Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 60 Years and Moving On

The Disabled and Helping Hands Association

In 2nd Samuel 9 we read about King David's kindness to Mephibosheth who was lame in his feet. David provided food and shelter for him.

The Disabled Helping Hand Association, is one of the many ministries under FIFMI, and was established in June 1992 in Zimbabwe, Africa, by Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti. The ministry preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to the less fortunate, and the disabled individuals in our society.

The association was established as a result of Dr. Guti's burden to win all souls to Jesus Christ. Many times the disabled people are forgotten when it comes to the gospel, Dr. Guti believes that the rightful place for a disabled person is in the body of Christ. The association also seeks to improve the relationship between the disabled and the able-bodied in our society and to raise awareness on the issues of HIV/AIDS among the disabled persons, while at the same time providing Biblical solutions.  

In ministering to the physically handicapped, the association also reaches people who are deaf, and have other disabilities. In addition, the gospel is being preached to those affected by cerebral palsy, convulsive disorders, seizures, polio myelitis, muscular dystrophy, among others.  The Disabled and Helping Hands Association is funded by donations from churches and individuals.  While preaching to the disabled persons, Dr. E.H. Guti also encourages the physically disabled to be engaged in income generating and self help projects.  

The Disabled Helping Hand Association was blessed a piece of land in Zimbabwe at Mukondomi School, 10 kilometers from Murambinda Growth Point, along Nyazura Rd. The land was donated by Buhera Rural District Council.

This precious piece of land is being developed and the association completed the construction of a Multi-purpose hall, caretaker's cottage, tuck shop, and accommodation block. The name of the center is Ezekiel Guti Disabled Village. At this village, individuals are engaged in self reliance income-generating projects such as raising poultry, and working the tuck shop. At Murambinda Growth Point, the association has a cloakroom, and also providing typing services.

It is the aim of the Association to equip the whole (total) man, spiritually, and physically.

There is an encouraging response towards the association from many people who have been reached by this organization in Zimbabwe. The organization plans to spread to other nations in the continent of Africa, and throughout the world.

The Association so far has three disabled Pastors who are working full time. They travel to different places to inform their members and other disabled about HIV AIDS. The Pastors were trained at AMFCC College for two years on the Bible and leadership.

For more information and donations please contact us:

The Director
The Disabled Helping Hand Association
P.O. Box W68
Harare, Zimbabwe

Email: or use our online form
Phone: 263 4 621591 / 263 4 621593
TEL. +263 4 621591 - 3

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