Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 43

Dear Friends  
Trinidad & Tobago
We continue to appreciate prayers from the F.I.F family at large. This week’s Monday prayer, we hosted Pastor Victory and Helen Makonese who were in transit to Belize. They taught our church on Praise and Worship and later practiced with our team of 16 people in attendance. As we wrapped up the service one person received Christ. Tuesday prayers recorded 7 ladies in attendance as they are growing in interceding for the work of God. Midweek services went on as usual with San Juan assembly having an average of 6 believers, whilst Belmont assembly had an average of 13 believers. Our Sunday services were attended by 7 adults and 1 child in San Juan Assembly, and in Belmont assembly 20 adults and 3 children attended. Some testimonies:
  • One of our believers in Tobago had a daughter who had stopped going to school after an attack by evil spirits, she was shaking with epilepsy. After our Pastors ministered to her over the phone she was delivered and has since started going to school.
  • An elderly woman who was suffering from an abnormal bowel ailment confirmed being healed after she heard powerful teaching of the Gospel. 
We thank the God of our father Professor E. H Guti for His grace in Guyana. Our midweek services were well attended with Tuesday Prayer having 6 ladies in attendance. Wednesday had 35 people attending the Bible study in our 3 home cell groups. On Saturday we had our first youth service with 17 youths who went out with the pastors and the Advisors. After fellowship there were some great teachings concerning young people and a board was chosen for the ministry to keep on moving. We had a powerful Sunday service with 57 people and 2 visitors and powerful praise and worship and preaching. Great deliverance took place with demons manifesting when some were having fellowship. Some testimonies:
  • A man had a person owing him money since 2016 but after being prayed for the man came with his money.
  • A couple who were not being paid at their work place were called and were given their dues.
  • A man who had a painful stomach and was vomiting was healed.
We thank God for his faithfulness in Guyana as you continue to pray for us for a place of worship and a mission House
This week in Forward in Faith Punta Gorda we had a wonderful time in the presence of God. Our weekly services were amazing and on Sunday we had a Big Sunday with our two assemblies gathered at the Village assembly where the Flying Eagles assembly hosted our second joint big Sunday. It was a joyous occasion where we had 15 adults, 4 youths and 16 children. Our Pastors Truth and Meg Phiri all the way from our city assembly approximately 4-5 hours drive, came to introduce to the church the new addition to the Belize pastoral team: Pastors Victory and Helen Makonese. It was a wonderful service. Please keep us in prayer as we work towards finishing our work on our church van and that the church continues to grow.
We thank God for our own first and successful Girls and Ladies Big Saturday held in Hannover, Germany on Saturday 2 November 2019. This was attended by 27 women. Overseer Knowledge taught powerfully on Self- Appreciation and Grooming as lady and we were also encouraged to work using our hands according to the vision of Forward in Faith. All the ladies were prayed for and many were delivered from evil spirits. The Big Saturday ended with fellowship and counselling. It was followed by a Big Sunday. The service was attended by 58 people, including the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Germany, and 11 children. Notably, 2 children were dedicated to the Lord. We saw the hand of God and there was lot of deliverance. The church also found time to pray for Zimbabwe and our service ended with fellowship. Thank you for your prayers. Germany will never be the same again.
We thank God for another great week in Nashville. The church has been fasting and joining with others in the nation in praying for Talents and Missions. God came through for Nashville and provided the money for Talents and Missions in a miraculous way. God ministered to the church in a special way during our Sunday Service. God used one of our newest members to deliver a powerful and practical message that people could not stop talking about during the fellowship. Nashville is very excited to be hosting the South East Region Big Sunday this coming weekend. We’re praying for God to show up in a mighty way. We also continue to pray for church growth, commitment of current members and more permanent place of worship.
We thank the God of our father Ezekiel for His grace which continually abounds towards our island. We are grateful to God for the healing and deliverance service on Wednesday morning where we saw 16 persons in attendance up from 11 last week. A couple received Jesus as Lord as others were delivered from various ailments. A lady who was tormented by evil spirit through her cell phone; couldn't sleep in her house was prayed for and she testified crying of how God delivered her and has made FIF her home. Thursday we had a very educative, enlightening and informative Praise and Worship seminar with our pastors and 15 praise team members attended. Sunday attendance was 39 adults and 5 children. Some testimonies:
  • A lady who had blood clots in her left leg causing an excruciating pain was prayed for and on Monday when she went for an ultrasound check the clots were gone and the pain too.
  • The new believer who came at the soup kitchen called the pastors testifying that the God of Ezekiel gave her a job.
  • An elder testified on how after she gave the last money she had despite her great and God miraculously provided her with a check with the same amount of money she needed.
What great joy we are having at FIF Barbados- we are experiencing the Kingdom lifestyle.
St Kitts
Our Sunday service was power packed service. One brother who woke up unable to walk testified that he received his healing as he refused to let the enemy keep him away from the house of God. Last week Brother Owen testified that he had terrible pain in the hands and feet and was worried how he was going to carry out the new Job he got. The Overseer prayed for him and immediately the pain disappeared. We had a total of 20 people (4 children and 16 adults). Our Home Cell groups have taken off and many are showing up to study the Bible with us. We continue to pray for you as you do the same for us.
Our weekly activities have been growing in attendance and spirituality as persons are realizing a need to connect in every way possible to the God of our father Professor E. H. Guti. Our Sunday service was rich. Attendance was a total of 29 (23 Adults / 6 Children). Our members received healing from chest pain, knee pain and another from pain on her left hand. We ask you to pray for our Pastors leading up to radio and T.V broadcasts they have scheduled and also for the quick delivery of a much needed church bus.
FIFCAHSM door to door outreach, Chadcombe District Crusade, Norton Province prayer retreat, Highfield annual prayer and Mt Darwin big Tuesday were all successfully held in this past week. A total of 417 gave their lives to the Lord while 77 received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and 13 people were water baptized. Many people were delivered from demonic oppression and others were healed. The spirit of prayer was strong in the prayer meetings with record attendance on some days. The miracles include: 
  • An elderly woman had swollen legs and could not walk after being prayed for she was able to walk.
  • A certain lady had severe back pain, the power of God healed her.
  • Another woman had her eye sight restored after many years of not being able to see.
We give all the glory to God.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them daily supernatural strength. Thanking God that grace will continue abound for all the work to be done and needs that have to be met before the end of the year. Thanking God for wisdom and revelation as they prepare for the Golden Jubiliee celebrations in Mozambique this Friday November 8-10, 2019. Thanking God that He always gives Baba & Amai victory over any weapons formed by the enemy.
  2. Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Trinidad and Guyana. May God continue to add more souls.
  3. Thanking God for prevailing peace in ZEGU and provision for the different needs at the university that are a burden for Baba & Amai.
  4. Thanking God for the Mozambique 50th Jubilee Celebrations to be held in Maputo from November 8-10, 2019.
  5. Thanking God that He will provide the money for the AFMCC flats renovations as the women carry the burden together with our father.
  6. Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai a “building inspector” for the church.
  7. Thanking God for building projects that Baba and Amai are doing: the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Centre and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi.
  8. Thanking God for all our missionaries and the growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Thanking God for other visas to other nations. Thanking God for the expediting of the registration process of FIFMI Finland and Mauritius. Thanking God that the pastors are able to recover items stolen from the mission house in Madagascar.
  9. Thanking God for your nation.
I John 3:2 “Beloved, now we are children of God; and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be, but we know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.
When the Word goes to the heart, things go well. Fornication, sin, etc comes from the heart. Receiving Jesus in our heart means the heart must change. Be born again to have a new heart. Thousands can receive Jesus but nothing enters into their heart. When the Word has dropped in your heart you will cry and say I’m a sinner then you can feel the change. Make sure that the Seed has dropped in your heart, begin to practice to walk like Jesus. Jesus is good. Walk like Jesus.
Learn to separate the flesh and the heart. The body is the body, the heart is me. The heart organ doesn’t cause you to sin and sleep with a woman, it just pumps blood. Jesus didn’t die for your feelings but your soul. You are not so proud of being a child of God because of the feelings you have. Don’t worry about it. Feelings come because you are still alive and live in a body. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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