Apostles Update Week 20

by fifmi

May 14, 2012


Apostles Update Week 20

                                                                                                               May 2012 

Dear Friends 


Anniversary greetings to all the intercessors,  


“Make a joyful shout to God, all the earth!….Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men”. Praise the Lord for the powerful 52nd Anniversary celebrations in all the ‘FIF churches world-wide! We serve an awesome God who keeps covenant and mercy. God did great wonders and if you would like to share with us please email us. We had the Live Broadcast with the Apostles Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti on Sunday where tens of thousands of people from Greater Harare gathered to celebrate the anniversary. For all who tuned in, they can confirm that it was powerful and life-changing. The warning to keep the fire so we don’t become a denomination and also not to get caught up in chasing riches without God. Here are a FEW of the miracles that took place in the stadium:


  1. 660 people received Jesus as their Savior. Praise the Lord!
  2. Many people were healed from asthma including some who had the condition since birth.
  3. A number of women saw lumps in their breasts melting away under the power of the Holy Ghost.
  4. A man who came limping was healed of both asthma and his leg.
  5. Many people were delivered from evil spirits as they rolled on the floor and some were vomiting.

Other people who were watching from their homes or churches sent messages to Ezekiel TV and here is a brief report:

  1. FIF South Africa – Ehkruleni District – 4 women healed of lumps in the breast, 5 delivered from Asthma, one person healed from depression and 24 people received Jesus; Johannesburg province – 6 people received Jesus, Ultra City Christian Center – 17 people  gave their lives to the Lord and many other were delivered 
  2.  FIF Botswana – Block 8, Gabarone – 23 people received Jesus, 30 people in another church in Gaborone received Jesus and 12 people were saved in Francistown    
  3. ZAOGA Zimbabwe – SICC (Jumbo) church Chitungwiza – 3 people gave their lives to the Lord, City Marondera – 2 people were saved 
  4. Many others called from all over the world sharing the power of God they were sensing and many people were saved and delivered in their services.  

Praise the Lord. This is the God of miracles who was there on May 12, 1960 and He is still doing wonders in our time. Why don’t we just stand up and give God some praise because He is so Awesome. 

This week:  

  1. Praise God for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti for supernatural strength everyday. Let’s thank God for renewing their strength after the powerful Live Broadcast and Anniversary celebrations. Let’s also thank God for the success of the Live Broadcast and lives that were changed. Praise God for granting them visas for the different nations God has lined up for them to visit this year – He is a God full of favor and He makes a way for them. May God grant them wisdom for the administrative work and various meetings they are having. They are also carrying the burden of the Hospital, University and all the FIF Academic schools amongst other things.    
  2. Praise God for the preparations of the Singapore Explo. Let’s thank God for granting favor so we get permission from the authorities in that nation and provision of the funding. Thank God for more people so we can register the church there.    
  3. Praise God for the Hospital (Mbuya Dorcas Health Centre). Praise God for favor with the final registration of the Hospital. Praise God for granting; success in every office we enter.  
  4. Praise God for ZEGU. Students will be starting school at AMFCC this month with plans to move to the ZEGU site in September. Let’s thank God for no setbacks. Praise God for enabling the builders to complete all the buildings on time so we meet all the requirements from the government.  
  5. Praise God for all the FIF missionaries worldwide – those who’ve been there for a while and those that were posted this year. May the God of Ezekiel make Himself known to the people in those nations. Praise God for enabling them to penetrate and have breakthroughs among the indigenous people in those nations as they fulfill the vision.

TEACHING:  Luke 10:38-42. Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear the word while Martha was busy running around in the kitchen. People are busy looking for money but when you don’t put God first then you will have a problem. Do you have time to pray while you are looking for riches? Take time to read and listen to the word of God. It will change your life. Seek first the kingdom then all things will be added. Don’t just memorize the word, do it. In FIF we teach and show people how to prosper through the word and not tricks. Baba is a testimony of how the word of God works when you stay in it and do it. Some people are tired trying to make money but they have forgotten that the word of God works. The desire for prosperity is causing people not to seek God. We have to sit down and read the word and believe that it works in our lives. God bless you



We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai


ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

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International Headquarters 

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 Harare | Zimbabwe

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