Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 31

Dear Friends,  
Happy 62nd Anniversary ZAOGA FIFMI!!
Dallas - On Wednesday the 3rd of August 2022, our father called for a special meeting with all Elders and Deacons in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The meeting was well attended with 44 leaders present and around 100 gadgets also logged in from across the nation. The theme of our meeting was Unity, anchored on Psalms 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity”. He encouraged all leaders to unite and work together and also to know their respective areas of interest. After the meeting, we had a fellowship with plenty of delicious food prepared by our father and mother, courtesy of Manna Foods Catering. Our Father blessed us and everyone went home filled with joy. 
Atlanta - There was great joy and dancing when the Servant and Apostle of God, Archbishop Professor E. H. Guti visited the South-East Region in Atlanta Georgia of the USA, a Region made up of Atlanta Georgia, Nashville Tennessee, Miami & Orlando Florida, North & South Carolina, led by Apostle Bevan and Overseer Anna Mutata. The God of our father favored and allowed saints to fellowship with His choice servant throughout the weekend of August 5-7, 2022. There was great attendance and expectation throughout the weekend with Sunday seeing an attendance record of 180 people in the sanctuary with over 70 zoom gadgets and in excess of 200 views on Facebook. Our father was accompanied by a powerful delegation including Dr. La-Verne Simukai, the Deputy Administrator Bishop Joseph Kativu, Bishop Pat Schatzline, and Pastor Pheim Guti. Our Father taught, exhorted, corrected, and established us in the faith. We received powerful kingdom teaching on the love of God as well as leadership training. Three souls came to Christ, families were restored, and 11 new youthful Deacons were appointed. Many people were delivered from the spirit of poverty, sickness and diseases. For us in the Southeast, favor truly located us. Our Region will not remain the same.
Casablanca - We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel H. Guti for another blessed Sunday. Our service registered an attendance of 23 adults and 3 children. We welcomed 3 visitors. On Saturday we organized a successful barbecue fellowship as part of our soul-winning program. Forty individuals came for the fellowship, including 13 guests. 
Marrakech - We continue to experience the goodness of the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel H. Guti here in Marrakech. We had a joyful Sunday service with a total attendance of 34 individuals, including 25 adults and 9 children. The church was encouraged in giving and the working of talents. Last week one lady was baptized in water. We thank you for your prayers.
We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for His goodness to us here in Guyana
We have God working in the lives of families through the message preached by our Pastor Truth Phiri. God has been using him to minister to families that are broken. Our midweek meetings have been a success every time we meet and on Sunday we had a joint service with members of the community center where we fellowship, it was awesome. Our very own pastor delivered a powerful message because it was a month where we celebrate emancipation for the people who were present, they were happy to have a Pastor from Zimbabwe ministering to them. In our presence were former Speaker of parliament and former Magistrate, and many were prayed for during our service. We also had a child dedication and afterward, the family of 10 had a time of fellowship with the Pastor and Elders. 
On Friday night for our Healing and Deliverance Miracle Service, we had a powerful speaker a teacher of the Word of God, Dr. David Simango from the United Kingdom. In our Sunday Service, we continue to experience the presence of God in our worship. In attendance were 35 adults, and 5 children, and on the Zoom link 7. We had a baby dedication, hallelujah. A believer testified that when he was making a pledge to come to church and all kinds of things tried to hinder him from coming to church but he made it in Jesus’ name. Many other believers testified of God's grace and providence in their lives and are thankful to the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti. Please continue to pray for us amen.
Montego Bay  - We give glory to the God of Ezekiel who continues to give us victory in all things. After our just-ended district week of prayer and fasting, we were charged up and excited for our Sunday service. We had 19 people in attendance, 10 of which were children and 2 visitors. We welcomed our visitors with joy as they are the fruits of our soul-winning strategy first introduced by our Overseer BF Mhundwa. The ‘Each One, Reach One’ strategy sees each member targeting just one person each week whom they will share the gospel with and invite to church. Members then do one-on-one follow-ups and assist where possible with traveling so as to ensure they attend church. Pastor Lydia, who was visiting from the Portmore assembly, preached powerfully on having a personal relationship with God. We celebrated when one of the visitors received Jesus Christ as her personal savior. Service was followed by an extra special fellowship as we were also celebrating Jamaica’s 60th year of independence. Thank you for always praying for us.
We continue to experience and witness the powerful presence of the Lord in Mauritius with our Pastors being mightily used. We have just come from a powerful fasting and prayer week where we were claiming the promises of God in our lives according to His word. The church was meeting for prayer virtually every day in the morning and evenings. The week concluded with a Friday night of prayer and worship. We met physically and the theme was "Night of Breakthroughs." The attendance for the night was so amazing. 35 people attended and the presence of the Lord was felt in the atmosphere. God once again visited us in a mighty way. The Pastor spoke about the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Deliverance took place and three people confirmed to the Pastor that God healed them from headaches, intense back aches, and heart disease respectively.
We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for souls that are coming. Almost every Sunday we receive new people. Glory be to God. Our Sunday service had a total of 41 people and it was another powerful Sunday led by Men of Integrity (MOI). We continue to see tremendous spiritual growth and maturity in Mauritius and ask that you continue praying for us.
Francistown - We thank the God of our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti for the powerful Child evangelism conference, we saw the hand of God move. The conference was from the 4-7 August and the turnout of children ranged from 50  to 141 children. Our guest speakers were Pastors Nyasha and Simon Madhoyo and it was a blessing to have services for children only where children lead devotion, praise and worship and are forerunners. They preached to the children about character and the kingdom of God. About 30 children accepted Jesus as their Christ and Savior. They also conducted a Holy Spirit session and we had over 40 children being filled with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in other tongues. We had deliverance sessions setting both children and adults free from bondage. KMD items and shooting for Ezekiel TV were done. We extend our biggest gratitude to everyone who was involved. It was a life-changing experience for our children. 
FIFCAHSM - Forward In Faith College and High Schools Ministry had a camp meeting from 5-7 August 2022 at the Ezekiel Guti International Convention Centre. A total of 381 students were camping and the number rose to 521 on Sunday. The theme was " #Takaenda Takaenda tichishanda character." We had powerful teachings from all our speakers DP Chirima, DP Nzou, Evangelist Gwarimbo and Apostle Gudyanga. Over 231 students gave their lives to Christ. Some students were delivered from different types of addictions such as drugs, their phones, some movies as well as watching pornographic material. Some girls were also delivered from marine spirits, prostitution, unforgiveness, suicidal spirit, and bitterness. 20 students came for counseling and they were healed and delivered. Many students who were rebellious toward their parents were also delivered. 
Indeed it was a powerful conference. Students from different denominations were calling on the name of the God of Ezekiel and great deliverance took place. We give glory to God.
Gweru - On Saturday the 6th of August in our Zone which is made up of Gweru-Midlands, Shurugwi, Zvishavane and Mberengwa provinces, the Bishops from the HQ, Bishops Gangata and Bishops Chikore came on behalf of our Father and Mother, the Apostles and Servant of God, Apostle Prof Ezekiel H. Guti and Dr. Eunor Guti, to announce the newly ordained Bishop Caleb Mashushire as the new Bishop for the Zone. The event has hit the history books as Bishop Caleb has become the first son of a Bishop to be ordained a bishop in our church, walking in the shoes of his late father. The Sons And Daughters Of Prophets SADOP ministry are elated and the ceremony took place at the very church in Ascot where Bishop Caleb was born and grew up attending. The zone, through representatives from the pastors, elders and deacons welcomed the new Bishop with great joy and celebration and thanked the visionary, our Father for the development. Our zone looks forward to a great time of peace, love, and unprecedented growth under the spiritual guidance of our new Bishops.
Mutare - EGEA GOSPEL MOVING TEAM held a crusade from 5-7 August 2022 at Green Valley District, Mutare for the revival of the church and expansion of the Kingdom of God (soul winning), hosted by DPs Farai and Gladys Masona. The attendance ranged from 600 – 711 for the 3 days. Pastor David Mabvuramiti was the invited guest musician. Evangelist Carol Guti shared a powerful message followed by signs and wonders.
  • 30 new souls came to Christ, 23 were water baptized, 30 people who had the issue of blood were delivered,
  • 7 people were delivered from marine spirits,
  • 11 couples were delivered from the spirit of barrenness,
  • Over 150 people were delivered from various problems and sicknesses.
  • A certain young man who was deep into drugs and had separated from his parents was prayed for and was delivered and he is now ready to reunite with his family.
Green Valley will certainly shift to new levels as kingdom diplomats.
Marondera  On the 22nd of July 2022, the University of Zimbabwe ZAOGA ON CAMPUS team embarked on a gospel outreach in Marondera Province hosted by Overseer Edmore Mutema. The team is led by District Pastors Benias & Prayer Chawadya together with Advisors Tinashe & Evelyn Mhlanga. 96 evangelists managed to be part of this gospel outreach. We began door-to-door witnessing during the day and were having revival services in the evenings and the God of Ezekiel ministered in a mighty way. 1318 souls came to Christ, 79 people were baptized in the Holy Spirit, 92 people were water baptized, more than 50 people got delivered from different curses and demonic attacks, two new assemblies were birthed. Miracles:
  • A lady got healed from pneumonia instantly, another from a problem of blurry vision
  • A girl who had a leg injury and could not walk got healed instantly after being prayed for
  • A certain lady's daughter had a problem of losing sleep during the night, but the problem disappeared when she was prayed for
  • A man suffering from chest pain got healed instantly after he was prayed for and another received his voice back.
  • A young girl received her sense of hearing back. 
  • A young lady got delivered and healed from arm cramps 
  • A certain lady got healed from Arthritis after she was prayed for
  • A certain woman with a stomach ache from food poison vomited after being prayed for and was completely healed
  • One old woman suffering from back and stomach pain got healed instantly after prayer was offered to her.
  • A young man who was possessed by more than 10 demons got his freedom in the name of Jesus Christ.
Masvingo - A team of 40 young evangelists went for a ZAOGA On Campus Outreach in Nemamwa, Masvingo from 31 July - 08 August 2022 from Great Zimbabwe University of Choice. A total of 162 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, 24 people were filled with the Holy Spirit and 23 people were water baptized. Some of the notable miracles include:
  • Three ladies were healed from backbone pain.
  • More than 30 were healed from chronic headaches and stomach aches 
  • More than 15 people were delivered from chest pain.
  • A man who was unable to walk for 15 years was prayed for and walked without a walking stick.
  • A certain lady was demon-possessed and she was seriously ill and not able to walk and speak but after prayer, she was delivered. 
  • A young man was called to an interview for a job and they were 20 and only two people were needed, after evangelists prayed for him he was called immediately to come for work on the 8th of August 2022.
We want to express our sincere gratitude to the Pastoral team of Masvingo Province and our beloved Overseers S and N Fambai who graced the occasion above all we give glory to the God of our Father Ezekiel Guti who enabled us to fulfill His assignment in Nemamwa.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He gives them strength and daily wisdom for the ever-growing work around the globe. Thanking God for the meetings they will be holding this week. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza.
  2. Thanking God for the Covenant Kingdom Talents. May God open doors for His money, and give people an understanding of talents and viable business ideas.
  3. Thanking God for the new FIFMI churches that they continue to grow and those who need buildings/meeting places to be able to find them with favorable prices. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand.
  4. Thanking God that He will continue to protect and heal His people from Covid-19. Thanking God for comforting those that lost loved ones.
  5. Thanking God for your nation.
 62nd Anniversary message continued:
Now as a father of all the different churches, I am a father of many different churches all over the world, I speak blessings to them all as we celebrate together this day. I say to all people who love God everywhere. Love God, fear God see the light, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”. I am speaking to all the people who see me as their spiritual father all over the world, God bless you as we celebrate this wonderful day together. My tears come down saying, what God said is real and has been fulfilled. I thank God that we are celebrating this together, it’s wonderful. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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