Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Update on the New FIFMI St. Kitts and Nevis

Follow the story of the new FIFMI church in St. Kitts and Nevis which was planted by the servant and Apostle of God Dr. EH Guti and Apostle Dr. Eunor Guti in late August, 2016.  Below is a digest of the updates to date.


December 19:

We thank the God of our father here in Nevis for His grace and mercy that he showed us this week. The God of Ezekiel Guti always has something new everyday. Monday prayer was attended by 11 locals, Wednesday Bible study was attended by 9 adults and two children and Friday 9 locals.
During the week we met with a local prominent business lady who expressed her willingness to join FIFMI. She said " I have met with a lot of great men and women of God but never connected with them the way I have with mamma Guti when I met her". She has since decided to come to FIFMI after seeing how we run the church and the teachings. Her one meeting with Dr. Eunor made a great impact in her life. Here are some of the other miracles happening in the church:

A lady was instantly healed from chronic back ache
A man was having problems with his eye sight, but after prayer he can now read without his glasses
During the week a lady came for counselling and after explaining about Salvation she received Jesus as her personal Saviour.
Another lady was brought to us, she was crying when she got here. After counselling, she was delivered and healed from sinus problems, she went home rejoicing.
Thank you all for your prayers that continues to sustain us. FIFMI has become the talk of the city as we continue to teach the gospel of the kingdom of God that changes lives.

December 12:

St Kitts
We thank the God of our father Ezekiel for giving us a venue in a suitable place. This Sunday was our first time at the venue and we witnessed the hand of God. We had 25 locals and 8 received Jesus Christ.

One elderly woman was moved when the song coming down was sang by pastor David, she later remarked that she was trying to be strong, not wanting to cry
A lady who gave her life to Christ promised that she would bring he niece next Sunday for she said Forward In Faith was now her home.
A lady who received Christ when our father was here in August brought her mother and the mother confirmed that Forward in Faith is now her home. She even said today I will sleep well singing in my dreams, she was over joyed and she said I have never felt like this for a long time she continued saying please next week come and pick me up.
Surely this is the God of Ezekiel. Great deliverance took place in the service. We continue to give glory to the God of our father

Nevis News
FIFMI Nevis continues to thrive as our father and our mother planted the seed. We continue to run with the buckets of water believing God for growth ( “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” 1 Corinthians 3:6 KJV). The church is enjoying teachings on the kingdom of God. On Monday we had prayer meeting attend by 12 locals. On Wednesday we has an interview on the local radio station. We thank the God of our father who gave us the opportunity to advertise the gospel revival concert which took place over the weekend. It was also an opportunity to market the church to the community.

The Gospel Revival Concert.
After a strong advertisement of the gospel concert, it kicked off on a high note by the team holding an open air test drive at the square. On Friday the attendance was 23, on Saturday 78 with 3 giving their lives to God and Sunday attendance was 17 with locals 2 giving their lives to Jesus.
After the Sunday service we crossed over to St Kitts to support them launching at a new venue, 8 locals Nevisians accompanied us surely this is God who can do it. Thank you all for your support and prayers for the Gospel Concert Nevis will never be the same. FIFMI has become the talk of the town.

December 5th:


The church continues to enjoy the grace of God and local people are so excited of the church. The short term evangelist, Dr. Phil & Judy Mutsambiwa, arrived on Monday to join the team here. On Wednesday we had bible study attended by 9 locals and Friday prayer 6 locals attended. The Friday prayer was affected by a gospel concert in St Kitts. We continued to teach the kingdom of God. As teachings of practicing righteousness in the kingdom of God one man testified how he overcame the temptation to steal a pen in the bank because of the kingdom teachings. After some midweek one on one soul winning we had an attendance of 13 locals on Sunday and 4 gave their lives to Jesus Christ and committed to FIFMI. Glory to God. Some of the miracles:

One brother who was into satanism was delivered and gave his life to Jesus.
A man who was a sea diver had an ear he could not hear out of but Jesus healed him and he could not eat spiced food for medical reasons but after being prayed for he started eating with others during the fellowship.
The fellowship was so good that people could not go home until 2pm. They started discussing the African Apostle and how it has impacted their lives.
Pray for the up coming gospel revival concert from Friday to Sunday, this will be coupled by the word of God and healings.

November 28th

There is joy in Nevis. The greatest of them being the registration of the Church here which was concluded this week. Glory to God. Services and Bible study groups continued throughout the week with varying attendances. The largest being on Wednesday when we had 10 locals in attendance. We witnessed deliverance and the baptism in the Holy Spirit for some and the word was taught passionately. Our mother had time to meet the believers one on one before she left us for another assignment on Thursday. God has provided us with a wonderful venue which we began using on Friday and also on Sunday. We collected our first free will offering this sunday after a powerful teaching on giving. A text message from one of the members is clear testimony that members are beginning to show their love for the Forward In Faith vision and their love for Baba and Mama, I quote (“To all of my brothers in Forward in Faith "kingdom builders" I am privileged, thankful and honored to be chosen to be one of the members for the Forward In Ministries in Nevis that is something I will hold and cherish in my old age. I thank God for Mr. Ahmed and his family, for team from Zimbabwe and others but most of all Pappa and Mamma Guti may God continue to lead and direct their lives in Jesus' name Amen and Amen”). There was joy as people gave. Pray for our revival weekend set for 9 to 11 December. Pray also for those we are witnessing to, to come to the Lord.

St. Kitts
The Lord continues to do marvelous things in St Kitts. On Wednesday we had 8 locals and on Friday we also had 8 locals for our services. The teaching has been centered on salvation. On Sunday morning we had 6 locals. We thank God for the hunger that we are witnessing in our members as they are beginning to show signs of growth.

November 14:

St Kitts and Nevis:

We thank God for a great week here in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. Our Father sent a powerful team to Nevis led by our mother. Services have already started to be held in the once abandoned mosque that God showed His servant when He came to these islands. On Wednesday 12 locals were in attendance and 2 received Christ. On Saturday 7 locals attended and one person was healed while another made the decision to be water baptised. Sunday saw 8 locals coming. Three dedicated their lives to Forward in Faith and one man was baptised and he was full of joy afterwards. Tuesday, the ladies held their first Tuesday prayer. We thank God for the one on one home visitations that are going on and we foresee tremendous growth in the coming days.

September 6

St. Kitts and Nevis

God has done it again in St. Kitts and Nevis. Baba went looking for an abandoned building and God proved Himself faithful. God has provided the building free of charge and the Forward In Faith sign will be on the building soon. The paperwork for the building has already been given to Baba. A full gospel businessman and other people gave their lives to the Lord. Baba has been having counseling sessions where people were receiving Jesus, being delivered from evil spirits, receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit and water baptized.



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