet smelling aroma to the Lord.  Hallelujah!!
Kingdom greetings from FIF Barbados!  We thank God for your prayers, as we are witnessing the church growing spiritually.  Love and joy continues to be seen amongst the saints during all church meetings. An elderly couple surprised the team by inviting them to their home and giving them Christmas gifts after they said God spoke to them. It was a truly humbling experience.  
Our Sunday Christmas service was full of joy.  There were powerful testimonies of the great things God is doing in the lives of His people here in Barbados.  It was an atmosphere of joyful dancing, singing and gladness.  The children's ministry did an item presentation, followed by a beautiful song.  The service ended with a fellowship after a message on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Attendance for the week was; Monday  Bible Study 12 local adults, Wednesday 7 local adults,  Friday night prayer, 7 local adults and Sunday 15 local adults and 4 children.

There was much joy at the retirement home and the mission house on Sunday. We would like to thank God for our sister Trish who sponsored the ministry by providing 40 plus gifts for every person. Also the Forward In Faith family provided food for a cookout after the church service.  20 people attended at the retirement home and 6 attended at the mission house.



Compliments of the season to our father and mother and FIFMI family around the globe. We thank the God of our father here in Nevis for his grace and mercy that he showed us this week once more. Regardless of the Christmas fever that gripped this island we thank God for making it possible that we attended our midweek meetings. On Monday prayer attendance was 9 and Wednesday Bible study attendance was 13. The weekend was different, we attended church with one of the island's main charismatic church. Pastor David Mabvuramiti gave a powerful testimony with great singing that church's local pastor invited people who had eyes problems to be prayed for by Evangelist Dr. Phil and the God of our father showed up with a mighty power and below are some of the miracles which took place on the Christmas Day service: -

  • A lady was instantly healed from a shoulder pain that had caused her not to be able to lift things for two weeks and she testified in tears because she had stopped going to work due to the pain (a nurse at a local hospital).
  • More than 6 people confirmed healing of eye problems.
  • For the first time the first convert Baba got in Nevis went to another local church and preached the love of Jesus Christ and people started reconciling crying, the God of Ezekiel Guti is amazing only He can do this.

On Saturday evening we were invited to one of the new members' Christmas tree lighting and her father promised to join FIFMI church.

Thank you all for your prayers that continue to sustain us. Merry Christmas to you our wonderful family.


The last service attendance was 12. A few others went on festive holidays. Looking forward to introducing Prayer and Fasting as we begin the New Year 2017. We are still looking for a venue for our worship services.

Christmas greetings to you all. The God of our father Professor Ezekiel Guti enabled us to hold all our mid-week services even though a good number of our believers travelled to join their relatives and friends during this Christmas holiday. 12 members attended Monday prayer, Wednesday had 15 members and Friday had 16 members. On Sunday we only had a 2 hour morning service and the attendance was 63. Glory to the God of Ezekiel Guti. We served some finger foods soon after our Christmas service. The church in Jamaica is very happy.
Our church chairman testified that this is his second Christmas since coming to FIFMI, but this year is different because he is now more mature in the Lord and Holy Spirit filled. He is so grateful to Archbishop E. H. Guti's teaching of not over spending during Christmas because in the previous Christmas he would be squandering money. We thank God for your prayers.

A total of 54 evangelists from ZOC BUSE left for Madziwa to fulfill the great commission. The work started on the 15th with door to door witnessing and evening crusades. Evangelists covered over 6 villages and evening crusades had an attendance of 60 ~110 people. A total of 472 people gave their lives to the Lord during the door to door and evening crusades. 10 people were water baptised. At least 19 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Here are some of the miracles witnessed in Madziwa

  • The rains obeyed us. The rain wanted to disturb the services but the evangelists commanded the heavy rains to stop.
  • Drunkards wanted to come and disturb or disrupt the crusade but they fell down and began to vomit Chibuku (beer)
  • A certain girl who could not eat meat but after being prayed for she can now eat meat
  • Someone with a swollen hand was prayed for and instantly the pain left
  • Several boys and girls were healed from leg pains
  • A certain lady could not walk for 10 years but after being prayed for she started walking on her own
  • A certain man could not lift heavy objects but after being healed he can now lift heavy objects
  • Mai Chagwambira had a swollen leg which normalized as she was healed.
  • Sekuru Jiti who was short-sighted, was prayed for and his sight was restored
  • Another man was healed from asthma
  • One man was healed from a hearing problem
  • Other men were healed from chest pains
  • A certain lady brought her red charms which she inherited from her fore fathers and the evangelists burned them and there was great deliverance
  • Several women were healed from High Blood Pressure and sugar diabetes
  • Several girls got delivered from spiritual husbands.

ZAOGA On Campus at the National University of Science and Technology (ZOC NUST) went to Silobi, Matopo, with 40 evangelists. Work commenced with door to door witnessing. Evening crusades were then conducted after the door to door witnessing; with attendance ranging from 50 people to 120 people each night. A total of 190 souls received Christ Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour, 
5 were water baptized, and only a few were Holy Spirit filled as deliverance demanded much attention. The mission saw the birth of a new ZAOGA FIF assembly in Silobi. Here are some of the miracles that were witnessed during the outreach:

  • A certain lady who had one leg shorter than the other was prayed for and her legs  became equal. She testified, jumping and dancing for the Lord during the evening crusade
  • Another lady had suffered from bleeding for 5 years and was totally healed
  • Another woman also testified that she was healed from high blood pressure and the nearby clinic confirmed her healing
  • A certain lady who had a kidney problem that required an operation was healed. The same lady was also healed from sight problems and is now able to read the Bible.
  • Another lady testified that her children would cry at night due to spiritual attacks but all these ceased after the family was prayed for.

A total of 112 Evangelists from ZOC University of Zimbabwe embarked on the journey to Macheke to fulfill the great commission. Work commenced as soon some of  the evangelists were requested to be speakers at the Sunday service. 
Door to door witnessing in Macheke commenced the next day. Evening crusades were conducted from Monday through to Saturday with attendance ranging from 20 people to 120 people.
We give all the glory to GOD who revealed himself with great power and miracles. Many people were healed and delivered for the glory and exaltation of His name. A total of 1870 souls received Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives, 107 were water baptized and 102 were Holy Spirit filled and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Here are some of the miracles that we witnessed during the door to door visits and evening crusades: 

  • A certain man who was using crutches to walk was healed and can now walk without crutches. This is the Lord's doing.
  • A lady who had not seen or communicated with her son for 2 years testified that the son called her and promised to come home after the evangelists had prayed.
  • A traditional healer received Christ, she submitted the things she once used to be burned and was water baptized. 
  • A certain man gave a goat to the evangelists and immediately found his cattle and goats that were missing. 
  • A number of people who used to have bad dreams of snakes were set free from the power of darkness after they were prayed for! Surely Christ came to destroy the works of the devil.




This week:





  1. Praise God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Praise God for strengthening them for the work they did.
    B. Praise God for the wars He fought for Baba & Amai in all the countries they went to. 
    C. Praise God for all the new FIFMI churches that were born this year, the registration processes complete so far, the mission houses and church venues and all the finances God provided for the work.
  2. Praise God for protecting all ZAOGA FIF members worldwide from accidents, disease and mishaps especially during the Christmas season.
  3. Praise God for the ZEGU Miracle Talents - God gave all who were willing something to give to Him. Many miracles were witnessed.
  4. Praise God for the Official opening of ZEGU and Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. Praise God for the Inaugural ZEGU Graduation.
  5. Praise God for the many things He did for us throughout the year, the answers He gave us for all the prayers we made.
  6. Praise God for your nation



Don't just read the word and leave it, but take it, wear it and live it. Don't complain but believe the Word and fight. I’m feeling rich because I believe the word of God. lsaiah 7:2-9. 

2 Chronicles 20:20b "Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper."
We must believe the Word of God and act upon it. Our talk should be about the Word of God because it is a living Word and very active. Read the Word and believe the Word. Let God touch the little money that you have so He can increase it. Let’s us enter into the kingdom of God by believing His word as a child of God born by His Spirit and practising what the word says. Let's read the Word of God and find time to pray during the Ten Days of Prayer and Fasting. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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