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Apostles Update Week 8

Dear Friends  

We thank God for His faithfulness in continuing to strengthen His Servants. Baba & Amai were busy counseling founders of various churches in Bulawayo during the week. On Tuesday the maid Servant of God delivered a very powerful teaching during the Greater Bulawayo ladies Tuesday prayer session which was attended by a number of pastors from various denominations other than ZAOGA FIF.
About 4500 people gathered together for a  big Sunday in Bulawayo North Province with the Apostles of God, Baba and Amai as speakers. The place was packed with people seated everywhere. They both delivered very powerful messages and 121 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. A total of 47 new converts underwent water baptism. Outstanding miracles: A boy who was mentally ill and bleeding was delivered, a lot of miracles took place as Evangelist Eunor was ministering. Praise the Lord.

More of what God is doing through prayers:

St Kitts & Nevis
We thank God yet for another awesome week in St Kitts. The team worked so hard in renovating the place of worship and we are glad to announce that now we are conducting services at our new venue, glory to the God of Ezekiel! Overseer Abisha led the team to an Old People's Home where we prayed for one of our believer's father and others. Monday prayer was attended by 4 locals. Wednesday bible study was attended by 4 locals. On Friday we had a powerful prayer and ended with a riveting word from pastor Jackie. 3 locals attended. Sunday service started on a high note with a continuation of bible study from Baba's book. Evangelist Kuda taught powerfully on the God of our father using the History book. It wasn't long in his teaching that we saw the God of Ezekiel manifesting himself among His people prophetically. One lady gave her life to Christ in tears after the message. 10 locals attended including 4 visitors. Praise the Lord. After the service we had an awesome time fellowshipping together having drinks and snacks and there was too much joy amongst the believers. Continue praying for us as we have a great work renovating our new venue and making it a suitable place of worship. 
This week was an exciting week for FIFMI Nevis as we saw growth in several different areas.  In addition to our scheduled weekly activities, 5 ladies came together for the Tuesday prayer. 2 ladies visiting the church for the first time gave an offering which enabled Pastor Enock to complete the work on the Podium for the Altar.  To God be the Glory. One member, while worshipping on Tuesday evening had a vision where she saw a man standing at our Fellowship hall door and when she looked closer she realized it was Baba Guti.  He approached her and laid a white scarf on her and he prayed and when she came back to herself she was holding the mic and praying.  God places his people in certain places at critical times to shine forth and show us where we are going.  We continue to pray for Baba Guti and Mama Guti and look forward to their visit in reality one day soon. On Wednesday bible study saw 8 locals in attendance.  Friday had 12 locals and 3 Children in attendance. One young man gave his heart to the Lord during that nights session. A testimony came from a lady we prayed for during service saying her blood pressure had gone down and is grateful for the prayers. Praise be to God. Saturday evening was another exciting first event, the Ladies Meeting with 7 Ladies in attendance. This Sunday saw a record breaking worship attendance of  20 Local Adults, and 6 Local Children and was rich and exciting as the Holy Spirit came down among us and glorified the place.  After the powerful word 2 people gave their hearts to the Lord. Fellowship followed the service and the pastors returned to the hospital to visit the sick.

We thank God for your fervent and steadfast prayers for FIFM Barbados and for His faithfulness and amazing grace.  The week started with the pastors doing home visitations and praying for the sick. Our weekly services and attendance were; Monday Prayer 7 local adults, 1 child. Wednesday Bible Study 17 local adults. On Friday despite the heavy rains 16 local adults attended with 1 child. Sunday Morning Service 26 local adults, 4 children and 2 visitors. Sunday evening 7 local adults. A few Testimonials amongst many:

  • A woman with bladder stones believed God had healed her after being prayed for 2 weeks ago  She went to doctor for follow up and was told the stones were gone! 
  • Many continue to testify about God  greatly transforming their lives and families since coming to FIFMI. 

This Sunday the church welcomed Overseer Jonathan Chikwawawa.  Last week church bade farewell to Pastors Harold and Samaris. One person gave their life to the Lord on Friday. During the Sunday morning service Overseer Jonathan delivered a powerful feedback from the Pastor's Deeper life in line with the year's theme of Having. We had a lovely fellowship with eats after service. Please continue to pray for us and for the church registration.

We thank the God of our father and His servant Prof. Ezekiel. H. Guti for sending us pastors Dirk and Aquinata de Haas. Their presence these 2 weeks has been a big blessing already. Because of their teachings of God's Kingdom and their love, the church is highly revived. Today we had a Big Sunday and the atmosphere was so sweet that the people remained up to 4pm for fellowship! 20 people, 14 adults and 6 children attended. We kindly request for your prayers for a suitable mission house.

On the 4th of March 2017, we successfully planted  a new assembly in Ruwi in Muscat, Oman at the venue that we were given when the church was registered. Through  the prayers of the saints, we are glad that at our first service we had a record attendance of 21 people inclusive of 18 adults and 3 children. 6 of the people were visitors whom we have been ministering to through our relationship evangelism approach. There was so much joy and excitement in the service.

Dominican Republic 
We thank the God of Ezekiel for this miracle week.  After another week of home visitations in Pedro Brand group 28, a single mother gave her life to the Lord.  On Friday a whole family received Jesus as we had prayed for a brother who was in a coma in hospital from a serious road accident. He was discharged this week with a large part of his head removed but able to sit, walk and talk as normal. Praise the Lord!  We continued with the bible study going from house to house in Mutata Alcarizo.  In our new Las Caobas bible study group on Thursday one mother gave her life to the Lord Jesus and another rededicated her life to Jesus. There were 7 adults and 4 children in attendance.  In the Sunday services there were 22 in Pedro Brand Group 28 with 15 children and 12 adults and 14 children in Mutata Alcarizo Assembly.  Many received new bibles this week as well and believers were keen to use them. Hallelujah!

                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~

Let's remember that as we pray for Baba & Amai we should also pray for the other requests as they are connected to them. When the things are not done, it becomes pressure. God is faithful to hear our prayers.



This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God gives them supernatural strength everyday. Pray that the workload does not become too much. May grace abound daily.
    B. Pray for the fast processing of the visas for the long-term missionaries so they can go to the places assigned. We need to PUSH in prayer as the delay in the visas is delaying other things. Pray for God to give Baba the long term missionaries for Cayman islands, St Kitts and Nevis. 
    C. Pray for God's intervention in the registration of the FIFMI churches in Barbados, Bahrain and the Dominican Republic.
    D. Pray for sufficiency for the Girls' boarding school to be built in Bulawayo. Pray that all our FIFMI Academic schools continue to flourish.
  2. Pray for God to provide finances to repair the roof of the mission house in Filabusi and other needs that have arose after the cyclone hit that area.
  3. Pray for the Europe Women's Conference to be held in UK from March 16-19, 2017. Pray for God to anoint the speakers and for people to be able to attend.
  4. Pray for the South Africa Deeper Life Conference taking place at the end of March. 
  5. Pray for the buildings at ZEGU to be completed on time.
  6. Pray for the growth of the new FIFMI churches - Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis. Pray for the renovations taking place in the St Kitts meeting place and for God to provide money for the chairs and give us musicians. 
  7. Pray that people experience miracles as they work Home Talents.
  8. Pray for your nation.


Acts 8:8 "And there was great joy in that city". Luke 8:1 "Now it came to pass, afterward, that He went through every city and village, preaching and bringing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him,". The church must be a place full of Joy! People must be excited to go to church. Healing, deliverance must take place at church. Some people are not happy because they think wrong things. ZAOGA FIF is a good church, it is a church that has helped a lot of people who were nothing. It is a church that has raised the standards of living for people. When some people came they were not happy but now they are happy. Some came as dirty people but now they are clean, they dress well and have good places to live. Some have become educated and their businesses are running well. If a person does bad, lets not ruin the Name of the church because of that. Its the person who has done wrong , not the church. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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