Founded by Apostle Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti: Over 50 Years and Moving On

Apostles Update Week 46

Dear Friends  
We give glory to the God of our father for a successful women's conference held under the theme "Developing Kingdom Women of Excellence " from 23 to 25 November. There was great jubilation and excitement as the nation of China welcomed the Archbishop Dr. Eunor Guti and a delegation of five powerful speakers; Bishop Prisca Soko, Overseer Eunice Matsikenyere, DP Verda Tabudirira, Pastor Carol Guti and Dr. La-Verne Simukai. 
The conference began on a high note with an attendance of 106 people on Friday night.
  • 25 ladies gave their lives to Christ.
  • 30 ladies were delivered from the spirit of bitterness and unforgiveness.
  • A girl who was complaining of a headache and had a feeling that she was about to die was prayed for her and was instantly healed. 8 ladies were baptized in Holy Spirit and over 60 ladies were refilled on Saturday noght.
We experienced a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as people laughed in the Spirit and we failed to close the service. Many women whose joy had been stolen by the enemy had the joy of their salvation renewed.
On Sunday we had a total of 176 people in attendance. Dr. Eunor delivered a powerful and life transforming message on the integrity of the word of God. She stressed the importance of believing the word of God and standing on it. She said everything that a Christian needs is in the word of God.
  • One person was instantly healed from a deaf right ear
  • 8 people were healed from knee problems
  • 12 people dedicated their lives to Christ.
Gutu Centre Zimbabwe
We had worship Nights from 16-17 November, our speakers were our DPs Evangelist Dhumani and Amai. God visited us and the presence of God was so thick. God showed himself in a Supernatural way, fire came down followed by Miracles, Signs and Wonders.
  • A lady suffering from Breast cancer was healed completely, three cancer lumps in her left breast disappeared after she was prayed for and delivered from the spirit of cancer which was accompanied by spiritual husbands which were sucking her left breast.
  • A man was delivered from a suicidal spirit and he confirmed he had already bought poison to kill himself
  • A lady who could not walk properly because of leg pains since February got delivered, was totally healed and she started running praising God.
  • A man suffering from short eyesight was delivered and Jesus restored his sight instantly.
  • A couple struggling to conceive received their prophecy and got delivered from the spirit of barrenness
  • A lady suffering from pain all over was delivered as she vomited what the enemy deposited in her stomach. 
  • Many were delivered from anti-marital spirits and poverty
After deliverance the Spirit of God flowed and there was great laughing in the Spirit with many receiving emotional healing, others being able to forgive, and broken hearts healed.
We thank the God of our father Baba and Amai and their prayers for us.
Waterfalls East Christian Centre (WECC)
We thank the God of our father for His grace upon the district of Waterfalls East and the vision from our father Professor EH Guti and mother, Dr E Guti for the Real Man and Virtuous Women Conferences that we successfully held concurrently from 22 to 25 November.
People from all walks of life attended the conferences, with some coming from as far as Chipinge and from other churches as well. We were graced by Bishops Nduna from South Africa and Overseers Masaka from Harare South West Province. Our other speakers were Elder Timothy Matangi, Elder Dr. Madembo and Elder Rusinahama. All gave powerful and life-changing teachings relevant to lives of men and women. One person received Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Saviour. Attendance from Thursday to Saturday averaged 250 ladies and 120 men. On Sunday the church was filled to capacity. 
Healing from different kinds of ailments took place. People who were partially blind got healed. Some who experienced premature births also received their deliverance.
Surely the Lord is good and our lives will never be the same. The conferences left the church jubilant. We thank the God of our father E. H Guti who continues to do great things among His people.
News from around the world
Nashville Tennessee
On Sunday at FIFMI Nashville TN we had our Thanksgiving service and fellowship. It was exciting, informative and powerful. Praise and worship was phenomenal. The word was powerful. Pastor Bruce Coble delivered a powerful sermon on unity, and started by recounting his early days at AMFCC Bible School where he observed more about respect and honor. That was humbling. The testimonies were touching. One lady was almost in tears as she shared how she came to FIFMI, a church she had never heard of. She ended up saying, Baba Guti came for her. Praise God we had one visitor, a spouse to one of the committed members. Very encouraging. Thank you Jesus. 
The fellowship was great. Church members brought in food, making a great meal enjoyed by all. 
We continue to seek more souls and pray for the commitment and growth of the new believers. Thank you all for your prayers.
The light of God through the vision given to our father Baba Guti is shining here in Finland. We have successfully lodged the church registration application and we believe that a positive reply is coming soon. We held our first Sunday service this Sunday with the total conviction that the application will come through. We had a powerful service with 7 adults and 3 children. We thank the God of our father for this great seed to be here in Finland. The joy is unspeakable and blessings too. After service we had a great fellowship which builds unity to us as a baby church.
We continue to thank God of our father here in Norway. The church is more and more fired up. Even in the cold weather people still enjoy church. On Sunday one of Deacons came in pain with a headache and backache. She was totally healed as the Evangelist was preaching, glory to God. We had 9 adults 2 children.
St Kitts
Great is our God who takes us from glory to glory. It was time to say goodbye to our short term missionaries Pastors Hilary and Jestina Nyakutya as they now return to Zimbabwe. One couldn't believe 3 months are gone already. It was a touching moment during testimony time as believers could not hide their joy for the impact that has been made upon their lives during the pastors' time with us. Oh what a day! It was also time to welcome new missionaries Pastors Edmore and Kundai Chibwana from UK. There was great joy indeed. We had one visitor who promised to come back next week. Attendance was 18 adults and 3 children. Glory be to the God of Ezekiel who keeps on doing great things. Holy Communion was served and we had fellowship after the service.
We want to thank God of Ezekiel for the Sunday Service. In Nevis towards Christmas is the time when our people get jobs which affects our attendance. The pastors visited one lady who was in hospital and had given up on life after two consecutive operations. After they prayed for her, God healed her and this caused her to come to church. She was all in tears as she gave her testimony during the Sunday service. Our attendance was 23; 16 adults and 7 children. The teaching on the Kingdom Of God was followed by 3 notable miracles. One lady with spiritual husbands tormenting her was delivered after which she asked her Pastors to go to her house and pray in her bedroom. This home visit was done after church service. One lady with suicidal tendencies fell to the ground after pastor asked her to confess the name Jesus. The 3rd miracle was of a lady with a backache who testified stretching and jumping that she was feeling much better. Pray for us so that our church bus may be on the road soon.
We are thankful to the God of our Father for this week. Indeed, we have seen God's goodness in the lives of our believers.
The Go Quickly & Tell Barbados ladies fellowship is on fire! God is doing wonders in our lives and families through prayer. With powerful testimonies of relationships being restored, miraculous sales in business and God providing jobs.
On Wednesday we had a wonderful time during Bible study, with every believer choosing a topic and sharing what they have learnt for the past 3 months. The believers were excited to share. Midweek services are powerful and well attended. Sunday Service was great with a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. Followed by the Evangelistic ministry in the evening at 5pm. Several people gave their lives to Christ.
We thank you for your prayers.
What a blessed nation we are. Last Sunday we were blessed by the presence of our General Overseers Atoria and Florence Gudyanga. This weekend we received Bishop Jonathan Chikwawawa from United Kingdom who preached a power packed gospel using books that the Holy Spirit inspired Baba to write. He also emphasized that whatever God promised to our father is also for us and the generations to come. There were 36 persons in attendance.
We continue to thank the God of our father for his love for Jamaica. Thanking you in advance for your prayers 
FIF Cyprus has had tremendous spiritual growth as well as growth in numbers. The ladies have been having PUSH prayers every Friday. They put their prayer requests on paper, place it on the altar then begin to travail and intercede for the Apostles. Unusual Miracles have been happening through these prayers. Pastor Shami spearheaded a 21-day Spiritual Detox which was concluded by a prayer retreat last week. Deliverance from all kinds of bondages took place and God is raising powerful Young Eunor’s and Young Ezekiel’s who are influential in today's world. Pastor Hillary and the Boys recently built a third balcony to extend capacity in our church building. We thank our father and mother Drs Ezekiel and Eunor Guti for being great examples to us. Many are facing financial challenges but through teachings on the Kingdom, God is providing miraculously. Thank you for your continued prayers. Forward ever!
Praise the Lord. God put it in the hearts of a couple in the church to buy a vehicle for the church. After some months of savings the car has been bought. Glory to God. Another believer has bought a full set of instruments for the church and a musician will be coming from Zimbabwe soon to help us play instruments.
The church is very happy and geared to celebrate the second anniversary since birth.
Thank you very much for all the assistance and prayers from the Apostles of God and the whole FIFMI.
Miami for Jesus! We are so excited for a weekend of Thanksgiving with Our Overseers Drs Zenas and Catherine Marurama. Saturday had a good attendance of approximately 20 people and we received good teachings. Fellowship was sweet afterwards. Sunday was blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Overseers taught on the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit. Many received their prayer language, some for first time and some got recharged and refilled. Some were surprised and afraid and tried to stop to no avail. 39 people were in attendance. 30 adults and 9 children. Sweet fellowship followed afterwards. Another lady testified that she would no longer laugh at those who received the Holy Spirit because now she is a believer. There was evidence of unity, love and joy, amongst the brethren. Everyone was happy about the Blessing the Overseers brought to Miami F.I.F. Glory to God.
We want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel for yet another wonderful week in Nigeria. We are still celebrating our new land and new people are coming to join us. We are moving from glory to glory and there is a great improvement in our services both mid week and main Sunday services. On Friday we had a powerful all night prayer with 43 people in attendance. The Spirit of God moved mightily throughout the night such that people were delivered and healed without the laying on of hands. Three people were water baptized on Saturday. On Sunday we had a powerful Thanksgiving Sunday with 83 people in attendance including some visitors and 5 pastors from a neighbouring church. There was powerful teachings from the word of God and a brief history of our father Ezekiel Guti, many people were blessed and touched. The God of our father Ezekiel is doing wonders and the church is moving on. Continue to pray for us to affect all the 38 states of Nigeria-Forward ever.
This week:
  1. Thanking God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti for continuing to give them supernatural strength everyday. Thanking God for giving them victory in all spiritual battles. Thanking God for divine wisdom and revelation for the work as the year is ending. Thanking God that they are able to get some time to rest.
  2. Thanking God for the growth of FIFMI Nashville, Tennessee USA. Thanking God for adding more souls.
  3. Thanking God for a very successful Women's Conference held in China this past weekend. Lives were transformed and there is a lot of joy.
  4. Thanking God that we can find a good private property for the Lighthouse of Mercy and that God completes the work He started.
  5. Thanking God for giving Baba & Amai the right Chartered Accountant and a Web Developer for the International HQ.
  6. Thanking God for the construction of the Bindura Ezekiel Guti Deliverance Healing and Prayer Center.
  7. Thanking God for favor in the processing of new visas and renewal of visas for long term missionaries. Thanking God for the growth of our FIFMI churches worldwide and for God to meet their needs.
  8. Thanking God for your nation.
A prophetic message:
You are saying I’m doing this because people have done this. I’m living in sin because people have lived in sin. That’s wrong. It’s because of your own problem. Don’t say I see some leaders doing the same. It’s not true. God called you alone. He didn’t call you with that man whose life you are copying. God said learn from Jesus not that man. If that man live in sin you don’t have a license to sin because of that man. You have your own life. It’s not that man. So never use that as an excuse or hide saying it’s because of the leader. Don’t hide there. God has seen you. Get out from behind that person. If you are afraid it’s your own mistake. You are the one that has opened that door to go to hell. TO BE CONTINUED...God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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