Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 8

Dear Friends  
The Ministry held its Annual YG Leadership Seminar (11-14 years olds) at the following Zones Bindura, Chiredzi, Chivhu, Gweru, Kwekwe and Maungwe. Among these Conferences Chivhu recorded the highest attendance. In all conference centres speakers took turns to teach the young leaders in subjects which includes Salvation, Holy Spirit, leadership, Grooming, Team Building and Church History. The C.E Ministry has seen the hand of God through these leadership seminars, the young leaders were happy to learn the fundamental principles of our Church and also to be equipped to become leaders in the house of God as well as their own lives. The annual Young Generation Leadership seminars will continue this weekend as other zones have their conferences. Glory be to the God of our father Professor E.H Guti who gave His servant the vision of Child Evangelism Ministry.
Families Builder Ministry(Famb) held their Annual National Leadership Conference from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2019 at HCCCI hosted by the Harare Central Province. About 340 leaders which included pastors and overseers attended the conference from most provinces in Zimbabwe.
We are so grateful to God because of the relevant powerful teachings that equipped leaders for their family life as well as to reach out to the church and other believers. Topics included Salvation, Blended families, Extended families, Leadership, Youth, Family enterprising and How to overcome sexual temptation. Indeed the teachings were wholesome ministering to the total person. These teachings will also be taught at the National Family Convention in August 2019.
Highly Favoured Women's Conference
We had a wonderful conference from the 1st to the 3rd of March 2019 with 754 women in attendance. Our speakers were Dr. L. Simukai, Dr. GM, Overseer E. Matsikenyere and Elder T. Shammah Mashavave. On the first night Dr GM ministered deliverance and many were delivered. On Saturday 28 women were delivered and prayed for to forgive their children on how they were treating them. In the evening many women were delivered from spiritual husbands and the spirit of unforgiveness in their marriages. The Mbuya Dorcas Hospital Outreach Health programme checked Blood Pressure and provided Condition Care Management and counseling after a very informative teaching on women’s health issues and healthy eating. Talents were taught in a mighty way and people are geared to work. 8 women gave their lives to the Lord while 58 were filled by the Holy Spirit and a total of 47 women were healed from different diseases and conditions such as back aches, headaches, side pains, stomach issues, chest pains amongst other things. Children's church was running at the same time with 65 children in attendance and notably 23 received Jesus as their personal Saviour and 43 were delivered. Shurugwi Province is happy to have had such a conference and women will never be the same again.
Archbishop Dr. Matthew Luis Simao launched the Jubilee preparation this past month of February. All greater Maputo came together to witness this great coming event where, he shared on the first message that our father the great Servant and Apostle of God, Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti shared when he entered in Mozambique for the first time, 50 years ago.
The God of our father Ezekiel Guti is bringing more people to Christ and transforming lives in Mauritius. We are seeing the hand of God as our Sunday service had 25 people in attendance: 18 adults and 7 children.17 people attended the Friday prayer. One member with a stubborn ear infection which was not responding to medication for 2 weeks was prayed for by our pastor and he came testifying of his healing this Sunday. Continue praying for us for a venue with reasonable rentals, which is available for midweek services, the purchase of musical instruments for the church and the registration of the church in Mauritius.
We thank God for yet another week. We thank God for 4 young adults who were baptized. Some of the women had a wonderful time in the School of Talents while selling their merchandise at a community event this Saturday. Sunday worship surely drew us closer to God. 16 people attended the service. Feedback from the Deeper Life Conference is continuously being shared. We thank our father and mother for planting this unique seed in this city.
In Nashville, regardless of cold and rainy weather, people held fast to God’s Word which says not to neglect our meeting together. In attendance were 23 people of which 8 were children. Bible Study was powerful, informative, interactive, and bringing people closer to God. Praise and worship was phenomenal, which ended up with a visitation of the Holy Spirit. The Word was dynamic. We continue to pray for more souls and commitment of current members.
The Spirit of God is definitely with us. Mid-week services continue to attract significant numbers. Sunday service and Bible Study was awesome as always in His presence. In attendance were 17 adults and 2 children with one visitor giving her life to the Lord, praise be to God! Yes, big things are happening for us here in St. Kitts as this Sunday we started our weekly radio outreach program on 90.3 fm called "Hour of Favour, Where dry bones live again". What a wonderful time it was. Continue to cover us in prayer as we do the same for you. 
Nevis was on Fire of the Holy Ghost on Sunday! There were 26 in attendance (19 Adults and 7 Children including 1 Visitor). The Bible Study aroused much interaction and input from the members. This was followed by a very powerful delivery of the Word by Brother Lucien as forerunner and then Pastor Newman. Many members were moved to approach the altar for prayer. We continue to pray for God to intervene on the acquisition of a bus for transportation of our members to come to church.
The month of February was very exciting and historical as we received our first fruit, Jamaican pastors. Pastors Paul and Lisa Dillon have completed their three years of training at AMFCC- glory to God. We also received Evangelist Phil Mutsambiwa from Australia and have already lined up a Revival Weekend from 15-17 March, please pray for us. Our service this Sunday featured Deeper Life Conference feedback. The presence of the Lord was so thick with healing and deliverances. The attendance was 18 adults and 9 children. We thank the God of our father for a new chapter in Jamaica.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for giving them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God for wisdom and revelation as meetings and trainings continue to happen with different committees. Thanking God for always making them victorious in every situation and every spiritual battle that they face and even before they face it. Isaiah 54:17.
  2. Thanking God for intervention in the processing of the visas to countries that Baba & Amai are sending missionaries to especially USA.
  3. Thanking God for His providence and guidance in the many construction projects that Baba and Amai are doing such as the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Center and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi. Thanking God for the equipment and vehicles required.
  4. Thanking God for the success of the ZEGU 3rd Graduation Ceremony to be be held this Friday March 8, 2019. Thanking God for all the ZEGU staff and that God gives them the burden with a sense of urgency in representing the ZEGU vision.
  5. Thanking God that the Go Quickly Conferences that will be taking place from this March 2019 around Zimbabwe are a success.
  6. Thanking God for all our missionaries and all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Thanking God for the registration of FIF Mauritius.
  7. Thanking God for opening doors as people work Talents.
  8. Thanking God for your nation.
Matt 18:22-35.
We need the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and ears but let’s deal with the little foxes and remove them from the field. We need to catch them. Confess the issues, do away with them because they are making our eyes blind. 
When you have spiritual eyes your spirit is sensitive and you can apologize for doing wrong even if it’s your little baby. Then the genuine fear of God will be in us. We will receive from God. We will not struggle with life.
When our eyes and ears open then we can receive things in the kingdom of God. We won’t have to struggle. There will be no need for anyone to sell their body in order to make ends meet.
We need to clean our Spiritual house and we will see what God has prepared for us, our ears will hear and what God has prepared for us will enter.
Husband and wife should forgive each other. Yes, father your son wronged you but you need to forgive. Forgive even those who are already dead. Forgive so you will get spiritual eyes and ears. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 
"The Year Of Praying To Have Spiritual Ears And Spiritual Eyes Leading To The Genuine Fear Of God." 
1 Corinthians 2:9-10; 2 Kings 6:17a; Ephesians 1:18

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