Apostles Update week 41

by fifmi

October 19, 2015



Dear Friends 


We give glory and honor to the God of our father for His mercies endure forever. FIFMI Portmore Jamaica is growing and progressing in His grace which continues to abound. The Wednesday evening service was attended by 21 people and 20 on Friday. On Sunday the numbers began to climb remarkably as morning service was attended by 25 people and the evening service by a record 48 people. On Friday afternoon a man walked into the church to receive Jesus Christ as His personal Saviour without any invitation from anyone. Glory to God. Another woman also came seeking someone to sign her papers and received the Lord Jesus as her personal Saviour.
Sunday morning was very  powerful as the Holy Spirit moved mightily in both services and people were healed and delivered from various diseases. One woman was healed from arthritis and another from back ache. A husband and wife were healed from painful feet and legs. 3 people received the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. Truly His mercies endure forever as we are seeing the seed sown by the Apostle and Servant of God and our mother continuing to thrive. Hallelujah!
Lichinga, Mozambique Explo
We want to thank  the  God  of our father who enabled the Explo team  to go to Lichinga, Mozambique. Lichinga is predominantly a Muslim city but we witnessed a great breakthrough as the word of God gained  access  into the hearts of many. Having faced  great  opposition  even as the advance team battled to be allowed to set  the stadium  for the Explo. It even  went  to  the extent of disconnection  of power so that the stadium would be without  power but we thank  the God  of  our  father  that  the Gospel  prevailed 
We started on a high note with the Ladies Meeting on Thursday afternoon and deliverance took place. Many ladies came with their hearts open to receive the word. The same night with 3000 people in attendance 356 gave their lives to Christ. A woman who had a lump on her breast felt the lump disappear. Another man who came walking  on crutches in the afternoon was totally healed. 31 people  gave their  lives to Chris that afternoon.
The Friday evening service was broadcasted live on the local radio station. About 4000  people attended. Many miracles and serious deliverance took place. A lot of people were vomiting. People  were healed  from  various sicknesses such as back pains, headaches, lumps, moving objects and many other diseases. 101 people gave their lives to Jesus.
On Saturday night as people eagerly awaited the arrival of the great evangelist Dr Eunor, 6000 people  flocked into the stadium. She delivered a powerful message on the kingdom of God that was broadcast live on radio again. It was a deep message that touched  the hearts of many as witnessed  by over 2500 that gave their lives to Christ. This was followed by a lot of miracles:
  • A girl had her eyesight restored. 
  • A man who had a serious heart problem was totally healed after the preaching
  • A woman who had a complication after surgical operation was touched by the power  of God  and the operation was totaly healed and wound sealed instantly. Glory to God.
  • Another woman who had to be carried  to the Explo because of severe abdominal pain was totally  healed.  
  • Many people were set free from demons
  • Others were healed from back aches. Glory to God.
  • Another man who had had pain on his kidneys for 6 years was totally  healed. 
  • Another man who followed the Explo team in South Africa  in 2006 came to testify that he was healed  of liver problems. This is surely a sign that people were being healed completely. 

Sunday morning our mother addressed the leadership of the different churches in and around Lichinga were she taught the message from the Servant and Apostle putting emphasis on the teaching of the true word of God which takes people into the kingdom of God. Leaders had an opportunity to receive impartation from our mother after 100 leaders had received the baptism in the Holy Ghost.
More than 300 people were water baptized.

Ethiopia will never be the same again! The crusade which began on October 10th and is continuing until October 31st started as an explosion, with attendance reaching well over 100 in some sessions. 
The Addis Ababa Gospel Crusade has been graced by diplomats and international guests, as Addis is home to the United Nations as well as the African Union. Many local Ethiopians have also attended in great numbers! On Tuesday October 13th the mighty maidservant of God prophetess Eunor Guti arrived in Ethiopia! The Holy Spirit ministered through her in a powerful way. After being used so mightily on Thursday October 15th, God moved in people’s hearts until nearly the entire congregation came to have her lay hands on them. People are seeing the uniqueness and genuineness of the God of Ezekiel. On Thursday night Apostle Eunor ministered one on one with many people, a number of whom have committed to becoming members of Forward in Faith! So much is happening in Ethiopia and God is using the team which is being led by Apostle Mupanduki. Please continue to pray for God to do even greater works in the remaining days ahead
News from around the globe:
Cayman Islands
This week we had an eventful week with counselling, prayers and Bible studies. Our praise and worship team got a boost by receiving a new uniform. One band owner was moved by their singing during their practice for the concert happening this coming Saturday.  This concert will enable us to advertise our church. Sunday service was attended by 37 locals, 27 adults and 10 children. The service was powerful.  Many were filled with the Holy Spirit.  We have heard a number of people say that their hearts have been stirred to start giving. People are really happy to have the Church and are inviting their friends one by one. We also had a well attended ladies meeting and fellowship after service. Please pray that we make an impact at the two upcoming concerts so more people can come. We begin this coming week with joy as Overseers Caleb & Tina Mashushire have joined the team here in Cayman. We are excited that one lady will be attending the Today’s woman conference in Zimbabwe.  
This Sunday we had 31 people in attendance, 27 adults and 4 children. 7 men attended the men’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We had 3 new people. We praise God that the women who were there yesterday suggested we raise money for our own chairs. The chairperson encouraged the church and we managed to raise money for 88 chairs. This church is amazing when it comes to giving, at the moment our Region is leading on Missions (because its a Missions month in the USA) and Boston is leading by far in North East Region. The exciting part is the church has not yet been taught much on giving, but are doing what they learnt at the conference and our big Sundays. Leading in the nation brings even more excitement for them. One of the newer members who contributed a big amount on missions, was saying ‘we thank God for being in a church that gives us an opportunity to give’. The Pastors were surprised when the church gave them a gift too. In other words, people  of God we are saying that the church that our father and mother birthed a baby that is developing very fast. Boston is on the rise. We appreciate all the prayers that are being made for Boston. 
We want to thank the God of our father Ezekiel Guti for such a powerful , dynamic and life changing first National Womens Conference held in Hamilton, Ontario this past weekend.It was one of a kind. One lady drove for 10 hours just to be part of this life changing conference. We had delagates from Aberta, Yellow Knife, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec provinces with some flying as long as 5 hours within Canada. We were highly honoured to have Her Ecxellence, the Ambassador of Zimbabwe to Canada, Mrs Florence Chideya not only in our midst, but also leading the female pastors choir in singing and dancing. There was great joy as women in Canada received their transformatiom through the powerful teachings that God gave to these speakers. We would like to thank our father and mother for sending us a powerful team of speakers, Overseer Greater Chikwavava from London, UK, Pastor Ethanim Nyajeka from Harare, Zimbabwe, Bishop Mable Samasuwo and Dr La-Verne Simukai. Our lives will never be the same again. The spirit of our father and mother was truly among us. Some people testified seeing Baba and some Mama when Pastor Ethanim and Dr La-Verne were ministering. Many marriages and relationships with parents and children were also restored. Our God is a good God. People did not want to leave the church because of the joy they had. There was uncontrollable spirit of laughter in one of the services. Many people testified that they had received their healing and deliverance some sleeping with spiritual husbands, spirit of suicide, difficulties in sleeping, chewing at night, miscarriages, migrane headaches, leg problems, spirit of unforgivenes, depression and many other conditions. 10 people were Spirit filled and 5 received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Our highest attendance was 149 adults on Sunday and Canada Women will never be the same again. We give all the glory to God.
Pursuant to the great commission and passion of the servant and Apostle of God, Harare City district held a soul winning crusade from 16-18 October in the Harare gardens. The rains that came down on the first day could neither deter the expectant crowd nor the Evangelist (Paul Saungweme) as the service went ahead in the rain drenched environment. Over 1400 people attended the crusade on Sunday and a total of 171 souls were won for Jesus over the period. There was great joy in the district as the church returned to its favorite hunting ground after a 7 year absence. 
Miracles: a lady whose right eye was partially blind was totally healed, a man who was bed ridden in hospital was healed instantly as a relative came to be prayed on his behalf. Several people were healed of different ailments and delivered from demonic oppression. Glory to God.


This week:




  1. A. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Drs Ezekiel & Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength and rejunevate their bodies, allowing them to rest in-between the work.
    B. Pray that the Jamaica church continues to grow and that the new leaders run with the vision.
    C. Pray for Dr. Eunor to be strengthened as she prepares for the Today’s Woman Conference even after hectic and back to back travels coupled with the crusade and explo.
  2. Praise God for the Canada National Women’s Conference held this past weekend in Hamilton Ontario. Lives were changed. 
  3. Praise God for the Explo held in Lichinga Mozambique this past weekend. Many souls were added to the kingdom and many miracles happened. 
  4. Praise God for success of the International Youth Seminar 
  5. Pray for the Today’s Woman International Conference to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from October 22-24, 2015. Pray for journey mercies for people traveling from around Zimbabwe and the globe. May God anoint the speakers.
  6. Pray for the Female Pastors’ conference to be held in Harare, Zimbabwe from October 26-November 1, 2015.
  7. Pray for the ongoing Ethiopia crusade being held in Addis Ababa from Monday October 11-31, 2015. Pray for God to continue to confirm His word with signs and wonders as well as add many souls.
  8. Pray for continual growth of the church and the processing of the registration of FIFMI Cayman Islands.
  9. Pray that God provides a 200kVA generator for the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital. With the maternity ward and Theatre, we will need reliable back up power. 
  10. Pray for the success of Home Talents.
  11. Pray for God’s grace to prevail in your nation. 


The mystery of knowing the will of God:
Proverbs 16:9; “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” 
Proverbs 19:21 “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand”. Man makes plans but God’s purpose will prevail.
Ps 139:13-16
Obedience is the key for us to walk in our inheritance practicing the kingdom of God. God can close doors to certain things until you surrender and do His will. He gave us freedom and He has a plan for our lives. Paul tried to go to a place yet God had other plans for them. He wanted them to find a business woman. They saw a man saying come to Macedonia but couldn’t find the man and they heard about Lydia, met her and she got saved. She began to support Paul’s ministry sending money from Philippi. You are not sure God has called you to FIFMI yet when you visit other churches you are not comfortable. You need to know that God has called you to FIFMI and be settled. In other places you feel out of place. Just relax, don’t try to change what God has planned. It’s not true that when you are in the will of God there’s no trouble. Paul had a shipwreck on the way to Rome. Troubles we face are part of shaping us so we can be in the will of God. Jesus said in me you have peace not in the world. God bless you. 
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 

[email protected] | www.fifmi.org

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