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Dear Friends 
Despite the time constraint as these were Baba’s weeks to rest after the Canada Conference, in preparation to go to the UK Deeper Life Conference, God said go to Nashville for my people who are crying for help. The apostles of Jesus Christ heeded the call by God to go Nashville Tennessee USA. The apostles of Jesus Christ arrived in Nashville and were welcomed by one of their daughters who had been praying. They immediately began looking for a place to meet and with all the resistance from the spiritual forces - Baba & Amai looked at different hotels and community halls almost street by street and they couldn’t find a place to meet. The hotel they were staying at after one of the managers had allowed them to use the breakfast area, another manager called and said we don’t allow religious gatherings in public areas just as the service was starting. After all these troubles Baba & Amai resorted to using their small hotel room. Upon asking for extra chairs they were denied once again. In spite of all these challenges, the church had to be birthed. God is faithful.
As was done by Lydia in the Bible, (Acts 16:14-15) who invited Paul, a lady who attended one of the services invited Baba & Amai to her home about an hour away from the hotel. This became an opportunity for Baba & Amai to sponsor a barbecue (braai).
Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce to you a new FIFMI baby, Nashville Tennessee USA. After Baba gave a powerful and soul searching word at the barbecue (braai), 10 people put their hands up in commitment to becoming members of FIFMI Nashville Tennessee. There was a lot of joy. Some people said God brought you here for me. Confirming what God had told His servants. Baba blessed the new members and after everyone ate a delicious meal, Baba & Amai took time to counsel and pray for the new members one by one. The new members were moved by the compassion and patience Baba & Amai had as they counseled each person. Indeed God sent His servants to Nashville. 
Let’s give glory to God for the arrival of the latest FIFMI baby. As the search for the meeting place was going on, so was the search for a mission house because Baba & Amai had a short time in which to do everything. One of their daughters had seen a vision where Baba came and he was in a hurry looking for a house and meeting place and starting the church. God answered prayers and Dr. Steve & La-Verne began processing the paperwork for the mission house. As we speak the mission house is already there with rent paid for the next 12 months for the pastors who will take care of the new baby. God also provided Baba & Amai with money for the furniture and we witnessed the hand of God as He stretched the money and it was able to furnish the whole house with all the furniture, linen, towels, and kitchen utensils. This kind God is an amazing God. “What can I say to you my Lord? All I have to say is thank you Lord!”
Let’s continue to pray for the new church and the provision of a meeting place in a good location reasonably priced, this week. He’s a God of miracles! 
Another exciting thing was that Baba & Amai met with Pastor Bruce Coble who used to teach at AMFCC in the early to mid 1980s. People thought he was coming just to teach at our bible school not knowing that God was preparing him to have the seed of FIFMI and the Spirit of God that is in Baba so that now he can be part of FIFMI and help Baba
The surprising miracle is that when Baba & Amai arrived that was the same week he had just retired and he was praying seeking what to do next. Now he’s going to be part of the leadership in FIFMI Nashville TN.
Why not stand up and give glory to God who gives us victory! Another FIFMI baby has been born. Hallelujah!!
Welcome FIFMI Nashville Tennessee with 11 members.
Below are some of the pictures with some of the members from the barbecue (braai):
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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