Apostles Update 39

by fifmi

October 7, 2011

Apostle's Update image of Drs. Ezekiel and Eunor Guti.






Dear Friends 


Explo greetings to all the intercessors,


Glory to God in the highest.  The Explo in Darwin was another success thanks to the prayers of the saints. God is great and greatly to be praised. 55 people received Jesus Christ for the first time

42 people rededicated and committed  their life to Jesus Christ. 58 people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The services were very multicultural with the highest attendance being 270 on Saturday night.

People who attended the past EXPLOs are referring their family and friends to the forthcoming EXPLOs. An Australian lady confirmed that it was a great visitation from the Lord. She saw in a vision a great revival to the fire of God in Australia. This revival will affect the whole of Australia and will bring peace and joy. She saw a great deliverance, healing and restoration coming to the city of Darwin. Many people saw this kind of revival 69 years ago and for the past years those who survived in the fire of God had to catch it coming from other states. God used the whole team in a powerful way for His glory.


Here are a few of the miracles: 

1.  A man about 30 years old  who could not smell well unless the smell was very bad since birth was healed and his sense of smell was restored.

2.  A lady who could not walk properly because of  back and neck pain was healed. She also checked herself and discovered that the two large tumors she had for two years had disappeared.

3.  A lady who had suffered leg and back pain since 1990 was healed and she gave her testimony in great joy after suffering for more than 20 years.

4.  A white Australian lady who had a heart condition for 25 years was miraculously healed. She had been to many specialists with Australia being a continent of sophisticated health machines and medicines but she could not find help

5.  One lady passed out at work in the year 2000 and when she was examined they discovered she had a hole in her heart. Her health began to deteriorate as doctors tried many things. She had come to a point where she experienced pain in her breathing and walking was a challenge. She was healed as Apostle Eunor asked her to breath in and out. The pain disappeared and she began to jump which is something she had not been able to do for years.

6.  As the word was being preached, a lady began feeling hot in her stomach and she felt something coming out of her. She had suffered abdominal pains for many years and had stopped her menstrual cycle seven years ago. God healed her!

7.  A lady who suffered stomach pain since 2006 went to specialist doctors who failed to diagnose her situation. She underwent two operations and the doctors did not see anything. Her menstrual period had stopped for many years. As the word was being preached she began to be unstable and was shaking uncontrollably as she received her deliverance.

8.  Among many who were healed of heart diseases was a man who had suffered since 1982. In these 29 years he had been to many doctors and this cost him dearly but Jesus performed a free miracle on his heart.

9.  Someone who had heart burn, chest pain and heaviness was healed. The chest pains disappeared and she confessed that she feel fresh and normal blood flow in her chest. Many other people were healed from chest pains.

10.  A child who had a condition of non-stop flow of mucus (runny nose) since birth was brought to the front for prayer. As she waited for prayer she had her towel in hand wiping the mucus. She was prayed for and the nine years of mucus dripping immediately stopped. What a miracle!

11.  Apostle Eunor prophesied healings for kidneys and many were healed including some who had suffered for in that condition for many years.

12.  For 5 years a lady suffered back pain and headache. Doctors failed to find the cause of the problem. She was in pain but doctors confirmed that everything they checked showed no problem in her body. She felt something coming out of her, fell to the ground and she received her healing. The pain was gone, fear had left and great joy was in her heart.

13.  A man who had problems with his leg was healed and walked without the stick whilst another man who had suffered leg problems for 15 years received his miracle.

14.  A lady who had bleeding problems and had this time been bleeding for two months continuously was healed.

15.  A lady who was suffering from migraine headache was healed, this gave faith to her friend who was also healed of a heart problem for 18 years.

16.  A lady who had suffered from Thyroid problems was healed. Praise the Lord.

There was great joy as the Explo ended. He indeed is a great God. Let’s take some time to praise Him. Hallelujah!!


The remaining evangelist continue to see miracles and news from the heart of the indigenous people of Australia. From Broom the remaining evangelist was called 300km away to Luma (the home of our first indigenous pastors) where the whole village was shaken with such spiritual power they have never experienced. 113 people were water baptized, 140 Holy Spirit baptized and new converts were 153 at the writing of this report. A lady who was in wheel chair came out of wheel chair after receiving the Holy Spirit baptism.

We serve an awesome God. This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Amen!



This week:

  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti for God to continue strengthen their bodies. Let’s thank God for strengthening Baba and that God continues to restore everything in his body. He has a lot of work that he is doing as we draw near to the end of the year, including the Hospital, ZEGU and some of which he cannot share with us but as we pray the Holy Spirit will give us the revelation of the burden that he has. Let’s thank God for the National Council meeting he had in South Africa – it went well. Praise the Lord.
  2.  Pray for Dr. Eunor Guti and the Explo team. This week the team has been dispersed across the nation of Australia where some are planting churches, continuing with the mini explo that comes after the big explo and also encouraging people as they work ZEGU talents. Their bodies need to rest but the work continues so pray that their bodies are renewed as they continue. Dr. Eunor will be in Sydney encouraging people as they enter the final lap of talents. The team is also preparing for the next Explo in Adelaide the following week. People everywhere are becoming more and more aware of the Explo’s and are referring their friends and relatives to go to the Explo’s. God is indeed a great God. Pray that God continues to reveal Himself in Australia.   
  3. Mbuya Dorcas Health Centre (our Hospital) – let’s pray for the people who are looking for the CT-Scan and ultra sound machine that God will give them grace to find the right thing, good quality and favorable price. He is the same God who did the miracle of the X-ray equipment. He is able. We are looking forward to the installation of the X-ray equipment this month. Pray it goes well.
  4. Pray for the building of ZEGU –  Pray for the construction going on that it moves according to schedule and with excellence. Pray that the foundations of all the building complexes will be completed before the rainy season starts. Pray for the people working ZEGU talents that God will continue to bless them because of the covenant that He made with His servant Ezekiel so we can get enough money to complete all the phases of the University. 
  5. Pray for God to provide 3 new vehicles that are needed for the work in Zimbabwe. This is a burden that Baba is carrying for these 3 departments. Pray that people will hear from God and allow themselves to be channels of blessings.  
  6. Pray for the FIF short-term missionaries that have been sent as follow up to the new churches. Pray for God to prosper their missions which include church registration and the strengthening of the believers. Praise God for the miraculously successful registration of the church in Bangladesh 

Teaching:  As we enter into the final round/lap of ZEGU talents this is the time to gather all your strength so you can finish the race well. It is not the time to get distracted by fellow competitors or spectators. Focus on God’s word. 1 Kings 8:56b “…There has not failed one word of all His good promise, which He promised through His servant Moses.”  There has not failed one word of what God has promised to Ezekiel. Psalm 89:34 “My covenant I will not break, nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips.” God is a God of covenant and He will not forget the covenant that He made with Ezekiel. He is getting ready to show himself faithful to the words that have gone out of His mouth. Your part is to believe it and walk in it. It is while we are doing this that the miracle will come through. God has never failed His servant. Keep up the faith. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai



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