Apostles Update week 38

by fifmi

September 28, 2015



Dear Friends 


FIFMI Jamaica is marching on. From Monday to Sunday our attendance has been an average 36 members. 6 people received the baptism in the Holy Spirit during the week. There was great deliverance as people were vomiting during the Saturday night service. The teachings from Baba and Amai are a new thing in Jamaica and the people are so excited as the laying of the foundation of FIFMI continues. One family came to church by an invitation of just seeing the church name on the building. This is a miracle because people did not want to be associated with the building because of a previous church that was there had hurt people

The Sunday evening service had 29 in attendance. One woman came to visit the Apostles of Jesus Christ and upon finding out she was not saved, they immediately got to work. They taught on salvation and she got saved. After the teaching on the Holy Spirit, she received her baptism in the Holy Spirit. They proceeded to teach on water baptism. They searched for a pool and at 6:30pm they baptized her then went to church at 7pm. She got drunk in Holy Spirit again then she heard the Holy Spirit saying many people talk about me but they are far away, however I’m going to do a mighty thing here. We had great Sunday school teachings on prayer from Apostle Eunor and Baba took over the main service grounding people in God and FIFMI. 3 people were water baptized. Thank you for the prayers. Jamaica for Jesus!!

Marondera Crusades with Evangelist EJ:
Evangelist EJ has been mightily used of God as he spoke about the God of Ezekiel at Upperview district. He taught that we are not worshiping a man but the God we see through the man. The powerful teaching saw 25 people giving their lives to Christ. In Nyameni district after the powerful teaching 15 people gave their  lives to Christ and mighty deliverance took place. The deliverance was so powerful that some people fell and things started manifesting before the evangelist laid hands on them. Some of the miracles include deliverance from: the spirit of barrenness, spirit of committing suicide, the spirit of anger, spiritual partners, those who dream eating something and those who felt things moving around in their bodies. An old lady who couldn’t walk without a walking stick since 1975 was healed as evangelist EJ prayed for her.


On Saturday 19th September, the Families Builder Ministry (FAMB) hosted approximately 2692 people at a Greater Harare Couples Conference, the first of its kind since the Ministry was launched in 2006. Delegates were largely drawn from ZAOGA FIFMI with some coming from other Ministries. Great deliverance took place after the teachings.

News from around the globe:

Praise the Lord for the success of the USA women’s conference held in Ontario, California this past weekend. Maximum attendance was 145 women. All the speakers were greatly used by God and a lot of deliverance and healing took place. Women were healed from stomach problems, leg pain, side pain, anger, delivered from poverty, spiritual husbands, and a lot of emotional pain some of which had been hiding for years. God poured out his joy and people were drunk in the spirit and some had to be escorted to their rooms. 10 women were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The night of elegance event saw the coming in of a number of people from California. We thank God and we thank our father and mother for sending us great speakers. The ladies received life changing and practical teachings on giving, talents, unlocking relationships, how to raise Godly children, to mention a few. Baba was able to bless the people over the phone and this just ended off the conference in a special way. Our lives will surely never be the same. The women left with a lot of joy. Glory to the God of Ezekiel!!!!!
Cayman Islands
This week we had Bible study in two different locations. The subject of the Bible studies was prayer. One lady’s knee was instantly healed during the bible study. On Thursday and Friday,  we saw 5 people gave their lives Jesus Christ after receiving counselling. Our Friday prayer had 11 people in attendance and  praise and worship practice was held after prayer. The Sunday service 17 adults and 3 children in attendance. One of the local members shared during Bible study. The service was very powerful and life changing for all who attended.  
Our attendance was 9 members and 2 children. This was due to the fact that most of the women attended the USA National Women’s Conference in California this weekend. There was one visitor that had stopped coming to church a long time ago. She gave a testimony of how she had been asking God for money to renovate her house in Zimbabwe and the God of our father Ezekiel providing her with the money she needed. She testified that she has come to forever be a member of Forward In Faith. We had a wonderful time during praise and worship lead by the chairman. After service he said he felt a big breakthrough in his spirit after leading praise and worship for the first time. We thank God for this.
The God of Ezekiel has done it again!  It has been a great week for Matanzas Cuba, where the mighty hand of God has been seen. 13 people received Jesus Christ this week, due to the prayers of the saints and the bible study groups started here namely: Cuidad (central), Playa, Arabara, and Monserat (which is on top of a mountain).  When one door was closed by the enemy, God opened another and a man offered a place for our services on Sunday. This God is unstoppable!  Thank you to the dedicated prayer intercessors, your prayers are making a great difference here in Cuba!
Sunday was a special day for the FIF Stockholm family as they witnessed the new twin babies of our deacons being dedicated to the Lord. The church was full of joy. We had 29 people of which 5 were children. After the service we had fellowship. There was so much joy that we ended almost two hours later than normal time. 
The God of our father continues to favour us in Cyprus. Our youth spent the week going around the city doing soul winning and advertising our church. They also spent a day passing out flyers at the airport and received very positive response. We had an all night get together on Friday night where 71 people attended and Pastor Mwale was mightily used by God. Deliverance took place, there was so much joy people did not want to go home. Sunday service the joy continued. 125 young people attended. 1 person received Jesus Christ and 1other person was baptised in water. We are believing God for our own place of worship with no restrictions.
We thank our father for sending Pastor Dan Zimwandeyi. We are experiencing the hand of God in Belize. On Tuesday 44 people attended and many people were delivered. On Friday during our usual prayer time great miracles took place with people being delivered from insomnia, a lady suffering from a disease of bowels (Colitis) was set free. 51 people attended. We had our big Sunday and great things happened. A lady with one shorter leg had her leg stretched to match the other and a lot of people were delivered. 7 people gave their lives to Christ including a well known officer who has been coming to church. 70 people were in attendance. 


This week:




  1. A. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti that God gives them supernatural strength as they continue to dig and laying the foundation for the church in Jamaica. 
    B. Pray for God to open the eyes of the people to see the difference in FIFMI and not to think its the same as the other church that hurt and damaged them. 
    C. Pray that God provides a venue for the other places Baba and Amai have to reach in Jamaica.
    D. Pray for the team working with Baba and Amai in Jamaica.
  2. Pray for FIFMI Cayman Islands that the church continues to grow. Pray for favor as the registration papers have been submitted and for a musician for our praise and worship.
  3. Praise God for the success of the USA National Women’s Conference held in Ontario California this last weekend. Women were spurred on to do good works. Revival took place in their lives.
  4. Pray that God provides a 200kVA generator for the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. With the maternity ward and Theatre, there is a need for reliable back up power. We know God speaks to people and enables them to give.
  5. Pray for the success of the Ethiopia crusade which is aimed towards winning many souls and establishing the international church in Addis Ababa. Pray for favor in the preparations, good and affordable venue with required international standards.
  6. Pray for God to lead us to a place of worship in a strategic location with a good price for the church in Boston.
  7. Pray for the Today’s Woman International Conference to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from October 22-24, 2015.
  8. Pray for the International Youth Seminar to be help October 15-18, 2015
  9. Pray for the growth of all our new FIFMI churches and all the short-term and long-term missionaries in all our FIFMI churches worldwide. Pray for construction works in the different nations
  10. Pray for the success of Home Talents.
  11. Pray for God’s grace to prevail in your nation. 


When you bask in a fire that has smoke then you leave and go to work, church or mingle with other people they will smell the smoke. When we obey the teachings that God gives us through our father we will get good results. God has given our father the things we need. When God opens our eyes we can see it. There’s no reason why we should be different from our father, just like a person smells of smoke after basking in a fire. When we heed the teachings Baba gives us we should be like him. Does our father struggle, whenever he needs anything including money does it come? Yes it comes. If he’s our father, where are we? We should walk in the kingdom and practice righteousness as he teaches us. God bless you. 
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 

[email protected] | www.fifmi.org

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