Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On


Forward in Faith Ministries International worldwide are working Talents towards the state of the art university in Bindura, Zimbabwe. The University will be the first of its kind in Zimbabwe built over 500 hectares of land. Forward in Faith Ministries International will be the first indigenous church in Zimbabwe to not only build a Hospital but also a University fully funded by church members. This is a great project that the Lord put on the heart of his servant and now it is coming to pass in his life time.

Forward in Faith assemblys all over the world have caught the vision of the servant of God, the founder and visionary of ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries International, Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti and are all working hard in the area of giving (ZEGU TALENTS) for the University to be finished. The University will be called “ZIMBABWE EZEKIEL GUTI UNIVERSITY”, ZEGU in short. So if you hear anywhere in your area, Forward in Faith members saying they are working ZEGU talents, be free to join in this great kingdom project and receive a blessing by causing the name of Jesus Christ to be exalted through the completion of this University.

Construction of the university has already begun with around 60 workers on site. Three boreholes have been sunk on site and the generator is ready to be installed. Construction briks are being delivered on site on a daily basis as believers continue to work the Talents. A large security fence has been erected around the 500 hectares earmarked for the university project. Let us all pray for victory in this great endeavour as we know that in the sight of this great good the devil works hard to make it fail.With your prayers and working of talents we can always expect victory.


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Stay Involved with ZEGU

Stay Involved with ZEGU

published May 29, 2015
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published May 11, 2015
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