Apostles Update week 8

by fifmi

February 29, 2016



Dear Friends  

We thank God through the Apostle and Servant of God Professor E. H. Guti who sent our mother Apostle Dr Eunor Guti and the team to come and minister to us as AMFCC. A lot of deliverance took place and indeed the Kingdom of God is being experienced now. The team was mightily used by God. Ten people were filled with the Holy Spirit and many more others were refilled with the Holy Spirit. Apostle Dr Eunor Guti taught us on the importance of killing the giant called DOUBT and then ministered healing.  To end off the historic week, we were ushered into the joy of the Holy Spirit, the whole school was immersed in much laughter in the Holy Ghost, and people were drunk in the Holy Spirit. It was hard for people to part as Dr Eunor Guti sang the song “If AMFCC is this good, I will not go home”. The following are some of the miracles that took place:

  1. A lady who had been suffering from sharp back pain for a year was instantly healed and the back pain ceased. A man who had back pain for 10 years was able to bend and pick things up after he received his healing. Several others also received healing from back pain.
  2. A certain man was suffering from a stiff and swollen knee for 8 years, he was unable to
    bend it but the power of the Lord touched him and the stiffness and pain disappeared.
  3. A man had pain in his lungs, he could not turn around or bend because of the pain – as
    Dr. Eunor was preaching an instant miracle occurred and he found he was free of pain.
  4. A certain lady was suffering from miscarriages which would begin with a back ache. Right
    now she is carrying a baby but she hasn’t been able to sit in class because of the back
    pain. She received her healing and Prophetess Eunor declared that she would hold her baby.
  5. The spirit of arthritis was cast out of a man who had severe pain in his knees and he has no
    more pain. Another man who had suffered from the pain of arthritis for the last 9 years was healed and the pain has now gone.
  6. A young woman was healed from headache and stomach ache
  7. A young man had been suffering from a very strong pain in his leg, he was prayed for
    he was healed and can now jump
  8. A certain lady had a lump in her breast and blood would come out but when Evangelist Eunor was praying the lump became smaller and smaller and it has now gone away
  9. A woman who was suffering from an urticarial rash around her stomach area for 8 years
    when bathing with cold water received her total healing and she confirmed after testing with water
  10. A young woman who suffered from excessive flow of blood to the point of severe anaemia
    and of often being rushed to hospital – received her healing and was delivered from the
    spirit of anaemia. Several other people were healed from anemia. We saw blood being added to their bodies and their pale hands received color
  11. A woman had pain in her chest, but after being prayed for and vomiting and coughing she
    confessed that she had been healed
  12. A man confessed that he had been totally healed from 2 years of pain in his neck following
    an injury when lifting heavy bricks
  13. A man who could not lift his hands above his head for years was healed after Dr. Eunor
    prayed for him and he is now able to lift his hands. The man was was overcome with the
    goodness of the Lord
  14. A young woman who was suffering from itchy spots over her whole body such that she
    could not stop scratching herself and was so tormented that she could not sleep, was
    instantly healed from the itchiness.
  15. A man who could not see objects 3 metres away was healed by the Lord he confirmed that he could now see.

Glen Norah

Greetings we had a crusade in Glen Norah from the 26th of February to the 28th of February where we saw the hand of God as evangelist Dr E.J. Guti was used by the almighty to preach about the kingdom of God and we saw signs and miracles. On the first day a lot of people were healed and delivered from demonic oppression, 35 people gave their lives to Christ and were water baptised. Attendance was 1300 people. On the second day the evangelist continued preaching about the kingdom of God. We saw the hand of God as many were healed from eyesight problems. 43 people gave their lives to Christ and were water baptized. A total of 1335 people attended the crusade that day

  • On the last day1460 people attended, 127 people gave their lives to Christ and 100 of them were baptised in the water. Some of the miracles:
  • A woman who could not walk because of pain was instantly healed
  • A woman who almost failed to come to the crusade because of eyesight problem was instantly healed
    Many were delivered from demonic oppressions


Let’s hear what God is doing in the FIFMI world:



We thank you all for your prayers because we had peaceful elections.  The church continued to meet as follows: On Tuesday 7 ladies came for prayer and 3 men attended Men of Integrity. Wednesday 24 members attended Bible Study and 15 members attended Friday All-Night Prayer. Glory to God. 51 members attended Sunday morning service and we partook Holy Communion after the Word. 19 members attended the Sunday night service. The following are some of the testimonies:
  • A number of women have started to work ZEGU Miracle Talents and 2 of them gave their talents money.
  • A sister testified of how she is working talents through selling toilet paper and hand paper towels.
  •  Another sister testified of how the God of Ezekiel Guti has made it possible to get her acting allowance which was long over due.
  • The Elder from Namibia testified of how working of talents, tithing and giving opened doors for him to get full scholarship to Jamaica in 2013. He is now happy that he has located FIFMI in Jamaica and encouraged members to follow the vision of FIFMI
  • A brother testified of how his faith has grown soon after coming to FIFMI through the teaching of the Kingdom of God.
Please continue to pray for the growth of our church.

Cayman Islands
Wednesday and Friday night Bible study and prayer were well attended with 13 adults.  On Friday night there was another unplanned all night prayer and singles meeting.  
Sunday service was very powerful with 30 adults and 8 children.  There were 4 new visitors.  Fellowship at the Mission House was a great blessing. The church is strong and excited about what God is doing.  People are experiencing deliverance in their lives and the message of pulling down strongholds has made a great impact in the lives of the people.  The believers are still fasting and praying for the registration of the church.  The young church is excited about the ZEGU Miracle talents and some of the members are already making plans to attend the 2016 USA Believers  in Atlanta Georgia.



We had a wonderful service on Sunday. 43 people were in attendance, 38 adults and 5 kids. We are continuing with feed back  from the Deeper Life Conference. We had a powerful devotion which ended up with people coming in front to receive their healing. The Lord visited us and there was a thick presence of the Lord. Praise and worship was  powerful even though our regular keyboard player was not there. We also witnessed God speaking to His church and encouraging the church. We thank God that the church has caught the spirit of Prayer and this week the ladies are going to have a 3 day prayer camp at the Mission House.  We thank God for his hand that continues to be seen in Boston.

Dominican Republic

We thank the God of our father through your prayers that keep us strong everyday. Over the weekend church attendance were 15 local people. Our Sunday service in Alcarrizo had 10 adults and 4 children. In Pedro Brand 9 adults and 5 children. A lady was healed from a  severe headache after being prayed for. A young man who was terrorized by the devil and could not sleep well at night, was delivered came back and testified that he had slept well. We are still in need for the place in 28 Pedro Brand. We need Gods grace. Thank you the saints of God as you continue praying for us


Australia.   (ACT-WAGGA STATE).


We thank God of our father here in Wagga Wagga under ACT Canberra had a powerful weekend of revival. It’s amazing what the God of Ezekiel Guti can do to impact our generation. There was a thick anointing on Saturday night and Sunday to the extent that the saints partook Holy Communion still bubbling in the Spirit. It was a great revival accompanied by clear cut prophecies from the evangelist. Healing and deliverance also took place. A few of the many testimonies are:-


  • A woman who had been troubled by high blood pressure was healed and confirmed that she felt like she been operated on and also felt a cool breeze.
  • A couple that had separated for two years reunited after intense counselling and the husband promised the wife to that he had tried to lead his family without God but now he want God first in the family.
  • A man who had terrible back-pain was instantly healed.
  • A lady was delivered from a marine spirit that was holding her progress and hindering her marriage.
  • A lady was picked through a prophetic word that God was to give her a new avenue of working the ZEGU Miracle Talents and is now excited to work for God.

We want to thank our father and mother for giving us such a big God. With the encouragements given as well on Zegu Miracle Talents watch the space next week at our big day. Who can do such great things. Our state will never be the same again we have moved higher in our spiritual level.



We had an eventful week here in Cyprus. Tuesday Prayers are being attended in both  assemblies and Wednesday we had a deliverance service attended by 89 people where we saw people being delivered from various evil spirits. Demons manifested and the people of God were set free. Pastor Hillary and team have been going everyday to do soul winning in a small town called Lefke. And 6 people from Lefke managed to attend our Sunday service hence we plan to establish an assembly there.  Friday we had an all night prayer with the ladies where we watched the Talents DVD from the Deeper Life Conference. 62 ladies attended. On Sunday In Lefkoşa we were 214, the venue is now too small. While in Magusa attendance was 63. Attendance keeps increasing and 7 people have given their lives to Christ. We are still believing the God of EZEKIEL for better places of worship without  restrictions.



This week:




  1. A. Pray for the Servant and Apostles of God, Prof Ezekiel & Dr. Eunor Guti that God continues to give them supernatural strength.
    B. Pray for God to give Baba & Amai wisdom and revelation as the work grows and many important decisions have to be made.
    C. Pray that God opens the doors for the nations that He is sending Baba & Amai to this year.
  2. Praise God for a powerful revival week at AMFCC. People were healed, set free and there is joy all over the campus. Pray that they practice the teachings so they are able to continue growing in the Lord.
  3. Pray for the ZEGU law faculty for things to speed up and have everything set to open in March. Pray for the interviews for the staff  to go well 
  4. Pray for the speeding up of the registration process of FIFMI Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic. Pray for God to give us meeting places and the finances for the different FIFMI churches facing challenges for meeting places for their services especially Cyprus and the Dominican Republic. We need God’s intervention in these places. 
  5. Pray for the Mbuya Dorcas Hospital that things fall in place as the vision given.
  6. Pray for ZEGU talents that people understand the message on the kingdom of God. We need to work ZEGU talents in the kingdom.
  7. Pray for God’s grace to prevail in your nation. 


 Matt 4:4 But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”

I’m your example. I’m full of energy, I’m very strong, I’ve been preaching for 68 years and you have never seen anything like that in the world. I’m not bragging but encouraging you that if you stay in the word, eat the bible, eat the bible, you will become strong. You only feed the outside and forget that the spirit man needs food too. Jesus says man can’t live by bread alone. Some people just love the church but don’t pray – things don’t happen on their own. You have to fight your flesh and pray. Sometimes you pray and it feels as if God is not there but just continue it will work.
The Kingdom of God is full of joy. In the bible people used to do Love Feasts and bring food and that caused strong unity. Eating together makes people bond. My encouragement is for you to read the bible. You don’t read the bible to know everything. When you read God will reveal to you…….TO BE CONTINUED. God bless you.
We love you and are praying for you,
Drs Steve & La-Verne Simukai

ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries Int.

+263 777 282 356,  +263 777 282 092 

[email protected] | www.fifmi.org



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