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Apostles Update Week 31

Dear Friends  

Praise the Lord who continues to hear our prayers for the longterm missionary visas. One visa has been approved so far. Let's give God glory as we continue to believe Him for the many other visas still to be approved. Hallelujah! 

Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:

St. Kitts
All praise and thanks to the God of our Father Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti for the awesome week we experienced. Our Wednesday Home Bible Study groups are becoming very interactive as persons are growing in the word. Our Friday outreaches have begun to produce results. On Sunday after a powerful message 3 persons gave their lives to the Lord, two of which were first time visitors from our outreach. Hallelujah! We had 23 persons in attendance at our Sunday Service. Please continue to pray for our outreach program as we begin to experience the awesome blessings of God.
As Nevis approaches its one-year Anniversary We continue to see growth and excitement within the Church Family.  Growth and development continues to take place under Pastors Norman and Nerissa who has taken us to another level in securing our deliverance and maintaining our closer walk with God.  Throughout the week activities went on well and members met daily for Lunchtime Ministries.  Testimonies
  • One member testified her father had to be rushed to the hospital.  After prayer God made it happen that when the patient arrived at the hospital his Doctor happened to be the doctor on duty and was able to immediately know the history of the patient and administer the right medical treatment.  He was discharged in one hour from the hospital.  Glory be to God. 
  • Another member testified about reading Baba Guti's books and each time she did she saw Angels all around her.  
Sunday worship was held at the mission house despite the logistical challenges we had 16 Adults and 14 Children in attendance.  

Here in Barbados, we are seeing the great and mighty hand of God.  F.I.F Barbados church is moving from glory to glory. Thank you all for your steadfast prayers.  This week one person received Christ and there was one water baptism.  Mid-week services continued as usual.  We are continuing to see more people coming for counseling and deliverance throughout the week.  The captives are being set free.   Glory to our Lord Jesus! 
This Sunday we held our very first one-day Family Convention.   It was a resounding success with 52 people including children in attendance.  We had 2 visitors fellowship with us.  Because it was a Family Convention, our Sunday Service was held as a church picnic in the park.  We had workshops, Bible Quizzes and structured games.  The Go Quickly, Men of Integrity and the Youth received powerful biblical teachings on how Christian families should be.  It sure was a fun filled day.  After that it was time for much food, drinks and fellowship.  Indeed it was a wonderful Family Convention. 
Please pray for peace in our nation as the city has been witnessing a lot of gang violence, shootings and stabbings.  Pray for protection of our members. 
We had an amazing weekend in New York. God really moved with so much power through Ev. Ezekiel Guti Jnr. The sick were healed and many were delivered from the demonic oppressions. Highest attendance was 32 people on Sunday. Some of the miracles include:
  • A lady was healed from arthritis
  • 10 ladies were delivered from the spirit of heaviness and depression
  • One man experienced healing virtue in his legs when the Evangelist proclaimed, "Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!"
  • 3 ladies were instantly healed from ovarian cysts
  • One lady was healed from fibroids.

After the church service, the Evangelist met with the assembly's leadership and he encouraged them in the Lord, to be united, to grow in the fear of the Lord and the love of God and to be rooted in the church doctrine before he released a word of blessing upon them.

India Dehli 
We thank God for the successful launch of the International Service last Sunday which is an English only service. It is always good to follow the vision of the visionary. Baba's long awaited launch of 2 Services in India Hindi Service and English service was witnessed last Sunday 6 August with 33 in attendance for the First English service with Diplomats and English speaking congregates. During the 2nd Hindi service there were 45 in attendance.
There was great joy in both services as the Short term Missionaries Pastors Mutumbwa and local Pastors Kumah taught on Salvation from Baba's book. Last week saw the finance committee being taught on some of their responsibilities and more leadership teaching and trainings are lined up.
More prayers are needed for the church to continue growing and to align to the vision. 
The God of Ezekiel has done it again! In the year of 40th anniversary of AMFCC, the first AMFCC Part-time class in the far East graduated on 13 August 2017. Dr. N. Mbisa, the Director of AMFCC Part-time, capped a total of 9 students. The graduates thanked the visionary Professor E.H. Guti for establishing the school and appreciated how the school had developed them. After the graduation ceremony and the testimonies by students, numerous members expressed interest to enroll for the school.  Praise be to God!
Schengen Family Convention:
Glory be to the God of our Father Ezekiel Guti, who allowed us to hold the first Family Convention for the Schengen countries in Paris, France. Delegates came from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.K.  A total of 32 people attended the convention, including 3 diplomats. 3 people rededicated their lives to Jesus. Deep revival occurred as the word of God was preached on a range of topics. Among other things, Overseer Thaddeus Mike taught on the spirit of bitterness and ministered deliverance to the church. He also gave a powerful teaching to the youth and children. Meanwhile, Overseer Joy Mike encouraged the church to work home talents. A sweet spirit of unity prevailed throughout the intervals of fellowship and breaking bread during the conference. Please continue to pray for Schengen!

Thank you for your prayers. Last Monday evening we were invited to minister at a funeral together with our members. We gladly grabbed that opportunity to preach Jesus Christ and 7 people gave their lives to Christ. One of them has since promised to come to church. We managed to have home bible study at the house of one of our believers with 3 people.  On Friday we had prayer with 3 believers. 
On Saturday, we did soul winning and 2 men gave their lives to Christ. One of them who is senior citizen came to church on Sunday. When we talked to him after Sunday service, he said this was his first time ever to attend a church service, glory to God. Our Sunday service had an attendance of 9 adults and 6 children, a total of 15 people. Among the people attending for the first time was a lady from our church in Solomon islands, Roselyn Ometa, who is studying at AMA university in Quezon City. She promised to bring the other lady from Solomon Islands also who is with her at the university next week. She is a powerful singer and our church enjoyed her powerful worship.   
After fellowship on Sunday, as we counselled and prayed for one of our members, great deliverance took place. We still need a break through for more people to commit themselves as members of our church and that we may have a better PA system for quality sound. Thank you for standing with us in your prayers.    


This week:





  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti: 
    A. Pray that God will continue to give them supernatural strength everyday. Pray for wisdom as the work is growing.
    B. Praise God for the one longterm visa that has been approved. Let's continue to pray for the other ones as this is one of the burdens that Baba has.
    C. Pray for God to open the door to the Scandinavian nations.
  2. Pray for the Trip to Israel taking place August 20-28, 2017. This a celebration of the prophecy that was given in November 1963 and fulfilled in November 1993.
  3. Pray for the continued growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide including those looking for affordable venues and the appropriate locations. Pray for the protection of our members in Barbados.
  4. Pray for the SADOP (Sons And Daughters Of Prophets) conference taking place August 24-27, 2017 at AMFCC, Harare Zimbabwe.
  5. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  6. Pray for your nation.





Acts 2:42-47
How can a local church become strong? It's not just preaching. When you are a leader you have to think why people are not coming to church. The problem is you don't listen to the needs of the people.
What to do at your assembly to cause the church to be happy?:
Fellowship after service is very important. People are lonely. Your church is like a business - people come and go quickly. Fellowship makes people happy. Fellowship and teaching the doctrine of the church  makes people stay together. After service have some food so people can eat and talk. Preaching alone is not enough. Fellowship is very important. Breaking bread together, makes the church remain one. People only relax when you are eating together then they tell you their needs etc.   God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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