Apostles Update Week 26

by fifmi

July 4, 2016






Dear Friends 

Harare East South held the first of many Good News Deliverance Explo’s that will take place in Harare. We are overwhelmed with joy and such a great level of success that we witnessed. We thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for the spirit of joy, unity, excitement and commitment that prevailed before, during and after the Explo. The ladies Explo was attended by 1500 women who received inspiring testimonies and teachings on talents. This was followed by many more powerful sessions until Sunday. The place was packed inside the auditorium including the balcony and there were 2 big screens outside as part of the overflow. Thousands of people braved the cold weather just to hear the word and receive their miracles. The highest attendance was Sunday with 6696 people. All the speakers were mightily used by God. The spiritual buffet on Saturday night went on until 2am with powerful word, prophecy and miracles. After the youth session on Sunday morning, 2140 youths and some adults received Jesus with others saying the sinners’ prayer in tears. This was followed by 2240 people receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Dr. Eunor finished off the Explo with a powerful word on the kingdom of God and 7 more people gave their lives to the Lord. In total 2299 people were saved throughout the Explo. 215 people were water baptised. Glory to God. Miracles took place everyday as the kingdom of God was demonstrated. Here are a few of the many miracles that took place:

  • Many people with deafness in the ear were healed
  • Several people with painful operations were healed
  • Some ladies who had an irritating pimple under the eyelid were healed and the pimple disappeared
  • A lady who sat in wheel chair for 3 years began to walk after she was prayed for
  • A number of people who came walking on one or two crutches left healed and walking on their own
  • Others with painful legs were healed and can now walk properly. Some who had a pulling tendon under their feet were healed
  • One person testified that they had painful kidneys and after being prayed for the pain is gone.
  •  Some people were healed from pain between the stomach and chest area which caused discomfort in eating
  • People were healed from tonsil problems
  • A lady was healed from a painful thumb
  • Several people were healed from acid problems
  • Many were delivered from various demons including witchcraft, religious spirits, spiritual husbands / wives, ancestral spirits and curses
  • 3 people were delivered from fearing death, fear sleeping alone in the room afraid to lock the door fearing people will not find them if they died
  • It was revealed to Prophetess Eunor that someone was missing keys to a valuable place assurance was given that they will find them

Precise prophesies were made and many people were filled with wonder and the fear of God. Truly speaking, this Explo was a great boom as our mother prophesied. More than 500 leaders attended the impartation and anointing session.  Dr Eunor laid hands on all of them and people were slain by the power of God. The move of the Holy Spirit during the anointing session was beyond words. We relived the days of Pentecost. Finally, we express our sincere gratitude to our father, the visionary of the Good News Deliverance Explo for remembering our province and giving us an opportunity to host such a mega event

ZAOGA On Campus (Chinhoyi University of Technology) CUT
On Sunday the 19th of June 56 students from ZOC-CUT left for Manyamba and Magogi rural areas to preach the undiluted gospel of Jesus as commanded  in Matthew (go ye therefore and preach to all nations/places).
Indeed  the God of our Father was with us, people were strengthened everyday and the great hand of God was seen through miracles, signs and wonders which were witnessed in both camps everyday.
Below are some of the things God did during the Outreach:

  • 724 Souls came to Christ
  • 11 people were water baptised (6 in Manyamba and 5 in Magogi) many promised to be baptised after the Sunday service
  • More than  35 people received the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues
  • A man was having problems with his right leg, he even went to South Africa for treatment but no change. The leg could not bend or stand on its on, he was prayed for and he was able to do what he could not do with his leg
  • A lady was suffering from stomach aches for one year and received her healing after prayer. The stones she had been given by false prophets were  burnt after Jesus healed her
  • Gogo Nyikadzino was having back pains, side pains and kneel problems; during the door to door visits after a group shared the word with her, she was prayed for and God healed her instantly and she praised God
  • An old man had back problems and painful legs, could not walk properly but he was prayed for and was healed . He praised God as he could now walk properly without any pain
  • For a long time a man had a toothache which was causing him sleepless nights but during door to door evangelism, he was prayed for and got healed instantly, the pain is gone for good. Other people were also healed from toothaches
  • One of the groups managed to preach at a funeral after burial at Ben Gausy’ Farm. We praise the God of our father for being with this group at such a time with their ages, God used them to speak words of comfort and after that 8 people gave their lives to Christ. Many people were healed from various sicknesses and problems. Notably an old lady who could not raise her hands due to pain from the shoulder and the whole hand, was healed and praised God. She was able lift her hands up high thanking God. Another lady who could not sit properly or stand for long because of side pains and back aches was prayed for. She was healed andpraised God.
  • Others were thanking God for the healing them from headaches and chest pains etc
  • A man was touched by the word and came with his alcohol and surrendered it publicly as he decided to follow this Jesus .

On Sunday the 26th (last day) the team split into two groups to conduct services in both places (Manyamba and Magogi). A huge number of the new converts attended and as if it was not enough people received the Holy Spirit and bubbled in other tongues. We thank DP Masakure for releasing us to the work of God and the host DP Chihwedere and the leaders from Manyamba and Magogi. We give praise to the God our Father E.H Guti, for allowing ZOC- CUT to fulfill the greatest commission. 

Come with us around the globe and hear what God is doing:

The God of our father has done it again in Russia! Forward In Faith St. Petersburg assembly was launched on the 03 July 2016 with 5 members in attendance.  This is the doing of our great God, its marvelous in our eyes. Pastor James Mutizwa went to St. Petersburg without knowing anyone on the ground but our God is faithful he made divine connections, Let’s keep praying for more souls to come to the Lord as we continue to say RUSSIA FOR JESUS!!                          
Dominican Republic
The prayers of the saints have been answered here in Dominican Republic. A new venue has now been found and we are having powerful services in the 28 Group Assembly to the glory of the God of Ezekiel. It is located along a busy road and church preparations and repairs are under way. We were blessed to have Bishop Samasuwo with us here this week and look forward to seeing the church grow more.
South Sudan
We had our weekly meetings and English lessons are continuing. Morning devotions also continued every morning from 0530hrs to 0830hrs. The Sunday service was not well attended due to the shooting incident where two people were killed. 52 adults and 32 children attended. One person gave his life to Jesus and 2 were delivered. Pray for peace so that believers continue to attend services.
The week saw the church in Jamaica continuing to seek and serve the God of our father with fresh passion and determination after attending the first ever Believers’ Prayer Convention. Midweek services and prayer meetings were held as usual. The Friday attendance was 22 adults and 11 children. The Sunday morning service was attended by 35 adults and 15 children. The evening service had 27 adults and 10 children present. The Spirit of the Lord moved mightily in all our services. In the Sunday evening service there was a thick presence of the Holy Spirit and people were being delivered as we worshipped God. One believer testified that she heard so much singing as if the church was full and she opened her eyes and saw the church full of people. Only to realize that the church was not actually full of believers but that we had experienced a heavenly visitation. In the past week, Overseers J and G Chikwawawa arrived to take over from Evangelists BF and Essy Mhundwa who are returning to Zimbabwe. We are very much appreciative of the prayers of our father and mother and of all the saints of God.  
United Kingdom
We are so thankful to God for the spirit of prayer upon our Nation. Following the successful Believers’ Prayer conventions in June, we witnessed once again Ladies Prayer retreats taking place in our Provinces. Over 120 ladies in Midlands Province gathered in Wales over the weekend for their annual prayer retreat. Another group of 60 ladies from South London Province also gathered in South East Coast for prayer over the weekend. We are seeing the hand of God as the Nation stands up in prayer. Other Provinces have also lined up their dates for these Prayer Retreats.
The Youths also had a successful National Youth Leadership Seminar in Leicester. Over 130 youth leaders, advisors and pastors gathered for the annual event. We praise the God of Ezekiel Guti for equipping our youths for His service. There is hunger and thirst for God in the Nation. Thank you for praying for us.


This week:



  1. A. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God will continues to give them supernatural strength.
    B. Pray that God renews their bodies and gives them new strength for their next assignment. Pray for God to direct their steps in the nation He has sent them to. Let’s go deep in prayer like sea divers. Praise God for the place God has given them to do the work.
    C. God has some people predestinated to be FIFMI members; Pray for God to reveal the people.  Pray for God to raise someone to help them with transportation just like He did in Boston and other places. Pray that the territorial spirits of that nation are under their feet. 1 John 5:14  “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”.
    D. Pray for visa processes for other nations to be smooth as God shows favor.
  2. Praise God for a successful Explo held at Braeside, Harare East South Province this past weekend. Praise God for the miracles. Pray that all the new believers will become strong Christians and don’t get lost.
  3. Praise God for a new venue we found for FIFMI Dominican Republic. God is faithful. Pray for the repairs and preparations taking place. Pray for peace in South Sudan so people are able to attend services.
  4. Pray for ZEGU talents that God stirs the hearts of the people to work whole heartedly so they can experience the miracles that are in these talents. 
  5. Pray for God’s grace to prevail in your nation.


Testifying causes others to get healed. Many people heard about woman with the issue of blood who touched hem of Jesus’ garment so people wanted the same. One should preach testifying what God has done for you. A testimony is powerful because it already happened. If you preach the word without praying it doesn’t bless people and it doesn’t help them much. The word has power within it, prayer triggers that scripture to come alive. When you are going to preach you need to pray much. Read the word and pray. Reading scripture with no prayer doesn’t work.  

People talk too much when they are not praying. With prayer and reading you don’t have time to talk about people. The Bible says we should love one another. When one is a gossiper the one who listens to the gossip is the dangerous person. They take it to someone else so they are bad. Why didn’t you keep quiet after someone spoke? They spoke good and you exaggerated it. They just told you what they saw but you have exaggerated it. The listener of gossip the real bad person. It becomes gossip when you receive and start sharing with others. When someone spoke it wasn’t gossip until you took it. God bless you.

We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 

[email protected] | www.fifmi.org

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