Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 18



Dear Friends  

Happy 57th Anniversary ZAOGA FIFMI! God has been faithful. Glory to God.
Please note this Apostles Update is a little longer because of the anniversary reports. We give glory to God for the great things He did this past weekend.
Indeed, the God of Glory who was with His servant in Ngaone has never left Him. Happy Anniversary ZAOGA FORWARD IN FAITH. The servant and Apostle of God and our Mother arrived in Cyprus on Friday to lay an Apostolic Foundation. God has answered the prayers of the church which they had been praying for over a year for this visit. It finally happened. There was so much joy as they stepped in our nation at the airport and straight away they went to the church to greet more people who were there to welcome them. Baba declared that this is a new season for the church in Cyprus. 
The anniversary kicked off that same Friday night with an amazing attendance of 424 people. People from other churches also came to see and hear from the great Apostles. Pastor John Strong delivered a word on the Kingdom of God and the Power of God. There was great deliverance and manifestation of power. People were healed and delivered. 35 people received Jesus Christ. 
On Saturday afternoon session Apostle Dr. Eunor taught on how the God of Glory who was with our father from Ngaone has never left Him even till this day. She taught on how God protected our father on all the various tests he has gone through in the work of God and encouraged us that if we don't compromise we will also experience the same as our father. 

She shared her pathway to salvation and how the word of God changed her life. This greatly touched many young people. This was attended by 210 people and 33 people received Jesus. The Saturday evening session was awesome. District Pastor Eddith Christmas shared a testimonial message encouraging us that just one word from the prophet of God changed her life. It was fireworks in the auditorium as people rushed to be helped. Baba then narrated more history and encouraged the students to take care of their parents when they finish school.

On Sunday our anniversary celebrations continued with a whopping attendance of 508. The place became too small. There were 4 visitors from the Philippines. People were standing outside and many others standing in the church. Our father stood up with the prophetic and timely word for Cyprus. He said you will use what you have and everything is according to your faith. Mark 11 You shall have whatever you say. What are you you saying? He encouraged us to put our trust in Jesus through the word of God not through objects like oil or bottle of water. 
Evangelist Eunor then came teaching the young people that whenever you overcome a weakness God will place a blessing on that spot. The things of God are understood and received by the spirit man not the natural man. She also touched on forgiveness. There was an altar call on for people who wanted to be delivered from unforgiveness and great deliverance took place.  2 people were saved, 56 people received the Holy Spirit and 33 indicated they want to be water baptised this coming Saturday. 
Our anniversary celebrations concluded with Baba cutting His birthday cake and sharing with Mama. At the end of it all Baba shook the hands of everyone who was in the church and he declared a blessing on the nation of Cyprus. Cyprus will never be the same again.
Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:

St Kitts 
We are so thankful to the church of God for all the prayers for this island. This week saw us start our Bible study groups. Two are in homes and the other one is at the church venue. We saw people inviting and going to pick each other for the studies. Some even provided refreshments. The group with the highest attendance had 8 locals. We took time this week to learn about the history of the church and its founder. We continued even into the Sunday service teaching and sharing that this is not just another church. This Sunday we had one new person. Our prayer is that the people be grounded spiritually in order to bring change to the way people live on the island.


Anniversary greetings from Nevis. It's was a week of miracles and learning new things, how to testify, Bible Study on true New Birth, the values and History of Baba Guti and FIFMI, and Mother's Day etc. Anniversary Testimonies:

  • FIFMI restored a couple separated for 5 years and are planning a vows renewal marriage
  • A man managed to withhold smoking Marijuana for 8 consecutive days during Anniversary week.
  • 2 ladies changed their wardrobes and wore high heeled shoes for the first time this week 
  • Last week one lady prayed about which church to attend and God visited her and said you belong to FIFMI
  • 2 ladies have started selling food and peanuts for home talents. One got $600 last week.
  • A woman said the difference of FIFMI is that pastor's come down and keep in touch with members.
  • The church is not a fly by night, it has come to stay and 57 years proves that it's a stable movement.
Members were uplifted to watch the Deeper Life Conference Official opening video.
2 ladies were delivered from evil spirits. We had a weekly average attendance of 21 due to Mother's Day frenzy. Thank you for your prayers.

Miami for Jesus! We thank God for another week by His grace. Wednesday bible study at the retirement home. Friday we  had bible study and prayer 6attended. Sunday,  11 attended. We celebrated F. I. F. 57years Anniversary together with our Father Apostle E.. H. Guti's birthday 94 years. Mothers were also appreciated. Many were happy as they narrated their testimonies of how they joined Forward in Faith Ministries. The history of the church was read many were interested. A lady who was prayed for last week, testified that God had healed her from fibroids, The pain and bleeding also stopped -Glory to Jesus our Healer! Worship dance also graced the service. Many were excited to sing our father's song 'coming down'. Fellowship afterwards included the cutting of the Anniversary cake. We thank the God of our father for choosing his servants Apostles E. H. and E. Guti and leading the church for 57 wonderful years. Happy Anniversary! F. I. F and Happy Birthday Baba Guti, we wish you many more years!

The God of Ezekiel is alive and doing great things in our midst. We thank God for the Anniversary week, and we say Happy Birthday to our father the bond servant of God Professor E.H Guti on turning 94 years, Malaysia loves you baba. Congratulations to the whole FIF family on turning 57years of God's grace in the year of having, and also to FIF Malaysia on turning 8 years.

Our Anniversary celebrations started on Friday with 14 adults in attendance. It was a time of testimonies and sharing on the History of ZAOGA FIF and of the exemplary life of our father E.H Guti. On Sunday our attendance was 49 adults and one child. We had dignitaries from the Zimbabwe and Lesotho embassies in attendance. The Honorable Ambassador of the Kingdom of Lesotho attended with us and she testified at the end of the celebrations that she had felt loved, this is the ZAOGA FIF love that has held us together for 57 years glory to God. Our guest of Honor was Mrs Zhakata the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe. She acknowledged the work being done by FIF in equipping its believers with training on how to use their hands and the presence of FIF in Malaysia being a source of spiritual guidance for students. She also thanked Baba Guti for his tireless dedication to see many souls come to Christ and equipping them. The pastor then taught on remaining in the Kingdom of God, despite the challenges one might face, a continuation from the Friday service where he taught how baba Guti endured hardships because of the call and promise of God and how he remained faithful to his God and now we are all living testimonies of the greatness of the God of Ezekiel. Testimonies:

  • A lady testified how she came to Malaysia and went to different churches, but when she came to FIF there was a difference, she felt welcomed and loved and has been coming ever since.
  • A lady testified how she came to Malaysia and was looking for FIF on a Sunday and had given up because she could not find it. On her way home she met the Pastor and hence found the church. God does wonders. That very same Sunday she gave her life to Christ.
  • An Elder testified how she saw in a vision 2 men coming to Malaysia to plant a church whilst she was still in South Africa. When she came to Malaysia she was invited to church and when she saw Baba Guti she said I know that man, he is the man God showed me in a dream planting a church in Malaysia.
  • One brother testified how a Chinese lady who wanted to render services to FIF Malaysia was not comfortable in doing so. But God visited her in two dreams and told her these are my people. She called the Deacon and said I want to offer the service you require because you are God's people.
  • Another brother testified how he just felt the urge late in the evening to eat ice cream. The pastor greeted them at the ice cream place and he came to church and has been coming ever since. God planned to have them meet.
God is alive. The church was strengthened that indeed God had spoken to His servant Baba Guti to plant a ministry in Malaysia and that indeed we are God's people. Hallelujah.
Continue to pray for us as we still believing God for a church van to ferry students to church.
We want to thank the God of our Father Ezekiel for such a blessed and joyful Anniversary that we had this week. We met at the church’s Mission house on Saturday with 13 Adults and 7 Children. The book of Remembrance (How it began and where it is going was read) and the saints were very happy to know the Faithfulness of the God of Ezekiel to His servant and Apostle and the Church. 
On Sunday the God of Ezekiel visited the Church right from the worship to the word of God. There was a thick presence of God that the hearts of the saints were filled with joy.
These are some of the testimonies 
  • A man who has been refusing to come to our Church for the past one and half years has started worshipping with us because of the love of a church member
  • Another woman also testified that she was looking for a church to attend when she came to Sweden then one of our members invited her to church. She visited and now calls FIFMI her home. We give all the Glory to Jesus. 

Happy 57th anniversary. We had a great time in the presence as people came to celebrate our church anniversary. We started meeting on Friday with 44 in attendance, the word of God was preached with power, Pastor Francis Madzivadondo grounded people in the doctrine and many were delivered. On Saturday we marched through the streets, people did it with joy as it was an opportunity to do soul winning, it was successful. On Sunday celebrations continued, the joy of the Lord was present, as the praise and worship team ushered us into God's presence 62 people came. The word was released with power and many were delivered. It was so refreshing as people testified of how their lives were changed after coming to FIF.

We thank the God of our father and we appreciate all your prayers for us.  We also took part in celebrating the 57th anniversary of our church celebrations started on Friday. After singing the historical song that became the name of our church, 'Huyai mose tinamate Mwari' in shona and Malagasy then our youth and young generation went around distributing fliers inviting people to come and join in this historical day in FIFMI. We read the history of the church. On Saturday people took turns to testify on how they came to FIFMI. From the testimonies we saw that the God of our father is a powerful God. Our elder took time to read and explain the history of our church in Malagasy. 8 people gave their lives to Christ, glory to God. One elder said I have no gift big enough for papa Guti but I composed a song for the history of the church for him.  Later we had fellowship the attendance was 67 adults and 66 children  Although the heavy rains affected the evening service, 24 adults and 18 children were present.  Pastor Mildred read the history and we witnessed deliverance. On Sunday we read our church history, had a flag procession, worship dance then we ate some cake. One person gave his life to Christ, 75 adults 69 children were present. We shared with our church history with one man who visited our church and he’s promised to come to church and bring others, there is power in church history.  One child who was experiencing the shivering of the body and weakness of the legs got healed after prayer. A woman whose husband had been suspended from work came to the house crying but after prayer he was called back to work. We need your prayers for many people to repent in Fort dauphin


This week:





  1.  Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God gives them supernatural strength everyday. The work is growing everyday and it is through our prayers that they are able to do what God wants them to do.
    B. Pray for divine favor for the visas for the long-term missionaries being processed. We serve a God of miracles.
    C. Pray for the registration of the FIFMI churches in Bahrain and the Dominican Republic
    D. Pray for Baba & Amai as they prepare for Deeper Life conferences to be held in July
  2. Praise God for successful 57th Anniversary celebrations all over the  FIFMI world.
  3. Pray for the Good News Deliverance Explo to be held in Binga, Zimbabwe. Pray for God to anoint the speakers and miracles to happen. Pray for journey mercies as the team travels.
  4. Pray for the growth of  Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis churches.
  5. Pray for the churches in Oman, Malyasia and St. Kitts & Nevis to be able to get a mission vehicle and mini van.
  6. Pray for the ongoing construction at ZEGU.
  7. Pray that people experience miracles as they work Home Talents and no one is left behind.
  8. Pray for your nation.


Having it is not in the natural it begins in the spirit first. By the same measure I hear with it will be measured to me.  He who has will get more but the one who doesn’t have even the little he has will be taken away. It comes from the spirit and manifests in the natural or physical. This spirit is the soil. The word of God is the seed. The preacher sows by preaching or teaching. The word is sown in my spirit which is the soil. We hear the word even if unsaved, the Holy Spirit and the Word will come together and cause the spirit which is not born again to be born again. When you come to church you should pray, ‘Father God let my spiritual ears hear the word that comes from you.’ God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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