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Free to Worship - UK Based Music Group

Free to Worship is group presented by EGEA Productions.  This project began in 2011, and was given the name “Free to Worship” after the year of total deliverance in which people were delivered from bondage, and received their freedom to worship God without restraint.


Free to Worship features talented musicians directed by Aaron Manatsa, a well-rounded musician who is a son to the legendary Zex Manatsa, a pastor in ZAOGA FIFMI.


The debut album was a Live DVD recording on August 20th, 2011 in Dunstable UK, which was officially launch at the 2011 FIFMI Europe Talents Celebration on Saturday, October 29th, with an attendance of nearly 4,000 people.


Apostle Dr. EH Guti was present at the launch in UK and after Free to Worship ministered, the Apostle stood to say:


"Vision Never Dies.  God showed me this kind of production many years ago” The Archbishop was  glad to see the fulfilment of the vision. He added that free to worship DVDs should go into all the nations.  In his charge to the group, he urged them to pray hard and seek God so that when they sing, people playing their music should feel the presence of God in their cars, houses, and wherever they may be listening.


Free to Worship is now drawing many hearts to worship God, and the album is selling rapidly.  The group is booked to perform in Switzerland on December 3rd. 


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Praise God for the beautiful

Praise God for the beautiful vision for Praising God in that unique manner. Lovely Awesome Team. May the dear Lord do more great things in the year of Praise. I've just got one request. Can we please liase with someone who can send us more DVDs before the illigal copying starts. If we can negotiate a price with Egea team to sale the at a NZ rate. DVD here normally sale for $25 NZ and if u want it paid before I can arrange that. So plz can u let us know if that is possible. God Bless Tutsi Chadoka:

That was a masterpiece

That was a masterpiece brothers . We such even from the roots of this ministry in Africa..

to God be the glory...

to God be the glory...

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