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Apostles Update Week 46

Dear Friends  
We continually offer thanks to the God of our father, Professor Ezekiel Guti, for his manifold grace towards the church in Trinidad and Tobago. This week saw the visit to Tobago successful, house visits, counselling and serious deliverance and prophecy were ministered to our believers. One of them was delivered from bitterness and unforgiveness after the prophecy she was in tears and a sense of awe as she confirmed great relief after the deliverance. We are foreseeing a great church on that island. Midweek services in San Juan had an average of 6 people whilst Belmont had an average of 11 believers. Our Super Sunday went on well with 31 in attendance. 6 received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues and several were refilled, some were delivered and vomited due to the presence of God which was too much. One person received Jesus Christ. A lady was set free from heavy shoulders and a stiff neck. We wrapped up the service with Holy Communion and fellowship. What a day it was! Continue to pray for us we are in need of a new cheaper church venue in Belmont, the one in use will not be available next year.
God keeps on doing great things in our nation of Guyana as we continue with our midweek services. We were 7 ladies for Tuesday prayer and one was a visitor. Wednesday Bible study we were 45 people from the 3 home cell groups. We thank God we started a new cell group with 8 people and the new group is enjoying the study of God’s Word. We praise God for a powerful Sunday service which was power packed with powerful Word and great deliverance.10 people were delivered from sleepless nights and nightmares and some latter testified that they would see things in their sleep. 57 people attended the service and we had 1 visitor. We thank God for His faithfulness. One young man who had lost memory due to a motorbike accident confirmed that he is now receiving his memory. He received Jesus Christ and he was not able to come to church but Sunday was his first service.
We thank you for your prayers as you continue to pray for us for a place of worship and a mission house.
Michigan - We thank the God of our father Professor Ezekiel Guti for what he continues to do in Lansing, Michigan. The believers are being grounded in the Word and in the Lord. On Sunday we had 15 people in attendance:13 adults and 2 children. We had 2 new people. One family did not attend and we only learnt later that they had a problem with their transport. This week we received Overseers Dr Norman and Nerisa Musekiwa, all the way from Australia who have come replace the Maruramas for the meantime. We also had Evangelist Netty Bwalanda and Elder Percy Bwalanda who came to support the new church. Dr Norman taught bible Study so very powerfully and Evangelist Netty preached and deliverance took place. We had our first Holy Communion as a church which was conducted by Elder Percy. This week the church was registered in Michigan and God gave us a church Van which was a miracle. We continue to do one on one with believers as well as win others to Christ. During the week we were busy giving out flyers. Those who accepted this true seed of Forward in Faith are already experiencing big miracles.
Nashville - We continue to see the hand of God through what he is doing in people's lives. Here are some of the testimonies:
  • One lady testified that she gave a lot of her clothes to clean up her closet on Saturday and later that very same day, received a package with more clothes.
  •  Another lady testified of a miraculous payment of money just before legal action was taken. She realised that this could only be God's doing.
Sunday service was attended by a total of twenty two people including two adult visitors and five visiting children. We continue to seek more souls and pray for the commitment of current members.
We want to thank the God of our father, Apostle Ezekiel Guti, all our services are going on well and we are seeing the hand of God as people are testifying of what He is doing in their lives. Here are some of the testimonies:
  • A lady wanted to travel with her husband to India but the sponsors would not let her go. Our Pastor prayed for both the husband and wife. After 2 days the sponsors bought a ticket for her in the same flight with the husband.
  • One man testified that God healed his finger after Pastor prayed for him. Now he can work without any pain.
  • One lady testified that she was bitter, angry and depressed when she came to church because of the words that her sponsor had said to her. After the teaching on trusting God and forgiveness, she felt at peace, her joy was restored and was free to forgive her employer.
  • For several months a lady had been trying to bring her friends to church and God gave her the grace and they managed to attend. After the service, they said they would want to continue attending the service with us.
We continually give glory the God of our father, Apostle Ezekiel H. Guti who keeps on doing great things on this island. Our Healing and Deliverance service on Wednesday morning saw a surge in numbers with 24 persons in attendance most of whom are new faces. The Soup Kitchen went well as we fed the community as well as evangelize. We then had a combined Bible study after with 26 people. On Saturday we had a men's fellowship with Pastor Thomas which was attended by 7 men. 15 ladies and Pastor Rhoda had an awesome time in fellowship at the mission house which went right into the night as they basked in the presence of God and didn't want to leave. Glory to God.
Punta Gorda- This week we saw the hand of God as more people are being grounded in the Word of the Lord and the doctrine of the Kingdom. We restarted our ladies meeting/prayer with 7 ladies in attendance and one person gave her life to the Lord. Cell Groups were also well attended. Leadership training seminars are ongoing in both assemblies in preparation to select new leaders. At PGCC (Punta Gorda Christian) we had an outstanding attendance of 11 people and in Eldridgeville we had 6 people. We had a wonderful time in the presence of God in our Sunday services. Our numbers continue to soar with an increase in the number of young people coming to church. 9 people gave their lives to the Lord this Sunday. One person was prayed for who had a spinal chord injury and was instantly healed. Our prayer request is that we can have church Van ready for transportation of some believers and easy access by Pastors to the village assembly.
Our weekly activities continue to show increasing numbers. Our Ladies Ministry hosted its fellowship where over 20 Ladies attended and totally enjoyed themselves in a Powerful Word delivered by Overseer Omega Gwasira. Our Sunday service had 31 people in attendance including 4 Visitors. Some testimonies:
  • One Member testified on the Word “By his stripes we are healed” after experiencing severe pain for days she decided to cry to God for healing in church today and now she is feeling no Pain. 
  • One member experienced much comfort when the Praise Team took over in Praise & Worship after she recently lost a loved – she says she was visited by the Comforter – Jesus.
The Word was delivered by two speakers. Our prayer requests are for continued growth of Membership, development of Home Cell Groups and provision of a church vehicle.
The single women in Zambia had a power packed conference from 31 October- 3 November 2019, graced with the International Director Rev. Caillar Mhlandla and Pastor Constancia Madoda as our speakers. This was a life changing conference and the teachings were powerful concerning “Life in the kingdom of God”. The objective of single women ministry of raising a well -rounded single woman was emphasized. The teaching on offenses and how they should be dealt with through forgiveness and love was another highlight. It was further pointed out that a Single woman full of worries can overcome by keeping busy through working talents. The Testimonial preaching was followed by deliverance through one on one counselling. The session on the Holy Spirit was so exciting and powerful that everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit and 8 Single women instantly spoke in tongues. The conference ended with a powerful message delivered by the international director, followed with Holy Communion.
Glaudina district had a power packed crusade in partnership with FIFCAHSM team doing door to door evangelism, winning souls to Christ and they harvested 672 souls with Evangelists Maziriri as Guest Speakers. Many who were bound by evil spirits were delivered from eye sight problems, high blood pressure, hand and ear problems. While from 21-24 November, Greendale held a phenomenal life transforming conference for women and men under the themes “Women Empowered to Achieve Greatness and #RealMenPray. Graced by the Secretary-General Reverend Misheck and Leticia Nyambo and several other speakers, topics covered include Family Business, Etiquette and Grooming, Child Welfare, Nutrition, Health and Estate planning. One of the days was dedicated to a BUSINESS EXPO in which businesses and small to medium enterprises had an opportunity to exhibit their products and 5 people gave their lives to Jesus. During the same weekend a powerful 48hour prayer retreat was going on at AMFCC with single ladies coming from all over Zimbabwe. They received a burden to pray for Mbuya Dorcas Hospital (MDH) and a Word that the single ladies must periodically go and pray at MDH because of the overwhelming work that is there. Give glory to God for such a profound, power -packed weekend.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God that He will give them grace accomplish all that needs to be done and wisdom and revelation for the various meetings before year end. Thanking God that He continues to give Baba & Amai victory over spiritual warfare especially as we are nearing the end of the year.
  2. Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Trinidad, Guyana and Michigan USA. May God continue to add more souls.
  3. Thanking God for prevailing peace in ZEGU and provision for the different needs at the university that are a burden for Baba & Amai.
  4. Thanking God for the Girls on the move (Kerygma) outreach from 29 November- 1 December 2019 at the Harare Gardens , that it is a successful event, journey mercies for all delegates and provision of finances
  5. Thanking God that He will provide the money for the AFMCC flats renovations as the saints carry the burden together with our father.
  6. Thanking God that He gives Baba & Amai a “building inspector” for the church.
  7. Thanking God for building projects that Baba and Amai are doing: the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Centre and the schools in Gokwe and Chiredzi.
  8. Thanking God for all our missionaries and the growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Praise the Lord for the successful registration of the church in Lansing, Michigan USA. Thanking God for the expediting of the registration process of FIFMI Finland and Mauritius.
  9. Thanking God for your nation.
When you are really in the kingdom of God then you will see things getting easier.
If you really commit yourself, you will see the difference. It starts in your spirit. The kingdom of God is spiritual. When you receive the true seed of God you will see yourself growing spiritually. Anything artificial doesn't grow.
You can be the last born in your family but if you are faithful and strong in FIFMI the whole family will come to you for help because they find out that you have something that they don't have.
My prayer is that God blesses you, your business, your family, give you good health and a sound mind. Be faithful and honest in your church and God will bless you then you will testify what God has done for you. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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