Apostles Update Week 11

by fifmi

March 26, 2018

Dear Friends
Let’s thank God for the seed that has been planted in Panama City. Priscila is a believer here who rededicated her life to Christ after attending a service and meeting with Baba. She continued to join us for services and was refilled with the Holy Spirit after she had stopped speaking in tongues for a while. She is hungry for Jesus and we thank God for her. Enjoy this clip from Panama with our father and mother.
As we are thanking God, we are grateful to the God of our father who enabled us to have a prayer retreat as student pastors at AMFCC Harare from February 28 to March 2, 2018.
The prayer retreat was graced with the presence of our mother who had a delegation of 18 female pastors. Apostle Dr Eunor Guti taught powerfully on having the faith of God as recorded in Mark 11:20-23. She also taught us to use the word of God when praying for our father saying that God cannot deny his word. She then guided us in praying for our father declaring Psalms 20 & 21 and this was accompanied by a mighty presence of God. Other speakers included Dr G.M, Pastor Bertha Shayamano and Dp Edith Christmas.
The student pastors had a one on one counseling session that enabled them to pour out issues that were hindering their prayer life.
It was a life changing prayer retreat which ended on a high note with a special prayer of impartation from our mother. We give glory to the God of Ezekiel for his faithfulness
News from around the world
God is doing a mighty work at FIFMI Nevis and the powerful testimonies continue to flow from members who are experiencing the hand of God in their lives through the teachings of our Pastors. Here are some of the testimonies:
  • One member said the teachings have brought a tremendous change in my life. Praise God for the peace it has brought me.
  • Another member testified that after Ladies Ministry on Tuesday she was able to see her prayers answered when the very next day at work a Coworker repaid her money she owed her since last year.
  • A lady testified she got healed immediately after the pastor prayed for her on the phone.
  • A member revealed that she had had a plan for a business for the last three years and after Pastor Vee’s teaching in Ladies Ministry on Tuesday she was able to move forward and accomplish something she failed to do in 3 years in only three days. Hallelujah! God is a great God!
FIFMI Nevis Women has been partnering with the Nevis Island Govt. Dept of Gender and Community Affairs and on Thursday several ladies joined in the International Month of Women activities with a March through the streets and rally against Violence and Abuse of Women and Protection of Women.
Our Sunday Worship was fired up with the Spirit of God felt through the church Halls. 18 Adults and 2 Children were in attendance. We pray for our Resurrection Weekend Services and pray for the spirit of God to continue moving in FIFMI Nevis.
We thank the God of our father who has been faithful to his servant. God is doing great things in Barbados, thank you for your continuous prayers. It has been an awesome week with a good attendance during the midweek services. Friday service was so powerful accompanied by accurate prophecies to the glory of the Lord. Attendance was 16 adults. Sunday service the presence of God was heavy in the church as the pastor delivered a powerful teaching on the pattern of the church from the book History of FIF. The Angel of this ministry appeared in our midst confirming that indeed this church is led by God himself. Attendance was 55 (44 adults and 11 children). There was healing and restoration; a woman suffering from backache was healed instantly. We thank God.
Namibia Western Province Prayer Retreat
About 95 people, mostly women, from across the province, led by Overseer Agness Tjizoo, gathered for the historic two-day fasting and prayer retreat to pray for the Servant and Apostles of God. The gathering, a first of its own kind in Namibia, had a practical faith clinic that came after teachings on prayer and cleansing the heart and people were delivered from the spirit of anger and unforgiveness. Deliverance left people refreshed and some actually felt some things leaving their bodies.
Also, teachings on the significance of interceding for our father and mother, ignited fervent prayers that left many spiritually revived. 8 people were filled with the Holy Spirit. Since people were camping at the church, they broke their fast and fellowshipped together on Saturday evening, just like the early church. Women are happy and wish that such prayer retreats could be done more frequently.
We want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel H. Guti for giving our Nation grace to join the rest of FIFMI Nations in praying for our father our mother, the Apostles of Jesus Christ, for God to keep on strengthening them in the great work they are doing. Regardless of their busy schedules a total of 91 women met in their Provinces in our Nation. The following reports are from Alberta, Northern Territories & Saskatchewan province, British Columbia, and Ontario & Quebec province in Canada:
Edmonton: After a powerful word from Senior Pastor Sesie Mutsigwa about cleansing our hearts, 25 women who gathered in Edmonton were delivered from things that were stored in their hearts during a very moving Faith Clinic which started on Friday night. Many testified about being delivered from bad character. After the deliverance, people were full of joy and there was a free spirit as people were praying for Baba and Amai.
Calgary: People were delivered from the spirit of anger, unforgiveness and restoration of broken marriages took place after a teaching on Friday night from Pastor Judith Kwaira. 13 people attended the Prayer retreat. There was a heavy presence of God and a word of prophecy was also given to us. Two men playing instruments were also helped listening to the word of God.
Grande Prairie: 5 people met to pray starting on Friday night, finishing on Saturday evening. They experienced character changes and testified that the retreat was a great help to their lives.
Red Deer: two people attended starting Friday night and God moved.
British Columbia (BC):
12 ladies met led by Overseer Tina Mashushire. There was prophecy and words of knowledge during their powerful prayer sessions. Glory to God!
Ontario & Quebec Province:
Toronto: 26 ladies gathered, Overseer Regina taught about forgiveness and clean heart which led to a faith clinic session where people poured their hearts and were prayed for. On Saturday she taught on the importance of prayer and how and why we pray for our father and mother. This was followed by powerful prayer. Pastor Rose followed and taught about fellowship with God and a thick presence of God was felt. There was great deliverance and prophecy throughout the prayer retreat. Glory to God!
Ottawa & Montreal: Overseer Omega Gwasira ministered mightily as 8 ladies gathered. Her teaching was followed by intense prayer.
All the ladies in Canada are testifying of how their lives have been transformed. Indeed this is a new season on our Nation. Many people are requesting to have these prayer retreats more often. The God of our father Ezekiel Guti is faithful. Praise be to God who gave us an opportunity to pray for His servants!! Praise the Lord!
We had a wonderful time last week which ended with a Women and Girls Big Friday. 198 women and girls attended. We had a visiting guest, Bishop Theresa Chiweshere, who was mightily used by God. She first had a session alone teaching the women about marriage matters from the “Wise woman” while the girls had their workshop and teaching on holiness, fearing God and ministering. She then taught the whole group together. It was a huge success.
At the same time, Men and Boys had their own big Friday and it was so powerful. Pastor Joram taught from the “Wiseman” book by our father, from boyhood to manhood. The men were so greatly helped and are now calling for more gatherings and teachings like these.  We thank the God of our father for His hand on the work of God in Dubai.
We bless the Lord for another day. Weekday meetings went well. Sunday was refreshing.15 people attended including 3 children. There was great fellowship afterwards. Everyone was testifying about the goodness of the Lord through healings, protection and providence. Glory to God. Two guests enjoyed worshiping God and fellowshipping in the end. Pray for continuous spiritual and numerical growth. We thank the God of our Father for one Muslim who gave their life to Christ.
United Kingdom
Yorkshire Province men of integrity had a successful, powerful prayer and fasting retreat for the Apostles of Jesus Christ our parents Ezekiel Handinawangu and Eunor Guti with 27 men attending. The retreat was led by Overseer Michael Kasese from the 15 to the 17 of March 2018. For three days, there was intense praying and travailing in the spirit for the servants of the Lord, the work and their family. The retreat was also punctuated with great teachings on marriage, grooming, vision, parenting, business and prayer among other topics where men were delivered by the power of the word. On the last day the men prayed for the snow to ease as it was going to be impossible to drive off the hilly, sloppy terrain of the venue and surely it ceased and only continued after the scheduled time. There was great joy in the Holy Ghost and no doubt the men were restored, revived and empowered by availing themselves for praying for the Apostles of Jesus Christ. To the God of Ezekiel be all the glory.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for continuing to give them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God for renewing their strength and causing them triumph over the territorial spirits in the different nations.
  2. Thanking God that the Lighthouse of Mercy has been registered and continuing to thank Him that we will find a good private property.
  3. Thanking God for Overseer Eliah Muzanamombe’s complete healing.
  4. Thanking God for visas for long term missionaries and those that need to be renewed.
  5. Thanking God for the completion of the ZEGU construction
  6. Thanking God for giving UAE and Argentina a good meeting place and mission house for Argentina.
  7. Thanking God for your nation.
Mark 11:20-24. v 22-23 says, “So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.”
We have faith for headaches, stomach issues, small things but not the great things. Where are the great things that should happen out of faith? We need this God kind of faith.
The Russia BBQ (braai) that was scheduled for winning souls – if the rain was not stopped what could’ve happened? The people invited were already laughing. After Baba & Amai spoke to the rain, the rain stopped and BBQ went on. Many people received Jesus. So now Baba says I want you to have this too.
We don’t have it because we doubt. We conclude ourselves before we try that this will not happen. Jesus wanted His disciples to have faith so He cursed the tree in their eyes.
When we thank God without doubting but believe the Word, things will happen. When we have faith we will see it happening. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092

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