Testimonies & Miracles

See how God is still doing miracles today. Read testimonies from individuals whose lives have been changed by the power of the Lord Jesus in Forward in Faith. Submit your testimony and let someone be encouraged. “And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony…” (Revelation 12:11)

Came in crutches, but began running

In Samoa, following a powerful ministration by Evangelist Phil Mutsambiwa, a woman who was using crutches due to weak legs was totally healed and began running without… Read more “Came in crutches, but began running”

Could only breathe through her mouth

Gloria from Lesotho could only breathe through her mouth for a long time, and was unable to breathe through her nose. While watching a live broadcast where Apostle Eunor Guti was ministering, she received her healing while at home. She immediately wrote a message to the Ezekiel TV call center testifying of what God had… Read more “Could only breathe through her mouth”

Broken Leg Healed – Gokwe Zimbabwe

A woman who had a broken bone after being involved in an accident and could not walk without an aid was prayed for and God healed her instantly during a 3-day crusade in Gokwe at Gomoguru Secondary School… Read more “Broken Leg Healed – Gokwe Zimbabwe”

7 Years Without A Child

Alice Matisa stayed for seven years without a child after she was married. She came to ZAOGA FIF and was prayed for. God was so gracious to her and gave her 4 children. Glory be to… Read more “7 Years Without A Child”

Could Not Walk at the Age of 4

Portia was born and for the first 4 years of her life she never walked. Her parents brought her to ZAOGA FIF to be prayed for. She was prayed for and stood up to walk. She was healed… Read more “Could Not Walk at the Age of 4”

Could Not Speak From Birth

Jaison of Murambinda, Buhera in Zimbabwe was born mute. When he was in Form Four (9th grade) his relatives took him to an Ezekiel Guti Evangelistic Crusade. He was prayed for and healed instantly. God gave him a voice. Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for there is nothing difficult for… Read more “Could Not Speak From Birth”

Twenty Years without a Child

Mr. and Mrs Safuri had a childless marriage for twenty years. They were prayed for in ZAOGA FIF and now have a child. What joy filled their hearts for a wife to be pregnant after 20 years of high expectations. This can only be done by God. He… Read more “Twenty Years without a Child”

Removed from Oxygen and Discharged – Barbados

A believer in Barbados testified that Overseer Biggy Frank Mhundwa prayed for her husband who was in the Hospital and told her when she goes back to the Hospital to see him, to lay hands upon him and declare the word of God over his life. She’s happy to report that he is talking, sitting… Read more “Removed from Oxygen and Discharged – Barbados”

Major stroke becomes minor after prayer

A woman whose husband had a stroke asked the pastors to pray. The doctors initially thought it was a minor stroke but after scans the doctors were surprised how he was still alive, surely, we give glory to God of… Read more “Major stroke becomes minor after prayer”