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Apostles Update Week 50

Dear Friends,  
Season's greetings!
We are already in the Christmas week. By the grace of God we are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let this time be a time to reflect on the birth of Jesus and not just getting presents. Jesus is the reason for the season!
We thank the God of our Father, Apostle Ezekiel Guti, for His mighty hand that we witnessing in Morocco. The Lord is continuing to add souls that are being saved and last week 6 new believers were baptized in water. We are experiencing the wonderful presence of God during our Sunday services with an average in-person attendance of 38 and 5 individuals managing to join online from other cities. Our Tuesday and Friday prayer meetings and 3 bible study groups were well attended. Last week we also bid farewell to our missionary pastors Enoch and Virginia Tigere who had been with us for 3 months.
We want to thank God for such a blessed week we have been having. Midweek prayers continue to be attended online with a pleasing attendance. We have been receiving powerful life changing teachings on the Kingdom of God derived from Apostle Ezekiel Guti’s book, ”The Hidden Treasure in the Kingdom of God”. Indeed because of these teachings believers are practicing walking in the kingdom of God. On Friday after a powerful teaching a woman gave her life to Jesus with tears all over her face showing the teaching had prickled her heart, to God be the glory. We give glory to God that some believers are getting jobs which they have been struggling to get for years. Thank you for your prayers may you have a Merry Christmas.
Nevis - This past week was full of joy as we had several reasons to celebrate. We thank the God of our Father, Apostle Ezekiel Guti who has kept us throughout this challenging year and for Prayer Groups which have been faithfully committed. Not forgetting our Ladies Ministry and Children’s ministry which is particularly promising a bright future for FIFMI Nevis through a vibrant group of children who faithfully meet every Sunday and this Sunday the service was dedicated to them. We enjoyed a highly spirited program of Poems, songs of Christmas cheer and Christmas stories performed by the children who delivered brilliantly. Elder Judy then delivered a Powerful word entitled "The Star in You", she urged us to allow the light of God to shine to men so they can glorify Him. We closed with the Children leading us in the song Feliz Navidad- Merry Christmas and fellowship followed with distribution of gifts to the children and light snacks. We want to wish our FIFMI Family worldwide a joyous and peaceful Christmas and as we focus on the reason for this Season- Jesus Christ.
We want to thank the God of our Father Archbishop Ezekiel for sustaining the church in Malaysia since the lockdown in March. Currently we are still on lockdown and not allowed to meet as a church by the government's orders however, that did not stop our God from performing His wondrous works. On Friday the 18th of December, we had our 1st ever online Holy Spirit night on Zoom, God moved mightily in people’s homes, 9 people attested to being touched and filled by the Holy Spirit leading them to speak in new tongues, 7 other believers experienced the touch of God in their rooms, some felt fire and some began to share what the Lord said and others confirming the same word, receiving visions concerning the church and thereafter, we had chain prayers where the church prayed in unity and a sweet spirit was poured upon the church, those that came discouraged were encouraged and those that had burdens the Lord lifted them up, we thank God for His mighty move despite being in different geographical locations. We witnessed believers from around the globe coming together and worshipping the God of our Father Archbishop Ezekiel Guti led by young adults from various nations who ministered in praise and worship on Saturday on ZAOGA FIF Facebook page, we give glory to Jesus for the tremendous success and such great testimonies of how people’s spirits were uplifted.
We held our first ever online Youth Personal Development and Wealth Creation Symposium hosted by the Australia Youth For The Nations from the 19th to the 20th of December 2020. What a way it was to round off the year and prepare Youth and Young Adults to experience the secrets of God to unlock potential and wealth. The event was graced by main speakers Elder Simbai Gonye from the UK and Elder Gracious Masuka from Victoria, Australia. Youth were also encouraged by a set of dynamic FIF Youth speakers from Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia and the UK. We had a total of over 100 delegates youth join in from all states and territories of Australia and outside nations including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malaysia, Oman, Cyprus, Russia, New Zealand, UAE and Namibia. Youths were inspired and taught that the blessing of God that is upon our Father Apostle Ezekiel Guti causes us to be global change makers and that we should work with our hands and the gifts/talents God has given us. Youths were encouraged to continue with education, personal development and be vision focused. Youth were empowered, equipped and encouraged to not sit down but to start on something that creates wealth. We thank the God of Ezekiel for such life changing teachings during this Symposium.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that He continues to give them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God for victory throughout 2020.
  2. Thanking God for divine intervention in the release of the new degree programs for ZEGU.
  3. Thanking God for the continued growth of the FIFMI churches around the globe as people meet in the church buildings or online. Thanking God for adding more souls in St Maarten and Morocco. Thanking God for the registration process for FIFMI Morocco that is underway. Thanking God for granting affordable meeting places in the different nations.
  4. Thanking God for good rains and not floods in this rainy season.
  5. Thanking God for the ongoing Ezekiel Guti Prayer Mountain and Deliverance Centre construction and provision.
  6. Thanking God for His Angel that encamps round about those who fear Him and protects the saints around the world from the Covid 19. Thanking God for continuing to heal those who are infected.
  7. Thanking God for journey mercies as people travel during this Christmas season. Thanking God that there are no accidents or mishaps.
  8. Thanking God for your nation.
Colossians 3:10,12: v10 "and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him,"
v12 "Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering"
We put off the bad character and put on the new man by continuing to read the Word of God as we are praying and fasting for the Apostle and Servant of God and the work of God. We continue to make sure that these things don’t come back to us again, we keep on resisting them so that we can have our godliness. After we have put off anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy and filthy language out of our mouth we are now to put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long suffering; bearing with one another and forgiving one another. When I have these things there is no way godliness cannot dwell in me because these things they go alongside with it, even in my home godliness will be there. Even in this Christmas season, godliness will be in my home.........TO BE CONTINUED. God bless you. 
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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