Apostles Update Week 23

by fifmi

June 16, 2014








Dear Friends, 


Another powerful weekend in the presence of the Lord as ZAOGA FIFMI churches worldwide gathered for the Believers’ Prayer Convention given the theme “washing our clothes”.  Once again some were privileged to have the Apostles pray with them. There was a lot of expectancy and excitement when people heard that our Mother was in town and the meetings were characterized by such a hunger to learn and some people who had planned to camp at church up to Saturday did not leave the church until Sunday after church just to maximize on the opportunity to spend time in prayer with Dr Eunor.  Deliverance took place in the lives of many people including the following: 

  • Two ladies were delivered as we were pouring out their hearts without anyone laying hands including one who had palpitations.
  • Another lady got delivered from the spirit of grief after she lost a brother and God confirmed it through the joy expressed through laughter

And many other experienced Holy Ghost laughter and joy.

United Kingdom
The Conventions were so powerful, people going for hours non stop worshipping and thanking God. Most prayer leaders were well charged up, the presence of God was felt in all sessions. We had long sessions pouring our hearts & confessing to God, there was great joy when we were praying for the servant and Apostle of God and Amai. At another place there was a massive surge of the move of God when the Pastor explained the importance of just Thanking God for our Father and Mother after we had poured out our hearts. The wave of prayer and the presence of God filled the Church and we give Glory to God for the level of prayer we witnessed at this Convention.
The Praise and Worship teams were used mightily in leading people to worship God after confessing and pouring out to God. It was very evident that the church complied with the word of the Apostles and Servants of God in praying this way during the Convention. The Holy Spirit moved mightily in the church and the Spirit of joy filled some places and people laughed in the Spirit for hours. Tongues were interpreted and many believers were filled by the Holy Spirit. God surely cleansed his church and restored many believers to their positions. The church was refreshed.
Healing and deliverance took place. Here are some of the healing testimonies:
1. A woman who had fibroids and could not conceive  was healed.
2. A woman with severe side pains for more than 3 years which doctors couldn’t find the cause, received healing.
3. A man with a severely painful left leg for more than 2 years was instantly healed while sitting in a chair.
4. A lady who for many years was suffering from high blood pressure was instantly healed.
5. A girl who was epileptic for 9 years was instantly delivered. 
6. A man who was suffering from a mental disorder for more than 4 years was made whole.
We give all the glory and honour to God. Last but not least we want to thank Baba and Amai for their leadership. UK is on the revival path. The Prayer Convention this year has left us on a higher level. 

The church in Argentina had such a powerful prayer convention from Thurday, June 12th to Sunday, June 16, and the same power that was experienced last week at AMFCC during the pastors prayer convention was present at the believers convention in Argentina. Pastor Kudzi and Pastor Kim (our team we sent to Belize in December 2013) are now in Argentina. Believers were encouraged and have grown in prayer. Sunday service had an attendance of 11 (7 locals), yet we felt like a hundred because of the thickness of the presence of love and joy in Christ. People didn’t want to leave after dismissal and continued fellowshipping. Another man came after closing, and we believe God will touch his heart and soon he’ll join us. There was an amazing spirit of joy throughout the convention and the believers were filled with dancing. The Holy Spirit is really giving Bishop Joshua and Mabel Samasuwo tremendous grace, as they now conduct the services almost entirely in Spanish (Espanol). The believers see them as parents and love them so much. We’re experiencing a supernatural linguistic grace as we were also now speaking Spanish at an incredible level. Truly Forward in Faith is an amazing church. God really used our father and mother to plant something so unique. One man who came to the mission house on Friday to confess and be prayed for concerning alcohol addiction also came on Sunday. God is working in people’s lives. Let’s continue to pray for the registration. The devil enters in the little things to create big delays, so we must fight. Once this registration is done, it will open the door to missionaries freely being able to do soul winning and massive advertising

The Paris Believers’ Prayer Convention was attended by 11, including 1 from Geneva and 3 from the U.K. It was an awesome experience such as was never experienced before. We began with the  reading and explaining of the letter from the Apostles and Servant of God, which took us “back to basics” and the origin of prayer convention. This further encouraged the believers who already had a spirit of prayer that has sustained the Paris church.
Friday prayer was all night, Saturday all day, including sessions of thanksgiving and worship. The pouring out of hearts and confession allowed for a mighty visitation and move of the Spirit of God. This was followed by deep genuine testimonies of restoration, through confession, inner healing and deliverance.  It was just awesome!!! Sunday service was attended by 11 adults and 1 child. It was a thanksgiving service, with an anointed word on “seeking and staying in the presence of the Lord which makes the difference“. (Exodus 33 : 15 – 16).


We thank God for the spirit of prayer flowing in Belize in this season, people were fasting and praying the whole week up to the convention were many were filled with Holy Spirit. Sunday service in Belize City was great where people prayed in the spirit uncontrollably and this is a miracle, there was a thick presence of God. 32 people attended the morning service  and 18 were added in the night service. We are seeing the Indian community taking an interest in the church because of two Indian sisters who joined the church.
At the new assembly the enemy sent a strange wind just before the service started and took off the tent thank God no one was hurt and nothing was destroyed because the angel of this church held it as it flew up in the sky. We endured and held our service with 10 people. We thank God for the prayers of the saints, surely the Lord’s heart is upon his beloved 
We thank the God of our father for the wonderful time He gave us during the prayer convention. The presence of of God was so great in the church. We know that it was the flowing of the prayers of our father and mother together with of the saints worldwide. 





This week:


  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti that God will endue them with divine strength. Baba and Amai have conferences in Atlanta Georgia USA  in June 26-29, 2014 and Canada in July. May God renew their strength in the whole body. Pray that God enables them to find time to rest and hear from Him as they prepare for these conferences. Pray for the visas to the other nations that God has planned for them to go to in 2014.
  2. Praise God for the powerful Believers’ Prayer Conventions that took place this past weekend. We are looking forward to the results. 
  3. Pray for God to provide the finances required to build a laboratory at ZEGU for the Agriculture and Science faculties. Praise God for the Commerce faculty that is now open.
  4. Pray for the churches in Gibraltar, Turkey and Cuba. Pray for the expediting of the visa processing of the teams going to Cuba and others nations. Continue topray for the Turkish ladies, that they open their hearts for the gospel of Jesus and are able to attend meetings.
  5. Pray for the Singapore and Argentina church registrations. 
  6. Pray for growth for the church in Omaha, Nebraska and new assembly in Belize. Pray for the church in Brazil.




Exodus 19:10, 14, 22.


This convention there are no prayer items or list. You are the list yourself. God is a holy God and He wants us to be holy. This is a “washing our clothes” Prayer Convention. Washing of our spiritual clothes. The clothes of our hearts, of our inner man. We must be clean within. When you get closer to light you begin to see the dirt on your clothes. God wants to come among us and that’s why we must pray for our hearts. It’s a prayer of opening up our hearts to God. 2014 is a year of shooting up but not when we have issues e.g. resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness, anger etc. you must deal with those issues as an individual – scoop them away before God. God is going to visit us but our mandate is to prepare our hearts – cleaning our clothes.


2 Timothy 2:19-21. If anyone cleanses himself! Seek to be a vessel of honor – sanctified for the Master’s use.


As he was growing up, the man of God did not pray for power, anointing etc. He prayed to be a clean vessel – that’s what brought him this far. Its just like in a kitchen. You don’t just pick up a plate and use it before you check that its clean. If human beings look for a clean plate to use how much more with God. God wants to use me. He wants my life to affect people around me – if I am a clean vessel, not a vessel of clay or wood.




John 1:1-5 – when we come to the light, it will shine and show us all dirty spots in our lives. Forgive, clean you clothes – forgiveness from the heart, not from the mouth – when you cry while telling your story can be a sign that you have not let go.


Gossip is being used by the devil to creep into believers – avoid criticizing, wasting time – pray to overcome gossip. The devil is blinding people not to see what God has put in the man of God, the treasure God has put there for us. Pray that God opens your eyes. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 779 715 481,  +263 777 282 356 

[email protected] | www.fifmi.org

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