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Hospital Project soon to open

Mbuya Dorcas Health Center (the hospital built by members of ZAOGA FIFMI),  is on track to open very soon as many of the needed finishing touches are almost complete, staff recruitments have been done, and the machinery needed to operate is now in place. ZAOGA FIFMI has built this hospital featuring state of the art equipment and technology with the great expectation of making it one of the leading hospitals in Zimbabwe.


The long awaited X-ray machine is now on site and is being installed to be compatible with the Zimbabwean electrical power rage. The X-Ray machine staff have been trained, and the system is expected to be semi-digital with computer networking capabilities.


The Information Communication and Technology aspect of the hospital is excellent with the strong drive to computerise almost all forms of transactions and communications of/to the hospital using Internet and network driven devices that are user friendly, and state of the art. The ICT department is headed be a team of highly qualified personnel with understanding in many world class technological standards.


The hospital electrical generator house is now roofed and secure to protect it from different human and natural hazards that may damage before and while the hospital it running. The generator is strong enough to power the whole hospital and is expected to be configured automatically switch on if any power outages occur.


The hospital’s non-medical wing is now roofed and nearly complete for operation.  Here, many miracles are expected to take place to the glory of our Lord. There is much anticipation of the miracles that will take place in this unique wing of the hospital.

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