Apostles Update Week 43

by fifmi

November 6, 2017

Dear Friends  
The Servant and Apostle of God visits Namibia
The period of the second to the fifth of November 2017 has been historical for the country of Namibia. The Servant and Apostle of God, Professor E. H. Guti, and our mother Dr. Eunor Guti visited Forward in Faith Ministries International Namibia as Guests for the National Council.  They were accompanied by Bishops from South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Here are the key highlights of the Namibian visit:
·      2 November 2017: Scores of people took time off from their businesses and work schedules and to welcome Baba & Amai at the international Airport in Windhoek. There was a standstill at the airport at the arrival of the Servant and Apostle of God, with children of Forward in Faith, adorned with T-Shirts bearing the theme of 2017, and waving miniature Namibian flags, sang and danced as they squeezed to catch a view of the man and woman of God and their delegation. Just upon arrival, the Servant and Apostle of God shared a short message, captured by Ezekiel TV, indicating that he had come to bless Namibia, and also to reiterate the message of the Kingdom of God. There was a long convoy of cars, with Police Escort as the Servant and Apostle of God, together with his delegation, were taken to the City of Windhoek.
·The Servant and Apostle of God immediately had a meeting with the Executive of Forward in Faith in Namibia. He explained to them that they had to deal with the problem of tribalism which was rife in Namibia. He also indicated that he had come to hand over the church to local leadership and administration.
·      3 November 2017: An evening service was held at the main Church in Katutura. Baba shared a message of being truly born again, and read from the book of John chapter 3. He reiterated the need for true biblical salvation. At least 20 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.
·      4 November 2017: 286 delegates attended the National Council. Baba taught and encouraged leaders to do the work, and fight the spirit of tribalism. The Saturday evening service held at Gateway Center was attended by 778 adults and 138 children. Bishop Prisca Soko ministered and many people were set free from various spirits including the spirit of unforgiveness and bitterness.
·      5 November 2017: The Servant and Apostle of God took time and ordained the first Bishops for Namibia, Reverend U. M. & M. U. Uanguta. It was indeed a historical occasion witnessed by a jubilant crowd. Baba shared the Word of God, and again emphasized on the need for people to be truly born again, and also that those who lead people to Christ must do so correctly. As he blessed the church at the end of the service, the Servant and Apostle of God encouraged different tribes in Namibia to unite through the church. He called representatives of every Namibian tribe to the front and welcomed them to the Forward in Faith Ministries International family.
The Servant and Apostle of God  sent Dr. Eunor Guti on his behalf, to go and bless the province. A Forward In Faith member from the Western Province had charted a plane for Dr. Eunor to travel to the coastal town of Walvisbay to bless the Western Province. 33 people gave their lives to Lord.
.  6 November 2017: Baba and Amai also toured the newly purchased National Center in Windhoek and encouraged them to expand the site into a National conference center.
The period of 2-5 November will forever remain etched in the history of Namibia, as the Servant and Apostle of God set foot in the country, set things in order and blessed his children. 
Here are some of the results of prayers around the world:
St. Kitts 
Praise the Lord. The God of our father Baba Guti has been adding to the various ministries. Our weekly meetings are seeing an increase in attendance. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so evident in our prayer meetings so much that the believers could not stop praying. It was really powerful. Hallelujah 
Home bible study groups continue with the grounding in the word. A new member gave her life to Christ as she heard the teachings. We are praying for the establishment of the 4th group in the coming week. The God of Ezekiel is to be praised. 
We are continuing with our Friday outreach and giving out flyers. We are confident that things are taking place in the spiritual and a breakthrough is near. We have changed the time for our Friday night prayers which is more convenient for the believers to attend and this has made a tremendous difference in our prayer service as the numbers are increasing. Praise the Lord. 
On Sunday one believer testified of the blessings of God upon her life. She lost her job when hurricane Maria came and destroyed her place of work but by God’s grace she continues to receive a salary while not working. The doing of the Lord in the year of having. Amen. We witnessed a move of the Holy Spirit in our service like never before and saw the believers surrender all to God. It was an amazing experience. We thank the God of our Father for showing up in our service. We had 18 adults and 2 children in attendance. Thanks to all for your continued prayers and support.
Our 4 bible study groups are growing. Elshadai Group #4, our newest group is attracting new members almost at every meeting and this week attracted three new members in its two meetings. This group was founded to encourage and accommodate one of our members who had been experiencing a difficult pregnancy and was ordered by Doctors to complete bed rest. With a testimony of God’s healing powers through prayer she has been encouraging others to seek God. Our Lunch-Time Ministry has been steadily showing signs of improvement in consistent numbers in attendance as our members seek to find a daily fill-up of the word. 
Pastors Ben and Prayer’s community outreach yielded 3 visitors to our Sunday Worship. A Pastor and his wife and daughter who are visiting the island of Nevis were guests at FIFMI worship today. Pastors Ben and Prayer prayed for one member who had been hospitalized and were happy to welcome him back for a second Sunday. Prayer really works and through fervent prayer and encouragement souls are being saved and delivered.
Sunday’s Bible Study Pastor Prayer offered a very thought provoking delivery on the spirit of forgiveness. Our Praise and Worship Team prepared us for the Word which was brought by Pastor Ben with a reminder on “The Kingdom of God” 
Prayer request is that more souls should come to Christ and all members to grab the vision. Worship ended with prayer and laying on of hands. Thank God for the word and the spiritual food delivered to us weekly.   
We are thanking God for His grace everyday. The church welcomed Overseer Jonathan and Greater Chikwawawa. Our weekly services were very well attended. On Sunday the church received a powerful word from Overseer Jonathan. 43 people were in attendance and 2 people gave their lives to the Lord. Glory to God. Thank you for your prayers. We are seeing the results of prayer. As usual we our fellowship after church service and there was great joy.
Miami for Jesus! We thank God for another blessed week. Our weekly events went well. Saturday the young people were excited to go for a pizza outing. Sunday worship ushered in the sweet presence of God letting us bask in His presence. He is an awesome God! 18 people attended the service. 2 members who moved to other states, were able to join the service by phone. Testimonies: 
  • One lady dreamt of the angel of the church telling her the “church belongs to God….”
  • One lady is glad to join the ministry, she said she cannot wait to see the mother church in Africa. She has been very eager and excited to learn the history of the church and to meet the Apostles and servants of God. 
  • We were glad to worship with brother Adam for the first time. 
Thank you for the continuous fervent prayers for spiritual and numerical growth.
We thank God for prayers, this week we had an attendance of 130 people. The 5 people who were baptised last week received their baptism certificates in church with so much joy. This coming Friday we have a youth big Friday which we are believing God for changing the lives of the young people.
We continue to thank the God of our father Apostle Ezekiel H. Guti for His grace in Antananarivo. We had an attendance of 10 people on Tuesday prayer. On Friday 14 adults and 2 children attended the miracle night. God touched the lives of His people during miracle night, deliverance and healing took place. On Sunday service we had 19 adults and 9 children who attended in different assemblies. Here are some testimonies: 
  • A young lady epileptic for years got healed instantly
  • A old woman with a stomach pain received her healing instantly.
Please pray for our next Miracle night to be held this Thursday.
The Netherlands
We thank God for His glory that is continuing to shine upon the Netherlands Forward in Faith Church. As a result of prayer and soul winning activities, new people are receiving Christ Jesus as their personal Saviour and joining Forward in Faith as their Spiritual home. We had a big Sunday service in Enschede attended by 19 adults and 5 children. We are seeing a great change now as visitors are starting to become members. People received the word with expectant hearts and we had more than two hours of fellowship after the service! Just before our service started we saw a man outside who wanted to visit another church but he was too late so we asked him to join us. After the service he was so happy and he said that it was God’s divine plan because the preaching prophetically touched the areas where he was struggling with for years. Another man whom we met during evangelism who was deep into the occult came to church and broke down as he cried almost through the whole service! Glory to God. Thank you for your prayers
We were so blessed to have our overseer in Belize city. Our Sunday service was full of God’s presence. Dr. Cathy spoke from Mark chapter 4 and we saw people being set free from different strongholds. The attendance for our service was 94 and 24 of those coming from our second assembly Punta Gorda. 
We were blessed as our youths ministered in the service. We were blessed to host this special Sunday where people stayed at church for fellowship even after service. Keep us in your prayers as the overseer will be going to the other assembly that God may use them mightily
This week:
  1. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel H. & Dr. Eunor Guti that God will give them supernatural strength on a daily basis. Pray for grace and wisdom as the year is coming to an end and there are things that need to be attended to. Pray for victory in the spiritual wars regarding the work.
  2. Pray for God to strengthen the believers in Norway and Finland. Pray that God gives Baba & Amai the pastor for Norway. 
  3. Praise God for a very successful Apostolic visit to Namibia.
  4. Pray for the Light House of Mercy Building to be found. Pray that God gives people the money through Talents and Partnership. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you.” 
  5. Pray for the Good News Deliverance Explo to be held in Lagos, Nigeria November 23-26, 2017 and Accra, Ghana November 30-December 1, 2017. Pray for visas for the team going with Dr. Eunor. Pray for all the plans that are underway.
  6. Let’s continue to press in for God to intervene in the processing of the other visas for the longterm missionaries for the different nations. Our God never fails.
  7. Pray that God protects all the missionaries and their families. Pray for our FIFMI churches worldwide for growth, venues and mission houses.
  8. Pray for your nation.
When you have prayed and God answers, write it down. It will encourage you in times to come when you pray and nothing seems to happen. When doubt visited me, I could not give in because of the 593 experience when those 3 men who were glittering appeared while I was with a young man praying around 3 in the afternoon.
Today I’m here to strengthen you that when you believe you get blessings. Don’t doubt. Jesus is real. Never doubt God. Some people can miss it. Just like in the days of Jesus, others missed Him. Don’t doubt. 
As a preacher or a man of God, never do anything without hearing from God. Elijah commanded the widow to bring bread because he heard from God. He said the Lord said so. That’s why the widow’s flour never ran out. The problem with today’s people, they tell believers that do this and that, then this will happen to you. Then in the end nothing happens because there was no God in it at the first place. Let’s listen to God’s voice. Preachers its good to hear God. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai
ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.
+263 777 282 356, +263 777 282 092 

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