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After the ground breaking ceremony officiated by the Vice President of Zimbabwe Joyce Mujuru and the Chancellor Professor E. H. Guti and Dr E Guti on 10 September 2010, fundraising through working talents began in 2011. As ZAOGA FIF worked talents construction was also taking place. On 15th May, 2012, the university was opened at AMFCC College in Harare with one faculty- the Faculty of Arts- Department of Theology and Religious Studies. The pioneer class had 11 students- five female and six male.

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By September 2012, the university moved to its Bindura campus, where construction is still in progress. When fully completed, ZEGU will have five faculties of Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Commerce and ICT, Education and Health Sciences.
Progress as at 5 March 2013
The Faculty of Arts which houses the Department of Theology is almost complete. Only tiling of the faculty administration and fixing of doors is outstanding.

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Lecture blocks for the faculties of Agriculture, Commerce and ICT and Education have been roofed. It is expected that by end of March, all the five faculties excluding the administration blocks of the faculties will have been roofed. The 1500 seater dining hall is also roofed. We thank God for such progress in a period of one year. God is faithful. Twelve 3 bed roomed staff houses are complete and are already occupied by senior university staff. Three of these houses are allocated to students.
The infrastructure development and progress has been commended by visitors to ZEGU. The project is ongoing. The university library, great hall, administration block, student hostels are still to be constructed.
In March 2013 ZEGU expects another first year class in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, while the pioneer class moves to second year.
As a young university, we call upon your support in anyway possible, please visit our sponsorship page on the upcoming ZEGU website, which will be launched at:


God is accomplishing great

God is accomplishing great things in FIF ministries International.

The God of Ezekiel Guti

He is a faithful God

We save a wonderful God

We save a wonderful God

halala Zegu here i come

E God Of Ezekiel Is Alive

Mwari wababa Guti

Mwari wababa Guti mukuru....Zaoga fr Jesus

chasungwa panyika chasungwa kudenga

For in the begginning they were words.those words became action and that action brought Testimonies.these are the works of dry bones living again.thanx to the Servant and apostle Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti for building lives.




our god is faithful in for filling his promises

nekutenda i wil be part of what matarenda did

Matarenda was a vision direct from God,mwari ngaakudzwe

he is a big GOD.

zaoga musha

new believer

May your God be with you all the time. we will always pray for you Baba. wish you mnany more years and may God continue to bless you and give you wisdom

God is gracious

God is gracious

zaoga ka1

happy bday man of god

glory to Jehovah Adonai

this is the lord's doing


our god is faithful in for filling his promose


This is the doing of God

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