Sunday Grand Celebration – Archbishop Ezekiel Guti’s Homegoing

Sunday marked the culmination of the grand celebrations of the life of Archbishop Ezekiel Guti. This pinnacle service attracted individuals from all corners of ZAOGA FIFMI, filling the Zimbabwe National Sport stadium to its brim. The much anticipated event began early, with people lining up outside by 6 a.m. and starting to enter when the gates opened at 7 a.m. By 10 a.m., the stadium was full. There was an atmosphere of jubilation, with attendees dancing on the stadium track, youths expressing their joy vocally, and much more. As the celebrations drew to a close, many people dedicated their lives to the Lord Jesus. During the invitation to receive salvation, people ran down the track as if to symbolize their running to receive the precious gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord

Our beloved mother Archbishop Eunor, along with the family, offered one more chance for people to view the body of our father. This gesture was especially meaningful to many from outside Harare who may have not arrived in time to pay their last respects to the Archbishop at AMFCC.

Once the crowds dispersed and the stadium was empty, a small group of people remained. They continued with their songs, and ultimately joined the procession escorting the servant of God’s body from the stadium, in an unplanned, emotional, spirit-led final farewell.

Photo gallery will be posted soon. Stay tuned….

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