Apostles Update Week 44

by fifmi

November 13, 2023

Featured photo: Apostle Dr. Joe Guti visits Bulawayo West Province. Read More.

Dear Friends,


The Sons and Daughters of Prophets (SADOP) ministry has kick started their Legacy Celebrations, celebrating the Legacy of our Father, Archbishop Ezekiel H. Guti. The Celebrations started in Mashonaland East Zone (Marondera, Mrewa and Mutoko Provinces) on Saturday the 11th of November. Over 50 SADOP gathered to celebrate our Father’s legacy through song, dance and sharing of testimonies of the life and ministry of our Father. Our International Sadop Director Overseer D. Guni encouraged the SADOP to hold on to what we have seen, learned, received and heard from our Father. That same night the Celebrations moved to the Harare Zone (Greater Harare Norton and Chitungwiza Provinces) were over 200 SADOP gathered to celebrate our Father’s legacy. The event was graced by our Mother Archbishop Prof Eunor Guti, Bishop Moses Mlambo, Bishop Anna Mawoko, our SG Apostle M Nyambo and Ovr Mazuruse. Our Mother taught us about understanding the Covenant that God made with our Father, and that we are beneficiaries of the blessings of that covenant hence we ought not to be ordinary. We as SADOP must make history just like Isaac who prospered because of the covenant between God and Abraham his Father. Indeed, our eyes were opened and our lives will never be the same.The Legacy Celebrations bandwagon now heads to the Midlands, Bulawayo, Masvingo and even other outside nations! SADOP We wanna be like them!!



In Guyana, Deacon Terrence ministered from the book “Do You Know Your God”, written by Apostle E.H Guti. Pastor Fanuel Phiri taught about the local church during an interactive session, and Elder Wesley preached, encouraging the leaders to pass on the baton to the younger generation. One child was dedicated to the Lord. Glory be to God! See photos below from our recent big Sunday.

While in Nevis, their weekly activities continues to make Godly impact in the lives of the believer. Sunday Service was very powerful Holy Ghost filled as Dr. Robert Chirima continued the teaching on the topic my Identity in Christ followed by the Word Renewal of your mind. Their numbers increase every week and the joy in believers is multiplied.


In Belize, a leadership training was done from Monday to Wednesday for Elders, Deacons, and prospective candidates of all 3 Forward in Faith assemblies on zoom. Teaching was done by all our local Pastors. Monday to Wednesday the Pastors visited the hospital praying for the sick two who were discharged. This week in Belize City Friday Service face to face was introduced with 21 people in attendance.Two people who were witnessed to came to church and declared Forward in Faith their home after attending Friday and Sunday services. 2 babies were dedicated. Praise God Mango Creek has a house to use as a church – the building has been and is still under renovations to raise the standard. Praise be to the God of Ezekiel who answers the prayer of his children. People are excited to be at the new location.

Dominican Republic

At the FIFMI Church in the Dominican Republic, Pastor Freddy Alcántara preached on Zoom from New Zealand on the topic the Foundation and History of the FIFMI Church and how the books of our Father will continue to strengthen the church. Continue to pray for more souls to come to the Lord in the region.


The God of Ezekiel continues to show Himself faithful in our nation. This week we welcomed one new member who relocated from Zimbabwe and pledged to make FIF her home. The weekly programs went on as usual and couples had a powerful service on Thursday. On Saturday night, the girls had an interesting service where they were taught different recipes for cooking. Sunday service had an attendance of 51, 19 people onsite. Elder Melody wrapped up the Bible study on soul winning and people so motivated to do it practically. Later Elder Becky delivered a powerful sermon on knowing God as our father and afterwards, people had time to pray for their lives. We give God all the glory. Some testimonies:
One person testified how God had healed her after she fell ill.
Another lady testified how she experienced God’s favour when she went to apply for her visa to the US, she was granted without any problems. .
One lady testified how she had been praying for a colleague to be saved and she was seeing God answering her prayers.
Thank you for continuing to pray for us we pray for you.


We want to thank God of our father for eventful weeks, which continue to encourage the saints in Egypt. Our numbers of consistent believers continue to grow, averaging 35 every week; a baptism pool was purchased, and 5 people were baptised to the joy of the church. Our short-term missionaries, Pastors Prince and Tinashe Makaza, continue to be mightily used in the areas of deliverance, counselling, and healing. We thank God of our father for the secure place of worship. After church services, we have fellowship, which brings unity and togetherness to the saints. The Monday prayers, Wednesday Bible studies, and Friday prayers continue to be well attended with an average of 15 gadgets connecting. Tuesday Women’s prayers continue to be well attended. We thank you for your prayers as we continue to pursue the registration processes.


We want to give glory to the God of our father Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti who granted us favour this past week as we held our National Executive, AGM and National Council.
God Has highly favoured our nation as our father, Apostle, Dr Joseph Joe Guti sent us Overseer Hebert and Jerina Nyakonda from Kwekwe Millionaires Golden Province to be with us during the National Council and Big Sunday. Our National Big Sunday was fully packed with 638 Adults and 163 kids. The service was electrifying and full of the Holy Ghost Fire. The word was so powerful from Overseers Nyakonda and great deliverance took place as the whole auditorium was covered with the presence of God. Many were delivered from the spirit of poverty.Twelve people received their healing as one lady testified that she had suffered a severe backache, she even used cushions to support her back, she received healing instantly.
A young lady was delivered from a spiritual husband. Eight people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We thank God that our Nation will never be the same again after this powerful word therapy.


Sango worship centre

We thank the God of our father for granting us the provisions to achieve Sango worship centre, the assembly now has a conducive place of worship. Last week the overseers Esene Henry and Helen moved their focus to lekki community, on the Island of Lagos, starting with soul winning with one of the AMFCC part time students, with an aim of starting a new Assembly in the Lekki community. We thank the God of our father that we are starting the Lekki assembly this Wednesday evening in the office of an estate agent we met at our first visit. This Sunday witnessed the appointment and posting of four new cell group leaders to different locations within the headquarter church catchment area.
The Go Quickly department is witnessing addition new members and on their big Thursdays which is once every month the women are thanking God for lessons they are being exposed to.
This Sunday we had a visitor from Mozambique our elder Dr Stanley Sachikonye who was in Nigeria for an official assignment. He shared powerfully with the church on the goodness of the God of Ezekiel many people were blessed and leaders were greatly helped and energized for greater commitment.

Sango assembly from canopy to a shed in 6 months


We would like to thank the God Ezekiel for Abuja Assembly, the Assembly is growing miraculously. Our missionaries overseers Thomson and Tsungie Nsingo are working tirelessly. Two services are being conducted, morning service in the city and afternoon service at Gwagwalada (58 km from the city centre)? Mid week activities are attended successfully. 10 people were water baptized in October. Our prayer is for us to have a place of worship in the city and instruments before the end of the year.
Continue to pray for us on our new assembly we are officially opening this week in the Lekki community, we believe from that estate agent office that miracles will start with him and his friends that will announce us in that community. We are also praying for furniture for the Abuja mission house in the growing Abuja church.
Also pray for our AMFCC part time school so that many leaders will embrace this unique opportunity to get trained. Thank you for your continued prayers for Nigeria.


Bulawayo West

Our province was blessed with the visit of our father, Apostle Dr Joseph Guti on the 4th and 5th of November 2023, He was accompanied by Student Pastor Pheim Guti. The visit was a long awaited event for which believers across the province had fasted and prayed. On Saturday, the 4th of November, about 400 leaders attended the Provincial Council (PC) at the Local Mother Church, Bulawayo Miracle Centre. Our father taught prophetically on the importance of the vision and doctrine of our church. After the PC, our father visited all the church buildings in our province, pronouncing blessings in every district. Sunday the 5th of November, was a historic day for our province both the auditorium and the 500-seater overflow tent were full to capacity. There was immeasurable joy when our father, Apostle Dr Joseph Guti, entered the auditorium. Choirs, testimonies and the KMD (Kingdom Music and Dance) part of the program added to the excitement and anticipation. 16 people gave their lives to God. Many who were demon possessed were delivered, many sicknesses were healed through his ministry. We thank the God of our father Ezekiel for giving us this great seed that is impacting lives in Bulawayo West province, and for allowing our father, Apostle Dr Joseph Guti to set foot in our province.

Waterfalls East

We were privileged to host evangelist Eria Chibvongo on our Miracle Night conducted on 3 November 2023. The all-night service was graced by delegates from as far as Zaka, Gweru, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia. A total attendance of 715 adults resulted in an overflow. 49 People received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

The Evangelist and Yafamba Team prayed for several people and outstanding miracles were recorded which include:

  • 1 woman who had heart problem was delivered from that pain and got total deliverance.
  • 30 ladies were delivered from the spirit of spiritual husbands.
  • 12 people were delivered from piles.
  • A lady who could not hear was prayed for and she began hearing clearly.
  • A woman with cracked heels (man’a) caused by demons was picked up through prophecy and healed completely.
  • A woman who was walking with crutches because of the pain in her legs was prayed for and was healed completely.
  • A lady who had period pains for many years was prayed for and was instantly healed.
  • One woman was picked up through prophecy that she always dreamt being bitten by dogs. She was prayed for and was delivered.
  • Another woman had Breast Cancer and was prayed for and she got her deliverance.
  • A young lady was prayed for and told whoever was causing misfortunes will come and confess their evil acts and surely the person did confess the next day.

All the glory to God.


We would like to thank the God of our father for allowing us to host a mega crusade as Evergeenland Region. The crusade was was held at Mbuya Nehanda Business centre from the 31st of October to 5th of November with 454 in attendance. We had the honour and privilege of having the renowned Evangelist Alice Mavhunga as the guest speaker as well as Pastor Cecilia Mutandwa as the guest musician. There was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as she fervently preached on deliverance, healing and also ministered Holy Spirit. 336 people received Jesus Christ. Notable miracles:
Three people were healed from poor sight and notably, a woman who was partially blind and had been wearing spectacles for 46 years received her eye sight.
One woman with a dry breast and was feeding her baby on one breast was delivered and immediately began breast feeding her baby.
One boy who was not eating red meat since birth was delivered and began eating and did not vomit or show any signs of nausea.
Two ladies who had walked 42km to and from the crusade on their way back they met two men. One of them drew an okapi knife as he tried to attack them the knife miraculously fell and they escaped.
Two teenage girls who are also twins were delivered from the spirit of witchcraft. After that 6 people from the family received Jesus Christ.
A boy was also delivered from a strong spirit of satanism.
80 received baptism in the Holy Sprit and 63 were water baptized. We would to thank our Pastors T.D and Memory Chiparo together with our Overseers Precious and Sibongile Mapondo Moyo who worked tirelessly for the crusade to become a reality.


On Saturday 11 November seventy-one ladies and one gentleman converged at Mutare Miracle centre for a short course in cookery and baking which was being offered by Ezekiel Guti Technical college. The program was organised by the Provincial Overseers, Overseer G and A Musvipa. It has been the wish of our Father Professor E. H and our Mother Professor E. Guti for EGTC to design programs that will empower members so that they boost their talents. The EGTC Principal feels that this program can also spread to other Provinces.


We thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for the abundant grace He showed us from the 10th to the 12th of November 2023. Special thanks to our District Pastors Alfred and Phillipa Magwa together with Evangelist Munhenzva for arranging us such a power packed and life transforming weekend filled with practical deliverance and revival, with Evangelist Eriah Chibvongo. 220 people gave their lives to Christ, about 700 people received one-on-one counselling. Outstanding miracles:

  • 10 people were delivered from cancer.
  • 2 women who were not able to walk were delivered and went back carrying their crutches.
  • 4 people were healed from fibroids.
  • 39 people were delivered from anti marriage spirit.
  • 12 people with moving things in the body were delivered.
  • 15 people including 2 YG were delivered from spiritual husbands.

We praise God.


Praise be to the God of our Father Archbishop Prof. E.H Guti, who allowed us to hold a successful Provincial Big Sunday at Chinhoyi Provincial Centre on the 12th of November 2023 with 1500 people in attendance. Overseer Paminus Masikini was the speaker sharing on being genuine disciples of our Father as we enjoy the covenant he had with His God. Our guest Musician Evangelist David Mabvuramiti electrified the atmosphere with his musical talents. Followed by a mighty deliverance 4 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. These are some notable miracles:
2 ladies were healed from painful legs which was making it difficult to walk.
A lady who had breast oozing milk nonstop for 4 years was prayed for and was healed instantly.
A lady who was suffering with acids, came coughing was healed and the coughing stopped.
A lady who was suffering with abnormal pain which was suspected to be cancer was healed after being prayed for and the pains immediately stopped.
165 individuals were healed from different ailments.
60 were delivered from the spirit of anger.
24 were delivered from the spirit of prostitution and marine spirits.
29 ladies delivered from abnormal pains.
We thank you for your prayers our province will never be the same again.


The University Graduate Fellowship (UGF) Empowerment Conference, held from Thursday the 9th to Sunday the 12th, left a profound impact on passionate postgraduates and students who gathered under the theme of “Celebrating the Legacy of the African Apostle.” Diverse subjects, including Church History, Business & Entrepreneurship, Mental Health, Legal & Financial Literacy and more, were explored by esteemed speakers, including Pastor Truth Phiri. Attendees received personal counseling and poured out their hearts during the faith clinic.The conference surpassed expectations by raising a substantial sum for missions, empowering the UGF community to make a global difference. With a record-breaking attendance of over 540 individuals, the conference buzzed with vibrant energy and unwavering faith. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully, filling more than 20 people during the Holy Spirit session. Spiritual transformation took center stage as 4 delegates gave their lives to Christ as their personal Saviour. UGF Director, Apostle Atoria Gudyanga, accompanied by Overseer Florence Gudyanga, graced the conference, reaffirming UGF’s vision of training influential leaders for Zimbabwe and Africa. Beyond the venue’s confines, the impact of the UGF Empowerment Conference continued to resonate. Hearts were set ablaze, dreams were ignited, and the legacy of Professor E.H. Guti burned brighter, inspiring a new generation to create lasting change.


We are grateful as Matebeleland North for grace and favour located us as we have been praying for our father to step in our Province. It was with jubilation that on the 11th of November, a team that comprised of our Zonal Bishop, Overseer T & J Msiza and team welcomed our father Apostle Joseph Joe Guti and Pastor Nyasha Guti at Victoria Falls International Airport to grace our Provincial Council and Provincial Big Sunday.

There was great joy in the city as the auditorium was filled with 272 delegates inclusive of Pastors, Elders and Deacons from Lupane, Jotsholo, Dete, Hwange East District, Lwendulu Local Mother Church and Bethel Region under the province. Soon after the business meeting our father Apostle Dr Joseph Joe Guti taught powerfully to the leaders. Afterwards, healing and deliverance abounded. Leaders with complications were prayed for and God healed them. A notable miracle was of a lady who had been operated, and for 3 weeks was in great pain. Her hand could go numb for up to 3 hours. She was prayed for by our father and was completely healed.

The Provincial Big Sunday recorded an attendance of 1 010 people. Our father Apostle Joseph Joe Guti taught what is important during this time of transition is to make sure your relationship with God is right and have a genuine fear of God. 58 new converts were added to the Kingdom of God. Hwange Province will never remain the same after the visitation of our father and we give glory to the God of Ezekiel.


Guided and inspired by our Father, Apostle E.H Guti, Region 3 of Bethel District in Dzivarasekwa Extension in Westgate Province embarked on a Door to Door Soul Winning exercise on Saturday 11 November 2023 after a week of prayer and fasting. The day was graced with 9 Student Pastors from AMFCC who led teams of elders, deacons and saints in the soul winning exercise. Indeed the God of our Father is real, there was a thick atmosphere of great joy in the region as a bumper harvest, deliverances and miracles were witnessed during the exercise. A historic 152 souls gave their lives to Christ, 23 people were water baptised, 7 children were dedicated and 10 people were filled with the Holy Spirit. A great deliverance was witnessed through a session conducted on Saturday night and on Sunday service. A woman with chest pains was prayed for and got healed, another lady with a leg problem for a long time was prayed for and got healed after a prophecy was given. The region is grateful to the Overseers, the District Pastors, the Regional Pastors and indeed the God of our Father who has brought revival in the lives of the saints through the event.


We want to thank God of our father Ezekiel Guti for our just ended Maungwe Provincial Big Sunday held on the 12th of November. Indeed it was a great weekend graced by the HQ Bishop George and Juliet Mutingwa. The Big Sunday held at Makoni Country Club Stadium was one of it’s own kind, with a great attendance of 2310 congregants. As soon as the host Overseer Ben Chawadya introduced the guest speakers, the whole sports ground got on its feet ready to receive from the servants of God. Bishop George took the podium with Talents message where he encouraged the congregants to work with their hands as working of talents is the only way to get out of poverty. He reiterated the importance of implementing what our father taught us giving reference to Phil 4:9.
157 people were prayed for to start working talents and among them were 17, who were delivered from evil spirits and demonic attacks. 148 business people were prayed for their businesses to flourish and bloom again. 9 women were prayed for from the spirit of barrenness. 10 souls came to Christ.
We thank the God of our father for such a successful Provincial Big Sunday and our province will never remain the same.

Please be advised that our office will no longer be accepting Apostles Update reports sent on WhatsApp to the number +263 777 28 20 92. To ensure the publication of your report kindly email it to [email protected] by 1pm (Central African Time) on Mondays.

Kindly note we are requesting you, where possible to include photos to accompany your report submission as we will be publishing some photos of the weekly Apostles Update on our website https://fifmi.org/apostles-updates/.

You are welcome to contact our office on +263 775 83 19 21 for alternative arrangements or further assistance.

This week:

  1. Thanking God for our mother Apostle Prof. Eunor Guti that He continues to strengthen her. Thanking God for the victory He continues to give her. Thanking God for the continued success of the mission in Chitungwiza.
  2. Thanking God for our father Apostle Dr. Joseph Joe Guti, the SG Apostle Mishael Nyambo, and the DSG Apostle Dr. Steve Simukai and their spouses, that God gives them wisdom and grace as they carry out their assignments.
  3. Thanking God for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem…”
  4. Thanking God for the success of the Regional Seminar & Big Sunday held in Edmonton, Alberta Canada this past weekend.
  5. Thanking God for the Regional Seminar & Big Sunday to be held in Toronto, Ontario Canada from November 17-19, 2023. May God anoint the speakers and enable the people to attend.
  6. Thanking God that ZEGU and the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital (MDH) continues to excel and that the vision is fulfilled as God gave to His servant Ezekiel.
  7. Thanking God for His intervention in the Mount Pleasant Heights church issue. May God give His people victory.
  8. Thanking God for protecting the saints in India and Pakistan. May He send angels all around them. Thanking God for a rainy season with no flooding in India as God watches over His people. Thanking God that He protected the people in Chad during their past rainy season.
  9. Thanking God for Home Talents (Kingdom Wealth Creation) that everyone will have something tangible to show as a result of the covenant that God made with His servant Ezekiel of which we are beneficiaries.
  10. Thanking God for giving success to the long-term and short-term missionaries. Thanking God for providing suitable meeting places and favorable prices as the FIFMI churches continue to grow. Thanking God for the registration process of FIFMI Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Romania, Cameroon, Slovakia, and Poland.
  11. Thanking God for your nation.


An excerpt from the Disciplined and teachable spirit book

“People are not after or do not need another spirit. They need the spirit of ZAOGA FIF- The SPIRIT of God that is in their father Baba Guti which is the Spirit of Jesus Christ in him. You cannot attract people in this church without having the spirit of this church. It doesn’t matter you don’t know how to preach but if you have the spirit of ZAOGA Forward in Faith people will come to you…” God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Apostle Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092
[email protected] | www.fifmi.org

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