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Apostles Update Week 33

Dear Friends  
SADOP Conference
We had a wonderful SADOP conference in Harare where attendance was an average of 800 people. 90 people rededicated their lives to Christ. The conference was run in a special way as delegates were grouped according to certain age groups so as to give proper attention and focus on their needs. We had the 5-8 years, grade 3 -7, form 1 -6, college/university, couples and single lady’s groups.
A team of speakers and facilitators led by Apostle Chikuse ministered deliverance, salvation, Holy Spirit baptism, personal development, career guidance and business. It was a total package for a person to be helped both physically and spiritually.
There was a team on Sunday that dealt with empowering and motivating people to make the right choices for their lives. It comprised of 2 government ministers and 13 captains of industry from diverse backgrounds, who all acknowledged the influence of the God of our Father the Apostle Prof E.H Guti in Zimbabwe through ZAOGA FIF. The conference ended with an audio message from our Father, that SADOP should show the light in every aspect of their lives as they were born in the light and other people will be saved. He went on to prophesy that SADOP are on fire for Jesus Christ and God is going raise people who will prophesy, great teachers of the word of God and leaders, great leaders who are going to lead the church. Glory to God for a wonderful and life changing conference
Let's hear the results of prayers around the world:
St. Kitts
We had a great week of fellowship, all thanks and praise to the God of our father Ezekiel Guti. Our Monday prayer was so powerful and we are seeing growth in the believers who once said that they were not accustomed to praying in public. In our Tuesday Ladies Prayer, we had 8 ladies in attendance, this was the most we ever had; the prayers, teachings and fellowship were wonderful. We received teachings from one of our mother's books that called for all to carefully examine ourselves as it pertains to attitudes and behaviors as Kingdom women. 
Wednesday home bible study groups is again increasing as we have made arrangements to start one in the rural area. Hallelujah to the God of Ezekiel. 
Friday outreach has received some positive results we now have approximately 15 contact information for follow ups this week. We remain excited about our soul winning activities. We are praying for favor as we reach out to these individuals. 
This weekend we traveled across to our sister Island of Nevis and had an amazing awesome Big Sunday. Our worship team traveled on Saturday to join in the activities and fellowship, and Sunday the believers followed crossing over to the other Island. The praise team took the worship to a new level singing our favorite Forward In Faith Songs. The love and fellowship was so powerful that it was agreed that this gathering should happen more often. We give thanks to our father for his prayers and blessings as we will continue to do as he asks and have fellowship one with another. 
Please continue to pray for us as we go out and compel the lost souls in our Nation to be saved.
Nevis (first ever) Big Sunday celebrations saw the manifestations of a BIG GOD at work as St. Kitts and Nevis FIFMI came together to celebrate its one-year anniversary with a weekend long celebration of Services culminating with a joint worship service followed by a fellowship luncheon. The service was spirited with the Praise and Worship Team leading in worship and setting the mood for the presence of the Lord to take over the place. Pastor Talent taught Bible. The worship program included the introduction of the Children in the Children's Ministry offering a rendition in song led by Elder Judy. The Children from both churches were then presented with back-packs filled with school supplies. We are looking forward to the Children playing a pivotal role in the development of FIFMI in St. Kitts and Nevis. 
Holy Communion was served and the Praise Team set the atmosphere for Pastor Shepherd's delivery of the word before an almost packed hall of 37 Adults, 14 Children and 4 Pastors
The week’s activities leading up to the weekend's celebrations were prayerful as Pastor Norman and members of the Congregation went on a campaign to educate and encourage more persons to come experience something different in FIFMIThe campaigns on both islands brought much awareness and brought several visitors to our weekend's activities. 
  • One member sharing how the Big God that we serve turned some things around for her and her family members who were travelling and it was a reminder on leaving things up to God. Trust and pray and God delivers. 
  • One man testified on his involvement when the church was just getting started and it helped him to work and trust God more and watch the deliverance God does for us. 
Our God is a BIG GOD! Hallelujah! FIFMI - NEVIS has now set the pace for BIG things to happen through the awesome God we serve. 
Glory and honour be unto our Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour. This week during home visitations we had time to pray for a family of 3 on Monday and they gave their lives to Christ. A Muslim couple received Jesus Christ during our Wednesday Deliverance session in the morning. Pastor Helen ministered to a lady at the Saturday Women's breakfast meeting and she came this Sunday to church and made FIF her home. We had a total of 7 people saved this week and 2 were at church this Sunday. Some of the testimonies include:
  • A man was told that he had damaged nerves, he was prayed for on Sunday. As he went home he saw a man who was sick and as he prayed for him all the pain in his body disappeared completely as well.
  • A woman we prayed for on Monday was scheduled for operation for breast cancer on Friday when she went to the Doctor they postponed it, the lump dissolved. We worship God who heals. 
  • Our drummer was blessed with a phone he had wanted for a long time since he could not afford it.
  • We had been praying for guitarist and one came in on Sunday, Glory be to God
On Friday, our first Worship Night Service was punctuated by deliverance and healing and God spoke that complete healing was taking place to all with different diseases.
On Sunday Overseer Abisha ministered about the Holy Spirit bringing awareness to the function of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. Attendance was 49 locals and 9 children.
Pray for growth in Word, Wisdom and Prayerfulness for the whole church
Atlanta FIFMI was honored to receive Evangelist E J. & Caroline Guti for a week culminating in a Miracle weekend (Aug 25 through Aug 27, 2017). These great servants of God ministered through home visitations and also in church service and the Glory of the Lord was evident throughout their ministry. The weekend started with a Friday service in which God used Dr. EJ mightily as he shared about the woman and the issue of blood. Many saints who were struggling with different issues were set free and experienced God’s love and power to heal and deliver. 
On Saturday, Dr. EJ had a teaching session with the Atlanta FIFMI leaders. He taught the power of unity and how to serve the saints with love. This type of love requires connecting beyond the church walls. He encouraged the leaders to visit the saints in their homes.
Sunday service was an absolute blessing and the glory of God was present in a mighty way, in the praise and worship, teachings, exhortations, words of prophesy, and healings that took place. 4 people rededicated their lives to the Lord Jesus and testimonies of healing were received. One lady was instantly healed from a chronic pain in the back and another man was healed from a persistent knee problem. 
After the Sunday service, a fellowship lunch was hosted in honor of Evangelist E J. & Pastor Caroline Guti. The saints, the evangelist and other visiting guests shared a meal together and there was such a sweet spirit of fellowship. God has indeed favored Atlanta and our hearts are glad. He has risen upon us with healing in his wings and we are free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.
For more detail please like the Forward In Faith Ministries Int’l-Atlanta facebook page for live feeds or use this link
We thank the God of our father who has taken us this far. We also would want to thank you all FIFMI family for prayers that give us results. This week we managed to repair the leaking church roof and to erect the billboard for church activities and meeting times, God is great. We take every opportunity to make friends so as to visit and share about Jesus. We thank God we saw a family of 6 coming to visit the church on Sunday and after 2 of them were delivered from demons they promised to make FIFMI their home. Home cell groups are continuing. Another family of more than 10 invited us for a home cell group after the mother got healed. Miracles:
  • one lady diagnosed of cyst got healed 
  • one who was seriously ill in the house got healed 
  • A girl who disappeared from school called her mother after prayer and made a promise to meet student pastor Jedidja in Tana, glory to God. 
On Sunday there was mighty deliverance, more than 10 people got delivered from demons. We thank God for his grace. Attendance was 56 adults, 29 children, 6 visitors making a total 85 people.
We want to thank God for his grace that we continue to witness. There is tremendous growth in our members and they are actively taking part in home bible studies and prayers. We had one soul that came to the Lord as we witnessed and distributed fliers in the neighborhood. Our Sunday service was attended by 13 locals among which 4 were children. The believers are testifying that the teachings of Forward in Faith have drastically changed their lives. They are saying, before coming to Forward in Faith they never really read the Bible for themselves though they were in Pentecostal churches also. They are now seeing things they never saw in the Bible. Two families literally camp in the mission house for days to learn more from the pastors as well as have time to pray. They are acknowledging that we are a unique ministry full of the anointing. Thank you for continuing to pray that God gives us people who will commit themselves as members of our church. We also request prayers for the protection of our members in the face of increasing life threatening crimes. 
South Africa 1st National Mature Girls Conference 
We want to thank the God of our father for the vision of mature girls. We had our 1st national mature girls Conference on 25th -27th of August. Attendance ranged from 30 to 80 Girls from Friday night to Sunday. Girls were very happy and felt empowered by the teaching of knowing their identity in Christ. Great deliverance took place and they were delivered from inferiority complex, bitterness and spirits of rejection.
There was a great move of the Holy Spirit, girls received the gifts of the Holy Spirit and they are ready to preach the gospel of Jesus together with our father and mother to win more girls to Christ and to minister in the house of the Lord without limitations.
Outstanding Miracles:
  • A girl who couldn't speak well was healed and is now speaking very well.
  • One girl who had a stubborn demon was delivered and she testified that she finally felt free.
  • A girl who felt movements in her two breasts was prayed for and the movements immediately stopped.
Many more miracles took place. South Africa mature girls fellowship is set for great things.
This week:
  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength everyday.
  2. Let's continue to pray for God's intervention in the processing of visas for the longterm missionaries. This is one of the many burdens that Baba has.
  3. Pray for God to open the door to the Scandinavian nations for Baba & Amai.
  4. Pray for the Trip to Israel as they wrap up and people travel back to their nations this week.
  5. Praise God for the success of the SADOP (Sons And Daughters Of Prophets) conference this past weekend.
  6. Pray for the continued growth of all our FIFMI churches worldwide including those looking for affordable venues and the appropriate locations. Pray for the protection of our members in the Philippines
  7. Pray for the success of Home Talents and the understanding of the vision. 
  8. Pray for your nation.
Acts 2:42-47
If you want your children to enjoy the kingdom tell them about it and train them. I had to discipline and train my children so today I'm working with my family as a team. Some of you pastors, you are close to your members' children and yours are far away. Fellowship with your children, give them something to do in church. Remember its important to have fellowship with your church after service. Some of you, your church is like a business they will go with their problems. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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